Aren't There Any More BOX TEAM Songs?: THE SHOCKING TRUTH


Ott 8 2006, 3:54

In 16 July 2006, BOX TEAM released their first single, S.K.O.K.. Being a single, S.K.O.K. was quite short, having only three songs.

This has prompted widespread public outrage. BOX TEAM member (and user) tgies is regularly contacted by persons demanding more BOX TEAM tracks, and threatening sundry assailments upon his person should these demands not be met.

BOX TEAM thinks that You Deserve A Fscking Answer.

BOX TEAM will be releasing their first full-length album (to be called BOX TEAM) either later this year (2006) or very early next (2007). Note that by full-length, we do mean full-length -- this is not a twenty-minute-long album; we do not run that kind of operation. Some number of the tracks on this album will be available for free download as Ogg Vorbis or MP3, and the CD (with art! this is serious business) and a downloadable CD-quality version will be available for purchase.

Around the same time, BOX TEAM tentatively intends to release concept EP GOOD FUTURE BAD FUTURE, a work observing and comparing the relative virtues of GOOD FUTURE and BAD FUTURE before coming to and revealing the stunning conclusion. As it stands, BOX TEAM will be joined for GOOD FUTURE BAD FUTURE by a backing band comprising a few talented Internet people.

For updates on the progress of this, you can watch the BOX TEAM news page at or subscribe to the RSS feed of the same at (also syndicated on LiveJournal as box_team_news).

We are pleasantly surprised by the widespread positive reception of the crap we make when we are supposed to be writing research papers. BOX TEAM appreciates your listenment.




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