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  • MintConditioned

    Mint Greetings: I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool to beat the heat we just wanted to send a few updates your way. Did you know our single Nothing Left to Say is blowing up and we did not even release it yet. So Mint Condition family tell me is the song going to be a smash? MINT CONDITION "Nothing Left To Say" Total Spins for May: 109 Total Spins Year to Date: 109 Hear and See us: FYI "LOVE Holiday" has been added http://www. blackvoices. com/black-music-month/the-bridge MInt Condition Interview in Sobo Magazine http://www. sobomag. com/#/mintcondition/4529007934 Mint Condition Youtube Mint Condition E- Life Tour http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=d5gnQDqZooI CONNECT to Mint Condition www. mintconditionmusic. com www. imeem. com/mintconditioned www. ilike. com/artist/Mint+Condition www. blackplanet. com/Mint_Condition _ www. mochacity. com/MintCondition www. youtube. com/mintconditionmusic www. myspace. com/mintconditionmusic www. flickr. com/people/mint-condition/ www. last. fm/music/Mint+Condition www. twitter. com/mcondition www. mozes. com/mintcondition www. reverbnation. com/mintcondition Where to purchase E- Life * Mint Condition Family I know we are in recession so if you pick up E - Life at walmart. com you can get it for $11.88 you save like $3. 10 off the list price and you get a bonus track http://www. walmart. com/catalog/product. do?product_id=9905314

    Giugno 2008
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