Mosca - Swimmer


Apr 21 2009, 11:01

HERB012 Mosca - Swimmer
Release Date - June 15th 2009
Label - Herb Recordings


Since the mid-70’s, Mosca has been creating unique sounds with a keen focus on texture and the trance-like delirium induced by repetition. The droning landscapes of 2006’s “Of Need and Belonging” were like a soundtrack to the bitter-sweet beauty of isolation, bringing to mind visions of wind-swept Scottish highlands long after the Apocalypse. In 2008, Mosca delved into down-tempo beats and organic melody with “Winterland”, the closest approximation to a “pop” record Mosca may ever care to create. His new LP, “Swimmer” revisits the drone aesthetic, though with a much different tale for the telling.

Clocking in at well over an hour, the album may best be described as the internal monologue of an insomniac, beginning around 4 AM. The ten-minute opener, “Glider”, starts by deceptively lulling the listener to a state of near-sleep with a canvass of undulating, blissful melody and breath-like haze. Soon after though, “Honour Hold” serves as a rude awakening, its tape-distorted minor key suggesting a restful sleep may not be so easily had.

The night rapidly evaporates into a hallucinogenic flux of emotional states during the following two tracks, until the listener grows “Closer to the Golden Dawn”, a gentle flitting of hopeful bells (a new day at last) contrasted against a disquieting, wobbling drone (damn this bloody headache)…a familiar sensation to any sufferer of sleepless nights. From there, “Swimmer” oscillates between faintly scintillating nostalgia (“You Were Always So Charming”), haunting paranoia (“Nosferatu”) and the frosty, time-blurred forgetfulness (“A Grim Winter Awaits Us”) characteristic of the day after.

Fortunately, the phenomenal “Fabric” tugs the insomniac back to reality with a slow, beautiful vibration of finger-plucked guitars and Hammond-esque organs, almost like that first phone call from a friend after an endless afternoon of disoriented, hermetic fatigue. “Swimmer” comes to a close with the glimmering chords of “Saturday Night”, a tribute to that holy moment when the insomniac realizes that sleep has finally arrived…laying on a friend’s familiar couch after a long night out, and an even longer day.

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