Dic 22 2010, 0:33

These are exciting times in the Exquisite Noise universe! After some admittedly stagnant years where we released very little (1998-2003, thereabouts) other than greatest hits retreads, things have steadily begun gaining steam again on our label, and our net has expanded wider than it did during our first golden era. We have a number of killer new bands under our umbrella, with more to come, and it's interesting to note that many of our vintage artists, though dormant for years, have gotten into the swing again as well.

Lions Of March have leaked three completed new tracks, their first since 2004. They anticipate the new album in its entirety will be released sometime in '11. Goofy Guys, our first ever signing and all time largest act, are slated to enter the studio again in January to begin work on a follow up to 2008's "Butcher's Premium" album. Rumor has it that new material from XT Force (his first since 1997!) and Quigley G might be in the works.

All in all, though people are constantly referencing the 1991-97 as a golden heyday for us, and rightly so, in 2010 we actually moved the most units and posted our largest ever profits. I don't say this to come off like some corporate boardroom nimwit, but rather to point out that our universe is exploding as it never has before. None of which would mean anything if the quality of music wasn't there, but we believe it is - the Exquisite Noise roster might not be for everybody (actually, no might about it...we are not to everyone's taste, and we are totally fine with this) but those who are into our offbeat brand are going to find plenty to love in the months and years ahead.


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