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  • I'm a purist

    Hallo all. I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful group. This is how things truly should work, word of mouth, rather than throwing a bunch of money down to get yourself known. I am SilverlagE. I have never taken music lessons. I believe in truly understanding an instrument. There is a place for learning an instrument via an instructor or a guru, however, to learn on your own and teach yourself is so rewarding. I experiment with sounds, mainly feedback. I approach instruments in a sort of caveman way. It is all about touch and the sounds that come from this kinesthetic approach that move me. I believe that music can come from anything, including machines. The cavemen discovered music and sounds by experimenting with sticks and rocks etc. They taught themselves and that is my way as well. I just have the luxury of discovered electricity. Approach my music with an open mind and understand that there can be peace in noise:-]

  • Casanova Frankenstein and the Disco Boys

    Hi, we are Casanova Frankenstein And The The Disco Boys and were formed on March 26th, 2008 and hail from New Paltz, New York. So far we have, 1,009 plays (47 listeners) on

    We play a style which combines funk, rock and disco, have released two EPs, a live compilation and two Demos, and are currently working on a full length album.

    We should suggest you start listening to our two recently released EPs:
    The Johnson Chronicles
    The Black Market EP

    All of our songs are available for free download on!

    Mr. Nightlife
    After Hours
    I Don't Care About Your Moves (As Long As You Enjoy The Grooves)
    The Wizard Mario (Johnson Version)
    Suck It! (Live)
    The Karate Adventures Of Filliam H. Muffman

    Casanova Frankenstein and the Disco Boys

    Enjoy the music!

  • This is alonsonny

    Heya Folks!
    So I'm gonna say hello here too and hope to get some more people to know about my music. I am alionsonny from Hamburg/Germany. Formerly I played in some bands but since 2004 I am around with my solo project "alionsonny". I publish ALL of my music for free under a Creative Commons License. Yes, you can use my music for your Youtube Videos, burn CDs of them, copy and distribute the stuff as long as you give me credits.

    I do many different kinds/styles of music, because I love many different styles and love to experiment mixing stuff. Most of my productions up to now are in the Reggae/Dub genre, but I try to get away from it not just a bit by also producing Techno, Electronica, electronic Folk and recently Ambient/Meditation/Chillout stuff AND orchestral soundtrack tracks.

    Here on LastFM, you only find a bit of my works, to be exact just my 5 published albums so far, which are mostly (Dub)Reggae. Here's my LastFM-Page:

    You can find MUCH more of my works on my homepage

    Let me know if you like what I do by being amongst my listeners.

    Greetinx from cold, grey rainy Hamburgtown


    Meine Homepage:http/
    Meine Musik bei LastFM:
  • Hello.
    We'd been tagged with this so thought i have a look. Seems a good mix of music on here, will start checking some out soon.
    I do music with Res Band . We improvise our songs and so the results can be pretty varied, ranging from songs that sound like songs to more noise/sounds tunes.
    we've got a few albums on here so take a look if you like.


  • we're the druid

    instrumental stoner/drone/doom from the netherlands
    89 plays (12 listeners)
    my personal project, stoner/jazz/doom
  • Hello There!

    Kind Greetings! We Have A Single: 'illectro in overdrive,' Available Through Rhapsody. (It Is Track 6 On Pure Play Music - Volume 1). Our Debut Album Is In The Production Stages At This Time. As A Courtesy To Our Fans, We Also Have A Free Album Available Here At Thanks For Your Interest In e style And Be On The Lookout For More Releases In The Future. Yours Truly, The Crew.

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    • Mag 18 2010, 19:08
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    Khornovsky Disjunkt

    an unimpressive introduction to.

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  • Hey all, we're an instrumental rock band called MINIONTV who just recently brought an album out and have had tracks used to promote adverts and TV Shows. Please check us out if you have the time. We're under 250 listeners never mind 2000 ;/

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    • Mag 21 2010, 7:53
    Hello my name is Damian :)

    El Amuleto Negro is my main project by now, i'm the guitar player :) you can hear our stuff here: [high quality]

    Dead Errant Soul is my electronic/rock project i'm working on an EP, please stay in touch, it will be avaliable as a free download. I like make remixes, you can download them at :) [high quality] [Remixes]

    and this is my project as an instrumental rock guitar player :) you can find me at myspace and soundcloud too.

    i want to say THANKS to "TaggingMachine" for tag all my projects :)

    feedback is appreciated :)

    All the best!


  • Newer Not

    Hiya fellas,

    Here's my music project: Newer Not
    It's a bit of a soundscape/bitpop thing, with very different tracks - probably the ones that are the best to listen to first are "inside animals", "matches make a city, miniature" and "come what may, pink!"

    Oh, about the stats, good idea I'll be happy in some time check out how the thing evolved - today I'm at 513 plays (281 listeners)

    Enjoy the music, and feel free to comment!
    Newer Not

  • aiRless pRoject

    Airless Project

    ambient-electronic-experimental project from Macedonia

    try this first

    Dopamine Entities

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    • Mag 27 2010, 20:39

    Emma Webb


    My first posting on this group. I'm doing some tracks on my laptop and would be really grateful if you would drop by my page and give my demo a listen. I hope it doesn't soundlike a direct imitation of anyone else but I am influenced by Portishead, Bat for Lashes, the Cocteau Twins, and Radiohead amongst others.

    Thanks so much,

    Emma xxxx

  • John Praw

    I'm an ambient musician from Wisconsin (and for a while, Norway). I make pieces with a variety of methods, often minimalist, sometimes aleatoric. I've been making music under the name [praw] (and various others) for over four years.

    I recently rebooted my ambient project under the name John Praw. I loved the old name, but I felt like I needed to start over and clear the slate from all of the things I put out when I was learning how to do what I do. Not to mention the fact that it caused problems - ie after 4 years, STILL wouldn't let it through the spam filter.

    I have a number of things coming out now under this new name. My first release with the name is a split with another ambient artist, Darkslider. It's free for download on Misspelled Records, and later this year on my label mam!records.

    Best wishes from Bø i Telemark, Norway,

    John Praw

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    • Mag 31 2010, 5:56

    PBnJ Band

    Hi guys! We are PBnJ Band… (Paul Budde & JamieLynn)

    We do funny music and GOD music! We have original songs about funny stuff like our dog, who has his own music videos! as well as some more serious stuff reflecting faith and life.

    We make music to have fun and to share our thoughts with the world!

    You can download ALL our songs for FREE!!! =)

    Check out our page and give us a listen!!

    We're also in the artist of the week competition, so if you like our music, stop by and vote for us!!
    Artist of the Week


    • jkba88 ha detto...
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    • Giu 3 2010, 14:21

    We're an acoustic folk/punk/hardcore band form Lancaster, England!
    Everything we've recorded is free for download on last fm.
    Hope you like!

    • mobvibe ha detto...
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    • Giu 3 2010, 15:54


    hello beautiful ppl..we are happy to be part of this group and we would like to invite you to Take A Look Around ...our latest song. So stay tuned for more to come!

  • Sup

    I make mash-up dub noise bull shit under the name
    Fair Conditioner.

    I have like 20 listeners and 100 plays.

    Tons of stuff for download on my page,
    and else where.

    "forum signature" (?)
  • Blackstork

    Hi! We're instrumental rock band from Russia. We make compositions without any words, but we tried to replace all the sense of the words with music in our first album. All songs are free for downloading on Blackstork. We are interested in your opinion about it. We have 118 plays (11 listeners). Thank you=)

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    • Giu 26 2010, 20:41

    My name is bigsexyshaq, and I am here to promote Big Sexy Shaq.

    Hi. I have been posting satirical high-concept journals here since 2005, and I continue to do suesosusosuaso in the form of formless formless new words new forms ZoP. I am thoroughly devoted to being at the front-lines in the world of creative, avant-garde thought, although, I am not sure if I'm anywhere near anything. Who knows.?...bonkB>..Burp.>D.. <-- Ignore all that. Just some unconscious sounds that were repressed, that I was UNABLE to repress. Indecipherable? Maybe, but it makes for good experimental music.

    Recently, I have been creating abstract experimental compositions based on the greatest masterpieces of all time - by the likes of Beethoven and Mozart. This album can be found at My Autobiography: Cowboy Kirk Roughin's Puts On A Show. I am trying to make people more aware of the incredible public domain resources that the Internet provides, and provide a creative boost for artists and audiences who foster unusual and strange thought-forms and encourage them to make art out of it.

    Chapter 00007 - Gymnopedes (MASTERPIECE! Based around Satie's Première Gymnopédie)

    Beethoven: Chapter 00013 - How I Transitioned to Classical Music in 1930

    Mozart: Chapter 00014 - How I Made it to Carnegie Hall in 1931, No Joke, Really

    Grieg: Chapter 00015 - How I Made a Dent in the Public Symbology of Death in 1932 (I finished this one in the span of a few hours on Saturday night, June 27th, 2010. Tonight.)

    Enjoy! It is very enjoyable stuff. Also, if you love new wordsSuvVvVv - check out another project of mine, called Encyclopediascope. An encyclopedia that refuses to give you any advice on how to use the words, and the words have not appeared anywhere else. The words are stupid-sounding, and funny. Don't think about using them... nobody will get it. But that's fine, just one more think to repress, because too much of our society doesn't have enough of an open-mind for anything that has more than a couple categories at once.

    Big Sexy Shaq has 1,379 listeners and 7,178 plays. I recommend that you start with Chapter 00007.
    Encyclopediascope has 240 listeners and 326 plays. I recommend that you start with adproseplease.


    Feel free to leave a comment on any of my journals, any of my pages. My art is extremely interactive and inclusive, and I can make a one-minute recording based on any response you make on my various journals. (See what I've done: My Response + Your Response + A Bunch of Silly Noises)

    blGfsF24...ALL OF MY RECORDINGS ARE FREE...sfj$jfwi

    Thanks for providing this very helpful service.

    Tom Samuels, Composer, Genius?, New Composer for a Zfjfd-Age. My work is owned entirely by me. Do what you want with it. ... . .p-wind-vlforjfhdTo Be Or Not To Be, QUOTING SHAKESPEARE is not a question . ... The public domain is God Itself.

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  • Hope this works

    Hi, my name's James and I've created a whole universe for myself, populated with androgynous aliens and murderous rivers, and colored with lo-fi folk songs and raucous noise sci-fi pop songs.

    Here's the link to my homepage:
    James Noyes

    You can download these three entire albums FREE here:
    Phantom Limbs Vol. 1 & 2
    Phantom Limbs Vol. 3
    Goodbye, Strange Planet

    As of June 26, 2010:
    26 plays (3 listeners)
    6 plays in your library

    Here's a music video I made with some friends:

  • hi.
    i make music as Ghost Medicine.

  • Letters To A Lie

    Hi, our music has ties to rock, acoustic-rock, and punk. We just released our first album The Truth of It All on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers and we're trying to get our name out there! Check us out! Here's our link.

    To listen to full versions of some of our songs click here:


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    • Lug 6 2010, 15:41

    till ten tonight

    Hey everyone - My name is Eric and I am a guitarist and vocalist in the acoustic rock band till ten tonight. I came by to check this group out because someone tagged us with the under 2000 listener tag. Pretty neat. Almost all of our stuff is original and recorded ourselves. We have one CD available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc called "Prepare to be Boarded." Several of our tunes from our upcoming CD are available for free download on our page and also on FaceBook.

    Here is the link to our page:

    Till Ten Tonight

    Full versions of all of our songs are available on our FaceBook page as well:

    till ten tonight on FaceBook

    We are on Myspace as well:

    till ten tonight on Myspace

    Thank you for creating this group and I hope you can come by for a listen!


  • Damian Ryder

    Damian Ryder

    Genre - Hip Hop/Rock
    7,464 plays (1,662 listeners)


    Damian Ryder is a producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, He is a hiphop/rock artist who appeared on the music scene in 2005 under the stage name TC. In 2006 Damian Ryder joined the band vertigo which eventually performed on the Glade Stage of the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in 2007. Damian Ryder began his solo career performing in venues and universities around the uk. Damian Ryder is currently working on Damian Ryder - The E.P. expected to be released summer 2010

    I'm Damian Ryder, I make much better music than you do
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