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Leader: SonOfTheWookie
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Data creazione: 18 Mag 2006
This Ascension took their early cues from The Cure, The Chameleons, and just about every 4AD band at the time. Their debut Tears In Rain earned the band comparisons to Area, Xmal Deutschland, and...

“ ‘Powerful’ and ‘Ethereal’ are two words that almost never appear together when discussing goth bands. By being both however, This Ascension have thrown sounds as diverse as wall-of-noise guitars, delicate female vocals, thundering bass, and shimmering keyboards into one signature sound.” - In Pittsburgh.

Emerging in the late ‘80s from the atmospheric side of Goth, This Ascension tiptoed the delicate line between Dru’s haunting siren song and the band’s driving goth-rock rhythms over four albums. Projekt now pleases the fans by re-releasing these hard-to-find (or downright out-of-print) gems. A legion of followers have been waiting for these releases; and Projekt begins with This Ascension’s 1988 debut Tears in Rain and its 1992 follow-up Light and Shade.

“Walking the thin line between the gloomy sounds of early Mission and the ethereal edge of Xmal Deutschland, This Ascension have cultivated their own happy medium. Setting the stage, Dru - their multi-octave front woman - has a voice that sails across orchestrally augmented tracks like a charcoal swan gliding over a lake of tears.” - HUH Magazine.

“This Ascension is a Santa Barbara, CA band whose music is melodic and moody, menacing and melancholy all at once, not unlike The Cure. In addition to Dru’s eerie and seductive vocals, the most memorable thing about This Ascension is the guitar work of Kevin Serra, somewhat like a Phil Spector record for the late ‘80s.” - The Los Angeles Times.

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    Howldy! Howl do you do? Our "First Blood" EP is new on and ready for free download. If you like Gothic Rock with influences from Post Punk and New Wave: Enjoy! Goodbite, The Wolf Gang

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