Connected Artists

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    • Mag 11 2008, 6:44

    Connected Artists

    Notice there are lots of artists connected to the group now. If I missed any that you listen to on thesixtyone, leave a post below and I will add them to the list. Just make sure they have an active profile first.

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    • Mag 11 2008, 6:54
    For the full list of connected artists, click here

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  • here's a few:

    empire day
    rebel monk
    40 winks
    the wake effect


    onward through the fog
  • i have a couple too:

    radio pirate dj
    major major
    the crash motive


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    • Mag 12 2008, 0:42
    Ok. Added all of those. Thanks. Now we are up to 89 artists. Not too shabby, but still plenty of room for more. :)

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    • Mag 12 2008, 22:25
    I'm impressed. But I was REALLY impressed until I realised 700 was a typo! :-)

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    • Mag 13 2008, 1:35
    MrSkills said:
    I'm impressed. But I was REALLY impressed until I realised 700 was a typo! :-)

    It wasn't a typo. I went through the top 700 artists to find my favorite 80. I almost went through the top 1000 but it was quite late and sleep was calling.

  • what? SNYpod sleeps?! that's just crazy talk ;-)

  • Another...

    The Morning Benders: They even made it to the hype track list this week (being 17th, but anyway...)

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  • And another one..

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    • Giu 6 2008, 0:08
    Byron T

  • 2 more suggestions for artists:

    alamo race track


    onward through the fog
  • Flobots!

  • hidari should actually be pointed here: ヒダリ

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    • Lug 28 2008, 16:22
    Please add Rench

  • Cool!

    Great idea.

    Beasy... ----->
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    • Ago 26 2008, 10:19
    Hi SNYpod,
    Here are four more: Thot, Kind of Girl, MarkS, Marvins Revolt.

    = o0O0o = o@o = o0O0o = o@o = o0O0o = o@o = o0O0o = o@o = o0O0o =

    Thinking without doing
  • I had a big list, but going through all ones already up I'm afraid that I only have one more for you :)

    Drṓwryh Creesp

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    • Nov 14 2008, 8:41
    I Am Not Lefthanded - if it's not too cheeky - t61 is awesome, you people are really nice!

    I Am Not Lefthanded

    Press Kit at:

    "Brimming with infectious and irresistible songs that instantly bury themselves in your head, pushing their melodic roots all the way into your brain and effortlessly flourishing" (Alternative Ulster Magazine)

    "Another of those rare things that at only five seconds in you know instantly you're going to fall headlong in love with." (

    "When a simple musical idea is done exceptionally well it instantly leaves the dabblers and wannabes in the shade - I Am Not Lefthanded does just that, effortlessly, gracefully and with an indisputable beauty." (
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    • Nov 26 2008, 22:19
    Hemmit is one to add to your list, and please bump Hold Out. Must get it to homepage! :)

    Thanks everyone, this is fun!

  • how bout me?

    aka david van amburg

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