Your Questions, My Answers, Vol. 2

  • Your Questions, My Answers, Vol. 2

    Welcome to volume two of "Your Questions, My Answers" (or Everything You Always Wanted to Know About proBRUCEr But WEREN'T Afraid To Ask)!

    If you've got any questions of your own about music, career, or life in general, leave 'em in the replies.


    Where exactly do you work? Like, I noticed that you interviewed the Where's The Band guys at FUSE but do you work solely for FUSE? What else do you do besides interviews? How did you get started and do you have any suggestions for someone looking to do similar work? I’m interested in journalism, marketing, and promotion. I’ve been looking for an internship but what is the best way for someone like me (no experience in the industry but very passionate) to go about getting a job? I'm so sorry this was so many messages. 140 characters is very inconvenient. - @beckystrz

    You can see a brief rundown of my work history on the group page here, but at the moment, yes, I work exclusively for Fuse. While I've made on-air programs for them in the past, I currently supervise production for their Multiplatform unit, making content exclusive to digital platforms and video on demand. This allows me to interview bands that are a lot less mainstream, which is what I love to do. Some of my recent stuff is in this playlist:

    The absolute, undeniable best way to enter any entertainment realm is through an internship. For me and countless others, it has served as not just an amazing practicum learning experience for the intern but also a free trial period for the employer. I didn't waste a single moment of my internship: if I didn't have anything to do, I would ask around to see if there was assistance I could provide. If there was nothing else, I'd wander around the floor and fill the copiers with paper and toner. There's no better way to make an impression as an industrious individual who would make a great addition to their team than by dazzling them as an intern.

    Before you find that internship, though, you should figure out which of those affinities (or combination thereof) you would be able to ultimately pursue in any given department of any given outlet. [For more thoughts on that, please see my previous Q+A post.]

    How does one go about getting a job at @fusetv? - @jordanmohler

    At many media companies such as Fuse, there are a few different types of employment, such as staff, temp, and independent contractor. Some roles are exclusively of one type (e.g.; VPs are always staff, editors are almost always ICs), but many have a mix of employment types determined by project-based or seasonal needs. As such, there are a number of ways to score a job, depending on what level of study or experience you have in that concentration.

    For staff jobs, Fuse openings are listed alongside all other opportunities within the divisions of our parent company, MSG. Those are updated regularly at

    As far as freelance gigs, the entry level stuff is most often given to former interns who did good work and made the right impression. The specialized stuff beyond that is where it becomes a game of "who you know." We're a word of mouth industry (being communication, after all!), so when I have the opportunity to bring someone on board either long-term or for a short project, I immediately turn to a handful of former interns or co-workers whom would fit the bill. If that comes up empty, I turn to other colleagues and friends in the field for recommendations.

    That word of mouth spreads both positive and negative experiences, though, so throughout any search, application, interview, or work process, always maintain positivity and professionalism. Folks you encounter in your travels are just as likely to talk about any negative impressions as they are positive ones!

    Hey, it’s pretty awesome that a producer for Fuse is following my Tumblr. I was wondering if there were anyways that I could use that to my advantage. I’m graduating form The Art Institute of Washington in a month with a BFA in Video Production and am trying to put some feelers out into the job market. Can I mail you my demo reel within the next month or so? Or do you have some affiliate in the DC area that would be interested in attending my school’s portfolio show? That way they could check out not just my work, but the work of several of my classmates. Thank you for taking the time to read this very unorthodox cover letter. – wookiebro (Tumblr)

    I don't have any direct professional tendrils in the D.C. area, but I have a few friends around there to whom I'd be glad to pass along details on the portfolio show! And of course, I'm always willing to check out resumes and demos in case I should know of anyone with a position to fill.

    If you're looking for an internship or work in New York area, you can hit up the link above to check out opportunities within MSG's units. You can find similar "Career" sections of pretty much any large network or conglomerate's website. If you haven't already, you should also utilize the alumni affairs office of your school to find graduates from your alma mater--they'll certainly appreciate the educational background you're coming from, which is a great advantage for potential employment!


    OK, that's all the Q's I've received lately. If you have any others, let me know and maybe I can provide some A's in a future post. Just leave 'em in the comments or send 'em via Twitter or Tumblr.

    Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, and thanks for rocking!



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