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Be part of the network !!!

This is for everybody who wants to be part of the group network...

...everybody means, that listeners and artists are welcome !

The simple idea behind this group is, to connect all the groups,
that deal with unknown or unsigned artists and labels, providing music for free listening, especially for free download.
There are many excellent groups that offer a huge range of artists and labels.
Network is bringing them all together, in one group.

Most important thing here are: TAGS !

There is a discussions-thread, offering different TAGS to satisfy all your needs.
All collected TAGS make sure, that your projects will appear at all the important "group-radios" here at
The list will give you an overwiev, to add your TAG easily and the TAGS-list will expand:
You can TAG your music as you like.

network TAGS

Main TAG for the network-group is , to bring up our own "network radio"

The same system works for another thread, that deals with the different groups concerning
unsigned and unknown artists and label connections:
network group connections

Post your artsist or label here:
network artists connections or network label connections

listen to our

- click image -


...have fun with it !

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