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Data creazione: 10 Mag 2007
Descrizione: + youtube = pure music tv goodness. Find it here. Become a member to receive updates and do some feature requests.

What happens when you combine two amazing online services?
Well, it might look something like this.

Welcome to lasttube,
a very lousy project name for a nice mashup of and youtube. It's best described as an online music television based on your music preferences.

Nice! But how does this work?
Well, it's actually quite simple. You just point your browser towards, enter a username or music artist and start watching. Then there is some funky coding stuff going on and seconds later you are watching the music channel of your choice. Now ain't that sweet?

So that's it?
That depends, this started as just an experiment, and it will probably stay that way. But if you feel like the project could need some improvements, just give a shout in the Forum and I'll see what I can do.

Okay, so how do I keep posted?
Just subscribe and you'll receive a message with each important update.

That's it.

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