Industrial metal - a trash bag for everything else?

  • Industrial metal - a trash bag for everything else?

    I know some people need to tag music (like me) but some hate categorizing. The truth is, categories exist because our brains cannot live in a mess and they are usually helpful to find similar artists to match your music taste. However when it comes to industrial metal music that 'similarity' has begun missing a point during the last few years.

    style of music was very much pure in the 90's. Think of real artists like Ministry, Skrew, Godflesh, Circle of Dust, Argyle Park, Klank, Testify, Misery Loves Co. and many more with amazing, ambitious compositions and straight-forward aggression kept in the songs.

    Don't you think industrial metal became a trash bag these days while a bunch of painted assholes with no talent come up with dumb mere computer improved songs and attached themselves to the style (or press, TV, radio, new fans etc. made it for them due to lack of greater experience with the specific vibe or any creative ideas)?

    Shouldn't we come up with an initiative to make up a few reasonable and catchy names to describe music of bands which don't match the industrial metal genre, then start tagging them on Last.FM with the names /chosen by majority of us/? I'm not talking about yet another 'tech-cyber-black-industrial-esque' empty keywords to throw in but something smarter than this. Think better of how '', '', '', '' or '' names speak for music perfectly.

    PS. Wikipedia is not a good source to quote because its content is changing every day + anybody with no greater knowledge can edit the entries for his/her own purposes.


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    Good point, I'd never thought about it. To my mind there are at least two types: Organic-only, and those mixed with EBM/Electro. I like both types, but some favor solely one category. Would it be better to think of them as Industrial Metal vs Electro-Industrial? Some acts like Ministry would fall into both (and possibly more.)

    If its a matter of names, you are probably a better source. But I could suggest possibly using hybridized names like: Electro-Industrial, Organic-Industrial, Harsh-Industrial, Dark-Industrial or Aggro-Industrial. I'd think three part names would be too much.

    What categories were you thinking? Maybe if you have a better grasp on the total number of types, we can work on nomenclature.


  • Organic in the meaning of 4 piece band and no electro involved? I meant the truly heavy metal content tuned up a bit only with some samples used under the sound of real instruments to empower their vibe but not synths pretending to sound like real instruments.

    Names - look at J-rock, Grunge, Drum'n'Bass, Reggae, Afrobeat, Ambient, Britpop, Chip music, Freestyle, Glam, Click'n'Cuts - they are all good names and none of them actually uses any mixture of genres already named, any variations.
    Rammstein called their music 'tanz metal' and Meshuggah/Fear Factory--like music was called 'math-metal' or 'math-core'.

    So I think no 'new' 'old' 'heavy' 'dark' 'industrial' 'metal' 'post-' etc. variations would be expected in that case. Should be something fresh and related to the music vibe they present. Then catchy so people would remember it and spread worldwide.

    Do you see any common feature connecting these days bands called 'industrial metal'? Hint - I think they overuse clothing and make-up, symbols like blood, gore, horror, hospital, fear.

    My idea is 'Chucky music' (or 'Chucky Industrial' or 'Horror-Industrial' if anybody wants that 'industrial' badly.) related to horror movie 'Child's Play' since the guys look like the toy :D

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    Any term we use may need to use the entire word "Industrial," or omit it in order avoid confusion with "Indie."

    Maybe an ending you suggested, "-core" is good for a start? Other endings having to do with size, intensity, metallurgy or manufacturing might work, but -beat -wave etc. may be less applicable.

    Beginnings? So many.

    Shockcore(alt spellings)? Dreadcore? Horrcore(rhymes with whorecore :) )? Grindbeat? Paintcore? Shockwave? Grind-dustrial? Mashcore? Dreadmash? Digicore? Hatecore? Deadcore? Gorecore? (These are all semi-random pairings, most of which probably sound odd at this point.)

    If the term is a good one, it will eventually stand on its own. To start it could be Gorecore-Industrial, and may be shortened to Gorecore later.

    I describe some of the music as "Angry Driving Music." We could call it "ADM". (I'm joking of course)

    Maybe it would make sense to start listing tons of words we feel might apply, then start combining them?

  • '-core' should be used to all hardcore related music ;) If there's a mixture of industrial metal and hardcore (like f.e. Slave Unit plays) that all -core related names would match.

    But we're looking to replace with something else matching these days music presented by many bands but making it in much more mechanic, computer based way, using a lot of symbols related to horror, blood, gas masks etc., using make up and a lot of fashionable clothing which original industrial metal artists didn't do, performing aggressive music wearing jeans and T-shirts only.

    But you are on the right path! I though about Grindustrial too. That's a cool name.

    Digicore is a name of some company so cannot be used. Gorecore is a good name too, related better to bands in love with zombies, death and all that blackmetal influences.

    We need one word name, catchy enough and capable to visualize the tunes. Let me get my English dictionary ;)

    I invited folks on Twitter to join this conversation so we'd get even more ideas.

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    • Dic 17 2010, 22:27
    I liked Gorecore because it rhymes, and both parts seem to describe halfway well. Getting additional ideas may garner an even better one.

    Gordustrial or Grindustrial are decent, but a bit harder to say. For me the latter seems to break like "Grin-dustrial" instead of "Grind-ustrial" Maybe we have to add a hyphen or double the "d"? (No double meaning intended)

  • '-dustrial' ending is OK to me instead of full 'industrial'.

    Grin-dustrial is brilliant haha!

    Gives me a picture of all those mean looking & covered with make up faces of electro-metal-industrial bands in the pictures as well as on the stage ;)

    When we have at least 15 names like that we could make a poll and get people and especially journalists from various electro-industrial-metal magazines involved into voting then start using the name online so it'd get to the crowds.

    Folks, if you're reading this, post your ideas! There's no prize, just satisfaction YOU made the new name for a music style which may become famous! BE CREATIVE! DON'T BE LAZY!

    [...thinking of more names...]

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  • I like "Shockwave". Because that's exactly what the bands you write about are doing with their appearances and stage shows. They're trying to shock you with fake blood or makeup or pyrotechnics or lyrics. There are bands that do or have done this well and these are the pioneers or the real deal.

    Like any style of music, there are also bands who have taken their que from the pioneers or from the musically interesting bands and who have watered down the music or the experience such that they are a caricature of the originals. An analogy from hair metal would be Motley Crue (real deal) vs W.A.S.P. (less interesting derivative). That said, I don't think that quality should be a criteria for being placed into the "Shockwave" category (or whatever you want to call it). There will always be a range of quality with any style.

    Shockwave was a rollercoaster at 6 Flags Great America in Chicago and for a long time was the biggest, scariest one there. It had a huge first drop and then three loop-de-loops immediately after, all of which you could see while driving into the parking could also hear the screams. It was your first experience with the park. I know only a small number of people have been to Great America, but to me the name really fits.

  • Shockwave - that's a good idea too and cool explanation, thank you!

    So you guys prefer to build the names based on the most often used endings like '-core' or '-wave'...

    I guess 'horrorowave' and 'thrillwave' are too harsh to say in a sentence? ;)
    How about 'scarewave'?

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  • Hmmm

    I am fan of Rammstein.

    When I watch Rammstein's live show, I feel my heatbeat

    Also, when I using heart drugs(I'm not good at English very much) I couldn't feel that madness like that heart beating feelings.

    Of course, every rock is about heart beating but particularly this(Rammstein) effect alot.

    It's all about heart beating. I think heartbeating is on title of this kind of music.

    I agreed on 'Shockwave' but I have to think another thing. so ,How about 'Heartwave'or ' Beatwave' I think this is nice. I gotta think about that more but right now, This came out of my head :)

  • That name can be not cool

    But It mean something to all of us I think showing part is important but, meaning is important too I gotta hear more Rammstein song

  • Thank you for joining! Well, it's not about Rammstein only but a range wave of bands (...wave again) coming from Europe mainly. Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, etc. being either R+ clones or following that kind of 'marching' rhythm + look.
    And because there are so many I'd started that discussion so those who are interested in creativity; fans, podcasters, DJs, journalists etc. would make a new name for this style of music based on experience after listening to a lot of different music genres to see right connections or differences.

    You can invite your friends to join this discussion too.

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  • i think fear factory and such should be metal- industrial cause they are more metal with some industrial elements infused in there style, where as ministry and such are industrial metal cause they are industrial but infuse a little metal in there too. Does that make scense?

  • There's a problem with Fear Factory to me too. They were never labeled that much playing their own original music. So in their case, some new style name would do better ;)
    Other than that, did you guys hear or djent style? It's what I meant, no metal-rock related naming but its own ;)

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