The best... wait, THE WORST industrial rock album you have ever heard?

  • The best... wait, THE WORST industrial rock album you have ever heard?

    99% of discussion boards prefer to post a topic about the best album, which feels really boring to me.
    Let's take it this way - what was the worst industrial rock album you've heard so far, considering it was really guitar driven industrial rock. It may be an album released by major label, indie label, well know band, less known band, whatever qualifies.

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    • Vrhovny ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Ago 19 2010, 17:20
    I must say, "Weird Machine" by Treponem Pal was a huge disappointment. The rest of their discography counts as milestones of industrial metal. Right up there with Skrew (they never let me down).
    Rammstein has also lost their appeal.

  • I agree that the latest Treponem Pal album was more rock than industrial metal ;) Skrew new album seems to keep more thrash/black metal moods this time, something closer to their debut but time will tell, and definitely it won't be a disappointment because they always come with fresh ideas.

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    • Vrhovny ha detto...
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    • Ago 26 2010, 14:49
    Do you know maybe, at which point are they with the new album?

  • No, I haven't heard from Marco during the last 2 years I think. Not sure if any new album coming in any time soon. There's only a new video posted on their Myspace.

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  • hmmm...worst industrial rock album? THat's hard question. kind of like asking what's the worst position for sex, isn't it? they are all good.

    • sueseas ha detto...
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    • Ott 15 2010, 22:41
    Diabeticus: how about the sex position in which your partner spends 3 and a half to five minutes whining about how empty and meaningless life is and talking about how they want to die, all the time using incredibly stupid metaphors and overwrought abstract language that sounds like it comes from a depressed twelve year old's Livejournal.

    Fortunately, I've never been subjected to that as a sex position, but I HAVE endured many industrial songs like that (albeit, without the sex part, thank gawd.)

    • gsrz ha detto...
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    • Mag 12 2012, 20:16
    The worst i've ever hear was Contagion, by Prophecy. the music was good (for a fear factory clone), but the production was godawful, with the vocals and drums buried in the mix and guitars pumped up past 11

  • Off the top of my head, "Symbols" from KMFDM. 'Anarchy' and 'Mercy' are the only enjoyable points of the whole record. Not really liking KMFDM overall doesn't help them out.

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