• Anyone going to WWDC 2007?

    Mar 9 2007, 5:42 di Damaged

    I'll be there!

    ( I wasn't sure about creating an event for it, since it's not music related.)
  • mac os x users: test my widget!

    Gen 17 2007, 11:20 di bradley_python

    Note: the widget described here has a newer/better version now. You can get a description of this newer version in the group dedicated to the widget.

    The dashboard widget is the fastest way to keep an eye on your userpage without beeing distracted. Just check out your dashboard and you’re done!

    The current version is 0.3. This version is still a bit buggy, and many improvements have to been done, but it still allows you to get up to 3 shouts on everybody’s shoutbox. You can download it for free here.

    * secretly spies from 1 to 3 shouts from an user’s shoutbox,
    * displays the shout sender's username, his status (user, subscriber or staff member), the message’s date and the shout itself,
    * stay tuned and grab the latest version when avaible with the build-in update thingy. You can't miss it.


    Known bugs
    I'm aware that...
    * the links to userpages are broken
    * it sometimes gets stuck at the “got the data, now fetching” (due to a weird bug with shouts with weird page breaks) — I'm working on it.

    Development discussion
    I’ve created a group on Please join so I can keep track on how many people are interrested by my widget, and we will be able to talk about that (features, bug squash parties, etc).

    To do...
    * code clean-up, make it less heavy
    * display the shouts more elegantly
    * display the shout sender's avatar
    * display more than the last 3 shouts in a nice arrowlist
    * also, for subscribers, display the last users who came on your page
  • One Year: A Restrospective Look Back On Music Discovery, Scrobbling, and Chart…

    Gen 5 2007, 15:19 di TheConfuzed1

    Wow. Time flies sometimes, and 2006 was certainly no exception. This last year though I had a new preoccupation--music.

    I'm no stranger to music however, and I am by no means, a stranger to preoccupation. When I was younger, I was enveloped by it. It was a part of me. As I grew older though, it began to slip away from me, bit by bit.

    I grew up in the era of the Walkman, and I thank Sony sincerely for that. Thanks to them I was able to bring along with me, wherever I happened to go, hours worth of entertainment, and should I wish, with the help of a decent set of ear phones, isolation from the rest of the world.

    But when you get older things change. Eventually, I was no longer able to listen to music all day long, every day, as I used to. I forgot what that was like.

    For me, Apple Computer helped turn that around with the iPod. Now, rather then hours of entertainment, it is possible to bring along entire music collections, in your pocket!

    That was the first ingredient to my new musical journey. Eventually I was promoted at work, which allowed for more time to actually spend listening to some of this music, as I was able to have a desk, and a place to enjoy it.

    And then, as if by magic, I stumbled upon Last FM. It was a random click on a link in the signature of an internet forum member, which brought me here. At first I was intrigued, and then I was enraptured. It was the next ingredient that I needed to explore a new musical world.

    Through Last FM, I was able to make new discoveries--new discoveries of music, and new discoveries within myself! Without Last FM, there are many artists that I would not, at this point, have even realized that I could be a fan of, and it is possible that I never would have discovered this.

    Also, I've been able to become reacquainted with old favorites. Many artists that I have either forgotten, or simply brushed aside, are now, once again, a part of my musical repertoire.

    That leads me to the final piece of this article--chart manipulation. Maybe this is a confession, although I have never denied it, or perhaps it's simply an observation of myself... I often times find myself looking at my charts, and asking myself, "What's missing?" And that is how I decide what to listen to next. Don't get me wrong here, I am not talking about faking scrobbles! This is music that I truly enjoy and listen to! It is a way that I have found to round out my Last FM persona. I have created custom tags, and iTunes playlists, based on where music appears in my Last FM charts!

    In short, I have been able to bring music back into my life. It is once again, a part of me. I've said it before, but I'm saying it again, thank you Last FM for helping to make this possible!

    I eagerly look forward to the next year to see where this journey takes me. I have developed a very open mind to music, and I have been soaking up a lot of it. My latest discovery, The Grateful Dead, is proving to be a worthy listen, and I suspect that they may be climbing very quickly up my charts.

    Happy New Year! :)
  • First year scrobbling

    Nov 21 2006, 1:22 di napoleone1981

    Today is the first anniversary of the weddnig between me and!!
    After some initial months of coldness, I really enjoy this...
    This year started with me starting to develop my master thesis and terminated with me finishing (writing) my master thesis!!
    In the middle many things happened:

    • Italy is World Soccer Champion!!

    • I scrobbled with Linux (slackware) and Amarok... Now I scrobble with iTunes and Mac OS X!!!
      It's my first macbook!!!

    • I started t write a blog: My Italian Blog and I suspended it for a long time...

    • My brother now has a wife!! and he's only 27!!

    • Some friends of mine graduated... almost all but me, sigh

    • I created a group: Manga in Italy

    • and more and more...

    I've discovered some very very nice music, specially some music from to , like Iggy Pop, The Clash, The Smiths, The Pixies, and so on... and some modern (Baustelle and Babalot).
    Final this is my one year rolling chart...

    I've to specify that this chart mirrors my old musical taste, cause discovered artists are only down the top ten, but they are upping every day...

    I hope the next year I'll be graduated (finally) and I'll reached to trip a coast to coast in USA...