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It's all about the iPhone!

Scrobble your tunes over-the-air, with the new Scrobble app! No Jailbreak required!

For background scrobbling, without jailbreaking, get the premium version for $6.99, or you can try Scrobbulous, for $1.99.

Scrobble terrestrial radio stations with Mundu Radio! (performance is sub-par at the moment)

Get the official Last.fm app for iPhone! (music streaming only)

I've been waiting for Apple to release a phone since... Well, since forever.

And it's finally here!

Check out this amazing, impromptu, video, which was performed, shot, and edited, 100% on iPhones, in a New York subway, in one take:

"The iPhone isn't going to crush its smart phone competitors because its hardware is sleeker (although it is) and it's not going to beat them because its software is more intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use (which, again, it is), the iPhone is going to win the most important technology battle of the 21st century because the iPhone as a platform (hardware, iPhone software, iTunes and the App Store) represents an unbeatable combination,"

--David Shipley
Bits & Bytes

"Rather than paying $400 for a PC with a $50 OEM copy of Windows running IE and Outlook, nagging you to verify your software as Genuine and to upgrade to the $400 version of Vista and to hand your credit card number to the dancing paperclip recommending a subscription to Windows Live OneCare terrorism protection, the $250 PC of the near future will come with a standards based web browser and email client.

It will be called an iPhone, and it won’t run Microsoft Office."

--Daniel Eran Dilger
Roughly Drafted

I used to send out group messages, to let everyone know about certain things, but since some people complained, calling it spam, I won't be doing that anymore. You'll just have to check in every now and then, if you want updates on this stuff. Sorry.

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