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    I want to start my own netlabel offering legally free albums.

    I have some questions. Any and all help is sincerely appreciated.

    What conversation I've found on the topic from Googling makes it seem really easy. Just find a web host. Find people that want to release their music for free. Tag tracks correctly. Affiliate your netlabel with Internet Archive. Promote.

    Is it really so simple?

    First off, I worry about legal issues. I assume that most artists are not going to want to release their material to the public domain. Instead, if I were an artist I would choose Creative Commons, Some Rights Reserved, With Attribution.

    Now say that hypothetically it happens that someone somewhere down the road breaches the license of one of the artists on my label. Say the person uses a song in a documentary or student film or something and they don't attribute it properly or at all. I would think that as the artist's label it would be my personal responsibility to sue. But I have no money whatsoever. How in the world does one afford legal issue like this? Is there a resource where I could have questions like this answered? What about international artists and use? (I'm from the U.S.) Do most netlabels have their artists sign contracts? What makes the contract official? Does it need to be notarized to become a legal document? Are there resources for figuring out the right language to use (legalese)?

    What are the advantages or disadvantages or going with Internet Audio Archive? using Wordpress to host? using Bandcamp?

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