• Dad arrested after trying to pick kids up from school on foot instead of in a car

    Nov 26 2013, 23:48 di Milkshake8

    Tennessee dad Jim Howe didn’t think it was safe — or logical — for “traffic [to be] backed up over a mile on a busy highway” just to pick up kids from South Cumberland Elementary School. But when he walked into the school, protesting a new rule that parents have to hang out in a line of cars to get their kids, he got arrested. If you like arguing and Southern accents, watch the situation unfold:

    Apparently kids can be released to parents in cars or can take the bus home, but they are not allowed to walk home with their parents. (Don’t even TRY picking your kid up by bike.) Although Howe signed the school’s special form giving his kids permission to walk home with him, deputy Avery Aytes won’t have it:

    Howe: They’re walking with me when school is dismissed.

    Aytes: No, they’re not.

    Howe: Per state law, yes, they are.

    After a bit more arguing, Aytes cuffs Howe, proving that the best reason to go into law enforcement is so you can arrest people you lose arguments with.

    Some commenters say Howe parked on the highway and then walked into the school, and why should he get special treatment when everyone else was waiting patiently in line? But the real question is, can we pleeeease make more walkable cities and make schools easily accessible by rail, bike, and foot? Then NO ONE will have to sit in traffic.
    By Holly Richmond
  • DOJ Still Refuses To Let Tech Companies Reveal How Much Info They Get Via FISA…

    Ago 31 2013, 18:25 di Milkshake8

    So, last night Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that the administration will start releasing some data on how many FISA records it seeks, and how many "targets" there are. In a first draft of that post, I had originally speculated that this hopefully meant the various tech companies could finally add FISA request numbers to their transparency reports, as they'd requested. However, after reading Clapper's statement carefully, it seemed fairly obvious that what they were releasing was a lot more limited than what the tech companies have been asking for -- including the number of people impacted. Given that, I removed the paragraph about how it might impact tech companies, because it seemed likely that the feds weren't actually going to allow the tech companies to reveal some basic metadata about the FISA requests they receive. Indeed, today was the (many times extended) deadline for the DOJ to respond to the legal filings by various tech companies to publish those numbers, and it appears that the DOJ has officially turned down the request.

    Microsoft wasted little time this morning before speaking out on its blog and stating that this was unacceptable, and that it would continue the legal fight.

    On six occasions in recent weeks we agreed with the Department of Justice to extend the Government’s deadline to reply to these lawsuits. We hoped that these discussions would lead to an agreement acceptable to all. While we appreciate the good faith and earnest efforts by the capable Government lawyers with whom we negotiated, we are disappointed that these negotiations ended in failure.

    Yesterday, the Government announced that it would begin publishing the total number of national security requests for customer data for the past 12 months and do so going forward once a year. The Government’s decision represents a good start. But the public deserves and the Constitution guarantees more than this first step.

    For example, we believe it is vital to publish information that clearly shows the number of national security demands for user content, such as the text of an email. These figures should be published in a form that is distinct from the number of demands that capture only metadata such as the subscriber information associated with a particular email address. We believe it’s possible to publish these figures in a manner that avoids putting security at risk. And unless this type of information is made public, any discussion of government practices and service provider obligations will remain incomplete.

    Given this, Microsoft (and, it appears, Google) are planning to continue to fight this in the courts, arguing that they have a First Amendment right to publish this information. This lawsuit is going to be very, very important:

    With the failure of our recent negotiations, we will move forward with litigation in the hope that the courts will uphold our right to speak more freely. And with a growing discussion on Capitol Hill, we hope Congress will continue to press for the right of technology companies to disclose relevant information in an appropriate way.

    The United States has long been admired around the world for its leadership in promoting free speech and open discussion. We benefit from living in a country with a Constitution that guarantees the fundamental freedom to engage in free expression unless silence is required by a narrowly tailored, compelling Government interest. We believe there remains a path forward that will share more information with the public while protecting national security. Our hope is that the courts and Congress will ensure that our Constitutional safeguards prevail.
    By Mike Masnick
  • Comedy Copyright Battle Raises Seriously Funny Issues

    Giu 12 2012, 20:09 di Milkshake8

    In a Strange developing story the FunnyJunk image site is threatening to sue popular humor site The Oatmeal. The war between the pair dates back a year when The Oatmeal accused FunnyJunk of profiting from its copyrighted images, but now FunnyJunk is demanding $20,000 to end a defamation lawsuit. The Oatmeal say they won’t pay and have instead gathered huge support from fans, who in less than 24 hours have donated more than $90,000 to Charity. Is there an interesting lesson in here for copyright holders?

    Last year Matthew Inman, creator of Humor site The Oatmeal, published a blog post where he offered his description of the Business Model operated by image index site, FunnyJunk.

    1. Gather Funny Pictures from around The Internet
    2. Host them on
    3. Slather them in Advertising
    4. If someone claims copyright infringement, throw your hands up in the air and exclaim “It was our users who uploaded your photos! We had nothing to do with it! We’re innocent!
    5. Cash six figure advertising checks from other artist’s stolen material

    Inman said that he’d previously approached FunnyJunk to remove content, which it partially did, but that countless images still remained. The owner of FunnyJunk responded by telling his users that The Oatmeal wanted to shut down their site, which Inman said he did not.

    Considering the whole thing too much effort to continue with, Inman decided to let things be. However, now – a year later – it’s become clear that the owner of FunnyJunk has a much longer memory.

    In a letter dated June 2 to The Oatmeal, lawyer Charles Carreon (the guy behind the lawsuit) expresses the displeasure of his client, FunnyJunk, and demands the immediate removal of the statements listed above.

    Carreon says that the statements amount to a false accusation of willful copyright infringement when in fact FunnyJunk is a fully DMCA-compliant image host that not only removes infringing content on request, but also terminates the accounts of repeat infringers.

    “By maliciously accusing FunnyJunk of criminal conduct to injure its business reputation you exposed yourself to a lawsuit for Defamation per se, in which Damages are presumed,” Carreron adds.

    The complaint continues but the conclusion is familiar. If Inman gives FunnyJunk $20,000 the whole thing can be made to go away.

    To prove his point that FunnyJunk aren’t playing fair, yesterday Inman posted a long list of URLs on FunnyJunk that still hosted The Oatmeal’s content, but hours later they had all been removed. He’s Not Amused and says he will not pay.

    “You want ME to pay YOU $20,000 for hosting MY Unlicensed Comics on YOUR Shitty website for the past 3 years?” Inman rants. “NO, i’ve got a better idea.”

    “1. I’m going to try and raise $20,000 in Donations. 2. I’m going to take a photo of the raised money. 3. I’m going to mail you that photo, along with this picture of your mom seducing a Kodiak bear. 4. I’m going to take that money and donate half of it to the National Wildlife Federation and half of it to the American Cancer Society.”

    “I don’t want to spend the next year tied up in legal bullshit with you. I just want to make comics. Consider this my philanthropic, kind-spirited way of saying Fuck Off.”

    And then the fund-raiser began, just as Inman promised. The result is absolutely astonishing. At the time of writing more than 6,100 people have donated nearly $92,000. Of course the money is going to charity, and that’s a wonderful thing, but let’s just Rewind here for a moment.

    For the purposes of argument, let’s say that Inman’s comics were in fact the RIAA’s music and they hadn’t been posted on FunnyJunk, but had been posted on The Pirate Bay instead. No doubt about it, none of them would have been removed – ever.

    Now, if the RIAA then accused Pirate Bay of being criminals (as FunnyJunk’s lawyer claimed that The Oatmeal did) and in turn Pirate Bay responded by suing The RIAA for defamation, the Internet masses would collectively cheer TPB on.

    But when you look at the $92,000 donated in less than a day and the overwhelming support for Inman and The Oatmeal versus the Bad Publicity for Funnyjunk, it’s clear that at the flick of a switch an entire situation can be turned on its head.

    There’s probably a number of messages in here for copyright holders, but perhaps one sticks out more than the others. In order to get support for your cause and get fans onside, people have to like you. If they do, magical things can happen.
    By EnigmaX
  • Miles Davis turned to Nancy Reagan and said...

    Mag 20 2012, 18:41 di Milkshake8

    In 1987, he was invited to a White House dinner by Ronald Reagan. Few of the guests appeared to know who he was. During dinner, Nancy Reagan turned to him and asked what he'd done with his life to merit an invitation. Straight-Faced, Davis replied: "Well, I've changed the course of music five or six times. What have you done except Fuck The President?"

    Miles Davis: his wardrobe, his wit, his way with a basketball [The Guardian] (via Reddit)
    By Cory Doctorow
  • Lamar Smith Can't Hear You

    Gen 9 2012, 22:37 di Milkshake8

    Here's ChadRocco's Lamar Smith anti-election poster, in honor of the congressman's advocacy for the net-killing Stop Online Piracy Act and his blithe dismissal of the bill's critics.

    Meet Lamar Smith, representative from Texas, and Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary. As Chairman he can kill any bill he doesn't like by denying it a hearing while giving priority to the bills he wants to pass, Like SOPA. While addressing the massive outcry over SOPA he stated that:

    “It’s a vocal minority. Because they’re strident doesn’t mean they’re either legitimate or large in number. One, they need to read the language. Show me the language. There’s nothing they can point to that does what they say it does do. I think their fears are unfounded.”

    Above is a list of people that have pointed at the language, including law professors and computer experts. You have a civil war among video game companies, and the successful boycott of a company. How do you ignore that? It's an election year. This November. Whatever happens, Texas, please kick this guy out of office.

    SOPA- I CAN'T HEAR YOU (Thanks, Melted Crayons!)
    By Cory Doctorow
  • Lamar Smith: if you oppose SOPA, you don't matter

    Gen 8 2012, 6:23 di Milkshake8

    Rep Lamar Smith, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and the principal Instigator of the , , pro-censorship Stop Online Piracy Act, has dismissed the bill's Enormous, Widespread Opposition. Smith claims that the million emails sent to Congress in one day, the Phone Calls received on The Hill at the rate of one per second, and the Opposition from Scholars, Artists, Lawyers, civil rights groups, big companies, little companies, Librarians, and the Engineers who created The Internet are all Irrelevant, representing a "Vocal Minority" who are not "able to point to any language in the bill that would in any way harm the Internet."

    We've done exactly what he's claimed we haven't -- as have numerous other parties, including famed Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe, who also cited specific language in the bill. Ditto with former DHS Assistant Secretary, Stewart Baker, who also cited language from the bill about how Sopa will cause significant security problems for the Internet.
    By Cory Doctorow
  • Alcohol Milk Packaging

    Lug 31 2011, 3:46 di Milkshake8

    [Translated by Google to English]----An Amazing Concept of packaging by artist Jorn based in Düsseldorf, turning the Bottles of Spirits as Absolut vodka or Jack Daniels in Packaging Milk in Cardboard. A Series entitled "" to discover later in the article.

    Posted by Fubiz
  • Your Fingerprints Can Now Reveal Your Raging Coke Habit

    Lug 26 2011, 16:56 di Milkshake8

    Occasional Tokers and functioning cokeheads beware. The latest in Narc technology will now come in the form of a device that can tell if you're Stoned just by your fingerprints. In minutes!

    The method is being developed by researchers at Intelligent Fingerprinting, led by one Paul Yates. They found that the by-products of your Drug Of Choice are secreted in your Sweat, which then get built up on your fingertips. All that's left, then, is to detect the stuff:

    The device applies gold nanoparticles coated with antibodies to a fingerprint. The antibodies stick to Antigens on specific metabolites in the Fingerprint. Fluorescent dyes attached to the Antibodies will highlight the presence of any metabolites. The technique was first used to Detect Nicotine, but now works on a range of Drugs, including Cocaine, Methadone and CANNABIS.
    This could potentially revolutionize DUI tests, as current methods are still pretty Invasive and hilarious. There are many solutions here for those of you who are worried, though: you can, like, not Smoke Crack and stuff; you can choose not to drive if you did happen to SMOKE Crack (not judging); or you can try your best not to sweat when the Cops catch you. [New Scientist via Geekosystem]
    By Kwame Opam
  • Cats in Tanks

    Mag 15 2011, 19:58 di Milkshake8

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