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Leader: brutrecords
Criteri di appartenenza: Aperto
Data creazione: 6 Ago 2007
Group for listeners, friends, lovers and partners in crime of brut! records, blues! records and POP! records.

Do you want to be notified when new releases on brut! records, blues! and POP! records are available on
Do you want to get the latest updates, or just show some moral support?
Then, join the group!

brut! records
brut! 15: Little Fritter "Top Notch Poet"
brut! 14: Marco Shuttle "The Horror"
brut! 13: Taron-Trekka "Swing Swing"
brut! 12: St. Plomb "Escape Run"
brut! 11: Lump "Lord Only Knows"
brut! 10: Taron-Trekka "Radio Fligg"
brut! 09: Ekkohaus "Not Trying To"
brut! 08: Landesvatter "Nome / Hausse" (Arp Aubert / Taron-Trekka remixes)
brut! 07: Pawas & Beume "Rednecks"
brut! 06: Dubnoodles "Lemon Green"
brut! 05: Taron-Trekka "Secret Findler" (Marcel Dettmann remix)
brut! 04: Drei Farben House "Sensing You" (Agnès / Ekkohaus remixes)
brut! 03: Flip & Def Jaguar "This Sound" (Joachim Spieth / Murat Tepeli / Dubnoodles remixes)
brut! 02: Andreas Heiszenberger "Perfect Moment" (Efdemin / Nass remixes)
brut! 01: Drei Farben House "On My Side" (Daso / Andreas Heiszenberger remixes)

blues! records
blues! 03: Taron-Trekka "Su20gg"
blues! 02: Lump "Back Alley Shuffle"
blues! 01: Taron-Trekka "Arb11 / Soon"

POP! records
POP! 02: Popnoname "Spaces" (Joerg Burger / Freund der Familie / Paid for Fame remixes)
POP! 01: Group Of People "Moral Support (Popnoname & Dee Pulse Remix)"

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  • kaipao

    defo one of the best upcoming labels out there, totally diggin your stuff!

    3 Set 2009 Rispondi
  • Muulwuerfli

    thought I join your group as I really like Daso & Efdemin & Ekkohaus, have to check out the other artists though - and, what's even better I'm your 10th member so we get charts ;-)

    25 Ago 2008 Rispondi