• De:Bug review: Taron-Trekka "Su20gg" [blues! 03]

    Mar 31 2010, 20:38 di brutrecords

    De:Bug review: Taron-Trekka "Su20gg" [blues! 03]

    Schon beim Einsatz des Grooves merkt man, Taron-Trekka sind eine der Legenden dieser Zeit. Das ist so satt, so sicher, so schwermütig, so schön. Die Tracks zeigen einmal mehr, dass ihre Beats nicht nur ultrafett sind, sondern die Melodien und Ideen so zwanglos ineinandergreifen, so verschachtelt und dicht sind, so elegisch und kickend zugleich, dass man einfach jedes Mal begeistert ist. Große musik für alle, die es nicht nur klassisch, sondern auch überdicht brauchen.
  • DJ feedback: Taron-Trekka "Su20gg" [blues! 03]

    Mar 31 2010, 20:32 di brutrecords

    DJ feedback: Taron-Trekka "Su20gg" [blues! 03]

    Dop: Thanx for the new music , love it one more time.

    Dave DK: What a great record again! Love the tracks, full support!

    Laurent Garnier: Lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... brilliant... Looove it. THANKS

    Pheek: I dig Keloy-iez so much!

    Phillip Sherburne: Keloy-iez is nice. Laid-back but still with plenty of pulse to it. Su20gg is lovely lovely, maybe even more than the other side

    Lump: Love the new Taron-Trekka. Great flowing party tracks with that special T-T deepness and quality. I'll definitely play these!

    Even Tuell: I love the new Taron-Trekka

    Pär Grindvik: Sweet release! I like them both! Thanks!

    Aaron Carl: This is definitely mood music... Love the deepness.

    Roger 23: The Taron-Trekka - Su20gg, is my favourite track. Dammit, there's something that is really touching me. Very flavoured (in a good way), with a touch of old Farben (Jan Jelinek) but in a kind of more . It has deepness, a nice mood and an appeal of . All elements fits perfect together and in a DJ Set, the music is creating a warm and special atmosphere in the room. Superb! Cool, definitely going to play it.

    St. Plomb: Taron-Trekka did it again. I love the way the elements are kept within some kind of and feeling.

    Deepchild: Yo! Both of these promos are fresh, as expected. blues! is pimpin' a sound which has been increasingly difficult to find - , human, and beyond the cliched sound. I love this release, as with the previous ones! Warm music for grown-up dance-floors and cold nights. Wonderful sound with great chug! LOVE!

    Alland Byallo: I love Su20gg. Taron-Trekka is really dropping the heat! I really love everything they put out. A really unique and special view of music. Great EP! Will chart Su20gg.

    Lars Behrenroth: LOVE LOVE LOVE it... s just the right way .. Def gonna drop this in Mexico on Sunday! Thank you and please keep 'em coming.

    Mr. Statik: Great two tracker from Taron-Trekka, certainly since the summer! Especially the Keloy-iez is , loving the bassline that sets the mood!

    Ryo Murakami: Su20gg is really stuff. I like it!

    Little Fritter: Sweet .. production. It's not going to destroy dancefloors but it will sure get you feeling warm and fuzzy :) Tasty stuff indeed, infused gold yet again from Taron-Trekka. Respect

    Deymare: Thanx for the Blues! 03 promo, really good stuff. My favourite of the 2 is the Su20gg track.

    Dollar Mambo: This is totally !Ye-P.-ahh-hi.Iii -rhythm..-! So good.

    Ben Parkinson [Boe Recordings]: Nice one. This is , will be picking up the when it drops.

    Beaner: Right there.
  • Resident Advisor review: Marco Shuttle "The Horror" [brut! 14]

    Mar 17 2010, 0:44 di brutrecords

    Resident Advisor review: Marco Shuttle "The Horror" [brut! 14]

    "The Horror (Redux Edit)," as its title might suggest, contains a mighty long sample of Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. Marc Houle would be proud. Shit is creepy. Kurtz is pitched low, the techno around it is suitably tweaked enough to inspire a shiver or two. Isolation here, though, is induced by the most normal of instruments: The lowly trumpet. Marco Shuttle places a few of them inside "The Horror", each one sounding like a plane struggling to hold its altitude in the face of inclement weather and quickly losing the battle.

    "Folha Seca" is no less unsettling, but it's quite a bit bouncier nonetheless. Shuttle once again finds himself utilizing what sound like acoustic sample sources, but leaves them (again) to wither away. Ever-present in its second half is a tangled horn sample, which putters away like hornet's in front of a busy nest entrance. It's the main event here for the most part, and at times it's more than enough. But at nearly 12 minutes long—the same as the A-side—it starts to drag by track's end. Treat it as a tool, and you'll be fine. Find a way to make it the highlight of your DJ set, and you'll either be the most boring DJ alive or some sort of idiot savant.

    Scott Milsap (March 16, 2010)
  • Resident Advisor review: POPNONAME "Spaces" (JOERG BURGER / FREUND DER FAMILIE /…

    Feb 22 2010, 22:53 di brutrecords

    Resident Advisor review: Popnoname "Spaces" (Joerg Burger / Freund der Familie / PAID FOR FAME remixes) [POP! 02]

    Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. But it certainly doesn't often have much to do with dance music in terms of remixes. Too often you'll have tech house producers taking on minimal, or producers further dubbing out their forefathers in most unimaginative pairings possible. Not so for the new 12-inch on brut!'s POP! sub-label, which brings in three wildly different takes on Popnoname's "Spaces."

    Joerg Burger, for instance, takes the exquisitely compact three-and-a-half minute original and lengthens it out to epic dance status. He doesn't quite achieve in making it the sort of Dntel/Superpitcher that he seems to want to, but it's a painless ride. Freund der Familie fares far better, hollowing out "Spaces" to reveal its core, leaving only guitar tendrils and lingering echoes of voices. Paid For Fame, meanwhile, go , transforming the studio-bound tune into a live version, adding crowd noise, and a harmonizing singer. It's hard to understand exactly why it was done, but in listening to it for the tenth time on repeat, I'm mighty glad that they did.

    Sam Louis (February 22, 2010)
  • Resident Advisor review: Taron-Trekka "Swing Swing" [brut! 13]

    Feb 22 2010, 22:46 di brutrecords

    Resident Advisor review: Taron-Trekka "Swing Swing" [brut! 13]

    "White man mistake funk" is the tag on Taron Trekka's biography. Apt words. Because it sure isn't funky, it seems like there are plenty of "mistakes" and, well, dudes are white. Aside from the white thing which I have no particular opinion on, these are very good things. Daniel Müller-Sachs and Andreas Kriester's music, like the most delicious minimal techno, benefits from feelings of dislocation, unease, mistakes. " Rawing Sadda" comes out the gate with all of them, like a lumbering giant taking its first steps of the day after a long night of drinking. After it finally seems to get into a groove, you're met with plenty of sounds that may or may not appear again. That, and a voice pitched down mighty low that mutters about something.

    The thing about "Rawing Sadda" and "Swing Swing", the track that follows, is that they feel incredibly slow. Although both hover around 120 BPM, the duo seem to occupy their own space, one in which you begin to lose your sense of time quite quickly. Needless to say, very few producers are capable of pulling this off, and it speaks directly to the possibilities of "white man mistake funk" that Trekka have been able to do it consistently over their past few releases. If you haven't checked these guys out yet, now's the time.

    Terence Fuller (February 4, 2010)
  • DJ feedback: Marco Shuttle "The Horror" [brut! 14]

    Feb 22 2010, 22:42 di brutrecords

    DJ feedback: Marco Shuttle "The Horror" [brut! 14]

    Move D: Very nice - sonically very sophisticated and deep...!

    Baby Ford: Diggin' the Marlon vox n dark moodyness

    Mark Henning: Like the release! A-side is my favourite - wicked oldschool vibe and haunting pads. Very hypnotic. Nice one! :)

    Brendon Moeller: Great choons!

    Crowdpleaser: Very good! I really dig this… List and play!

    Patrick Bateman: Yeah, especially The Horror is really cool!

    Beaner: Both tracks have a great atmosphere. Like the horror redux especially.
  • DJ feedback: Taron-Trekka "Swing Swing" [brut! 13]

    Feb 22 2010, 22:39 di brutrecords

    DJ feedback: Taron-Trekka "Swing Swing" [brut! 13]

    Dop: I love what the guys are doing right now... I love the sound , the ideas and the grooves !!! "Rawing Sadda" is a bomb... We love thuringia one more time ;)

    Laurent Garnier: Deep , DARK & organic. Played "Swing Swing" thursday at Robert Johnson and it sounded awesome on the system .....great work. Really looovely deeeeepnessss ...........Stunning work.

    Osunlade: I love the stuff!!! Thanks

    Dave DK: Thanks for the link! Love the guys, really cool tracks here again! “Rawing Sadda” is a corker for prime times! “Swing Swing” has an amazing groove... the track is superb! Looking forward to the vinyl release!

    Moodymanc: Kooky stuff for sure but am diggin' it muchly!!! Ta

    Joachim Spieth: The Taron-Trekka ep is a really fat thing!! Good combination.. and dirty for sure:-)))

    Franklin De Costa: "Swing Swing" is another winner. Will play and chart! Thx for the always good music :)

    Lump: Really love the super low bass drum and almost scary atmospheres. Deeper than deep! Full support :-)

    Deepchild: I LOVE both of these...really dope! Machotek! :) Gorgeous, warm, smooth and sexy. This sound is great - full support.

    Patrick Bateman: I love it, dark, deep and twisted...! YEAH!

    Pawas: Love "Swing Swing"... great tune.. nicely twisted... brut! has become one of my favourite labels!!!!

    Beaner: Nice. super dark... yet still swinging, hence the name i guess. Will definitely play!

    Mr. Statik: Great 2 tracker, will definitely play both of them, loving the deepness and sleaziness! Full support. ;)

    Dollar Mambo: This is a great record you have here... I feel the same as if If was listening to one of my jazz records, same mood... These Taron Trekka are gems..

    Little Fritter: Ooohweee deep gurgling gold here from the red hot in form Taron-Trekka....
    'Rawing Sadda' is just a proper low slung bad boy creeper... i love the mood and attitude of this track especially when its step's up gear at 5.40, lookout! Hot hot hot...
    'Swing Swing' again has that trademark Taron-Trekka feel, its a filtery white noise bottom heavy groover, really powerful stuff... combining perfectly with the percussion flurry's, those warm key's and jazzy wind instruments just melts through your ears...
    Full support... looking forward to hearing more from these guys!

    St. Plomb: Very interesting release, quite disturbing too. First thing I notice is the width and the radical choices in the stereo spectrum, quite unsual in the dancefloor business. But hey, this is much more than dancefloor business. Ain't it ? It has free jazz ambitions, dark psychedelic soul feel, tribal energy... I prefer "Swing Swing", giving me deep house illusions, whereas Rawing Sadda is a bit too much on codeine fo me ;)
  • De:Bug review: Lump "Back Alley Shuffle" [blues! 02]

    Feb 22 2010, 22:26 di brutrecords

    De:Bug review: Lump "Back Alley Shuffle" [blues! 02]

    Mittlerweile ist wohl jede Platte ein Sammlerstück? 250 Kopien für einen solchen Bluesslammer von Lump sind doch einfach zu wenig für die Welt. Die EP kommt in transparentem Vinyl mit zwei Track in denen denen die Xylophone mit den Shuffels um die Wette rennen und sich mit bluesigen Hintergrundstimmen auf eine Stimmung einigen, in der alles auf den Bass konzentriert ist. Eine Bluesband, virtuell, aber deshalb nicht weniger funky oder betörend. Musik, die in jeder Bar rauf und runter laufen sollte, dann wäre endlich wieder das, was es mal war. Ein Stil, der unmissverständlich zeigt, dass die Welt viel zu cool ist für uns und wir ihr unsere warme Schulter leihen, denn die Geschwindigkeit, in der wir uns drehen, ist die der Welt. Nicht anders herum. Killer!
  • Keep-It-Deep review: St. Plomb "Escape Run" [brut! 12]

    Feb 22 2010, 22:19 di brutrecords

    Keep-It-Deep review: St. Plomb "Escape Run" [brut! 12]

    Auch wenn die Züricher Drumpoet Community derzeit leuchtturmgleich aus der Schweizer Szene der elektronischen (Club-)Musik herausragt, bedeutet dies nicht, dass in anderen Städten der kleinen Alpenrepublik (gar) nichts geht. So beschreibt beispielsweise Gabriel Roth in der aktuellen Ausgabe der de:bug ( sehr schön die nicht zu vernachlässigende Anzahl DJs, Produzenten und Label im französischsprachigen Teil dieses Landes. Dort tummeln sich neben Agnès und seinem Imprint Sthlmaudio Recordings, das auch hier schon sehr oft Berücksichtigung fand, DJs und Produzenten wie Ripperton, Crowdpleaser, Dachshund, Quenum oder Chaton, die sich in den letzten Jahren eine eigene Nische erarbeiten konnten, in der sie ihr eigenes Konzept von elektronischer (Club-)Musik entwerfen, behaupten und deutliche Ausrufezeichen setzen konnten.

    Einer jedoch blieb in diesem Artikel unerwähnt, und zwar St. Plomb, der ursprünglich aus Lausanne stammende DJ und Produzent. Weshalb dies so ist, ist mir ein Rätsel. Vielleicht, weil es in den vergangenen Jahren etwas ruhiger um ihn war; vielleicht, weil er so oft lediglich als Co-Produzent von oben bereits erwähntem Crowdpleaser aufgeführt wurde? Ihn, St. Plomb, der in den frühen 90er-Jahren zunächst die Clubs mit Funk und Hip Hop bespielte, musikalisch festzuhalten und zu verorten, fällt schwer. Minimal sind seine Produktionen nicht, sie mit dem Beiwort "deep" zu versehen, würde unter den Heads wohl zu gegenseitig sich zerfleischenden Diskussionen führen. Also lassen wir's doch! Denn eines steht fest: in seinen EPs und Remixen stecken eine unglaubliche Energie, Lebens- und Spielfreude. Seine Kreationen sind experimentierfreudig und beinhalten eine Menge kurioser Gedanken. Und den Funk vergisst er dabei nie. Wie könnte er auch, als ehemaliger Funk- und Hip Hop-DJ.

    So war ich positiv überrascht und erfreut, zu vernehmen, dass er in diesem Herbst aus seiner kreativen Schaffenspause heraustritt, um - zunächst auf brut! Records - an die Hochzeiten der Jahre vor 2006 anzuknüpfen. "Escape Run" heisst die auf 250 Kopien limitierte, einseitig bespielte 12". Und wenn er hiermit ein Fluchtlauf antritt, dann höchstens einen aus der Langeweile der Vorhersehbarkeit mancher zeitgenössischer Produktionen.

    Auf "Escape Run" beschreitet er einen spielerisch schrägen Weg, auch wenn er diesen Track auf einem traditionellen House-Fundament aufbaut. Feingliedrige, jazzig anmutende Schlagzeugspielereien, insbesondere mit den Hi-Hats, gehen einher mit warmen Orgel-Sektionen, Chords, pumpenden Kickdrums und Bassnoten, die herzschlagtief aus der Erde zu kommen scheinen. Für "Saturnic Night Access", ebenfalls auf der A-Seite (da "one sided"), könnte auch ein gut gelaunter Theo Parrish Pate gestanden haben. Die in Erscheinung tretenden Schreie erinnern mich an einen älteren afroamerikanischen Herrn, den ich während meines letzten USA-Aufenthalts tagein, tagaus an einer Strassenecke stehen und "roasted kernels" verkaufen sah - beim ersten Hören wirr, setzen sie einen tiefschwarzen und seelenvollen Kontrapunkt zu dem im übrigen unnachgiebig voranstampfenden klassischen beat mit zartleiser Conga-Perkussion im Hintergrund.
  • De:Bug review: GROUP OF PEOPLE "Moral Support (POPNONAME & DEE PULSE remix) [POP! 01]

    Feb 22 2010, 22:11 di brutrecords

    De:Bug review: Group Of People "Moral Support (Popnoname & Dee Pulse remix)" [POP! 01]

    Popnoname und Dee Pulse kommen auf der singlesided 12″ des neuen Labels für die Widerauferstehung großer Popmomente in der Housemusik mit einem passenden Remix von Group Of Peoplemoral support”. parfüm reloaded. Ein Track, der sich vom ersten Moment an dezent aber durchdringed auf seine Hintergrundmelodie einpendelt und langsam einen süßlichen Duft von Harmonie über dem Dancefloor ausbreitet. Das wäre die perfekte Sommerhymne geworden, die technoide Momente, housige Eleganz und smoothe Popideen so sympathisch zusammenführt, dass wir auch gerne auf den nächsten Sommer für die große Zeit dieser Platte warten.