Shirley Manson's Playlist

  • Shirley Manson's Playlist

    I found Shirley Manson's personal picks on rhapsody, and I thought you all might find it interesting:

    1) Rip It Up
    2) Tears All Over Town
    3) Pleasure Is All Mine
    4) Dirt Off Your Shoulder
    5) I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
    6) Because of Toledo
    7) Club Foot
    8) Jesus Walks
    9) Work It
    10) Molly's Chambers
    11) The Hunger
    12) Somebody Told Me
    13) Fuck the Pain Away
    14) Hotel Yorba
    15) Pretty (Ugly Before)
    16) Last Nite
    17) Who The Fuck?
    18) Lose Yourself
    19) Vertigo
    20) Take Me Out
    21) Run
    22) All The Drugs
    23) American Idiot

    I tagged these tracks "shirley mansons playlist". If you're a subscriber, click here to listen. If you're not a subscriber, well, you'll have to tag them to listen. (Tags need at least two people to tag them for all to be able to listen to the global tag radio.)

    I collect spores, molds, and fungus.

    Check out the new group If The Illuminati Creeps You Out..., where you can see morphs of musicians, because I have nowhere else to put them. Also, feel free to check my mix (soon to be mixes) on Especially good if you don't know what you want to listen to.
  • Ok, I only like the obvious guilty pleasure Work It from that playlist.

  • Pretty weird for her, but oh well, she's weird and she rocks and she likes all that garbage stuff.

    • hjga ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Mag 17 2006, 0:15
    there is a fair amount of hip-hop in there, who would have known? I thought there would be more electronic music in there

    good playlist

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Mag 11 2008, 2:45
    I think it's cool. she's not weird she's different.

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