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    • Apr 28 2008, 12:18

    Favourite lyrics

    Okay, so I work at a record store and everyone who works there has to pick their favourite lyric which will be made into posters to put around the shop. Obviously it has to be The Decemberists, but which is your favourite lyric?

    I think I'm gonna go with one off "We Both Go Down Together":

    I laid you down in the grass of a clearing,
    you wept, but your soul was willing

    That's what I have in my mind so far, but I'm gonna keep listening to their discography in case I've forgotten one =)

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    • Mag 3 2008, 2:47
    we were both a little hungry,
    so we went to get a hotdog

  • we fall, but our souls are flying

  • Dash her on the paving stones,
    It may break your heart to break her bones,
    But someone's got to do the culling...
    Of the fold.

    I can accept people listening to any music.

    Unless it's that tosser Morrissey, in which case you don't deserve ears to hear with.
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    • Giu 8 2008, 21:49
    Sweet on a green eyed girl
    All fiery Irish, clip & curl

    ..that said, livbarrob posted a serious contender

  • Grace Cathedral Hill or Youth and Beauty Brigade in their entirety.

  • I was going to say "We Fall, but our souls are flying" But it seems someone beat me to it.
    But a close second is "I taste the summer on your peppery skin"

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    • Nov 19 2008, 12:27
    I love that same song, but when they sing "And when the sea gulls are crying, we fall but out souls are flying."

    Oh damn, I didn't see other people put this before me, kudos to you :'D

    just ain't no style, quite like this style.
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    • Dic 16 2008, 6:54
    "You're a fickle little twister, are you sweet on your sister?" from Tain and from Los Angeles I'm Yours:
    "A plaintive melody/Truncated symphony/An ocean’s garbled vomit on the shore, Los Angeles, I’m yours"
    and "How I abhor this place/Its sweet and bitter taste/Has left me wretched, retching on all fours/Los Angeles, I’m yours"...damn straight LA

    Oh and PS..."Some had crawled their way into your heart to rend your ventricles apart "

    i'm sort of saving myself for the scene.
  • there are powerlines in my bloodlines



  • just noticed that it is there are powerlines in OUR bloodlines but


    I LOVE this song

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    • Gen 10 2009, 17:02
    "The Mirror's soft silver Tain reflects our first and final hour" -The Tain(not surer which part) that part always brings shivers down me spine

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    • Gen 10 2009, 17:06
    oh and "Boys in denim vests, smoking cigarettes between, their boot-black fingertips, sweetly tipsy by the half-light" -Shiny from 5 Songs(which is really 6 songs, but oh well)

  • the decemberists make my heart bleed with sadness and joy, all of shiny is good. ^^ i like "A tawny gypsy girl, Sleeping blanketed by stars, Beneath the tilt-a-whirl, Where we were coyly caught alone"

    .~#~.she was just another conquest.~#~.
  • with the roar of cars and the lulling of the coffee bars....

    ...be me, for a little while
  • "oh, adhere to me, for we are bound by symmetry"

    and pretty much all of you'll not feel the drowning.

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    • Apr 27 2009, 2:22
    "Sucked our lips into our lungs 'cause we were falling... Such was our calling." and pertty much all of Legionaires Lement and Red Right Ankle.

  • definitely: we both go down together!
    primarily: "I laid you down in the grass of the clearing/you wept but your soul was willing
    AND: "Meet me on my vast verenda, my sweet untouched miranda."
    this verse is legendary, i love it!

    Nichts tun macht nur dann Spaß wenn man eigentlich etwas zu tun hätte
  • "Oh, lonely urchin!" the widow cried
    "I've not been swept since the day my husband died"
    Her cheeks a-blushing, her legs laid bare
    And shipwrecked there, I'll shake you from your sleep

  • hazards 4!! (am i the only one enamored with that album???)

    "with this long last rush of air, we'll speak our vows in sorry whispers... and when the waves came crashing down, he closed his eyes and softly kissed her" and basically the rest of the song.


    "I am a writer, a writer of fictions, i am the heart that you call home. i've written pages, upon pages, trying to rid you from my bones"

    and if you've seen them live, it's hard to forget "hear all the bombs fade away"

  • I have a lot..

    "But oh my love, though our bodies may be parted, though our skin may not touch skin; look for me with the sun-bright sparrow. I will come on the breath of the wind."

    "Far from the hills of the sea-swaled Carolinas: that's where my true love lies."

    "There are powerlines in our bloodlines."

    "For a tryst in the greenery, I gave you documents and a microfilm too."

    "And the world may be long for you, but he'll never belong to you. But on a motorbike, when all the city lights blind your eyes tonight. Are you feeling better now? Some way to greet the year: your eyes all bright and brim with tears."

    "But, oh, the smell of burnt cocaine, the dolor and decay. It only makes me cranky. Oh, great calamity. Ditch of iniquity and tears. How I abhor this place. It's sweet and bitter taste has left me wretched, retching on all fours."

    "But oh what providence! What divine intelligence that you should survive as well as me."

    "Were you fretful to wade into the room?"

    "And we are vagabonds. We travel without seatbelts on. We live this close to death."

    "I say your uncle was a crooked French-Canadian. And he was gunshot running gin."

    that's all for now. I'll probably post more later. haha

  • they settled dust in your hair
    to watch you shake and shout it out
    in the kingdom of love, we're all just fodder
    as the cannonades drum our sons and daughters
    but oh, the king and the queen of love
    in their long white fingerless gloves
    bang the gavel for the long-lost kingdom of love
    so we'll find us a home built of packaging foam
    that will be there 'till after we die
    a monument to build beneath the arbours
    upon a plinth that towers towards the trees
    let every vessel pitching hard to starboard
    lay its head on summer's freckled knees
    his mother wept no tears
    his brother grew unruly
    his mother wept no tears
    at burying davy
    --darling, dear, what have you done?
    your clothes are torn, your make-up runs!
    --i ran through brambles, blooming thistle,
    i washed my face in the river when you whistled me on
    --darling, dear, what have you done?
    your hands and face are smeared with blood!
    --the chaplain came and called me out
    to beat and to butcher his mother's sow
    --but darling, dear, they found him dead
    this morning on the riverbed
    lord, bring down the flood
    wash away the blood
    and drown these everglades
    and put us in our place
    we laid edgar watson in his grave
    we laid him in his grave!
    and there a wreath of trillium and ivy
    laid upon the body of a boy
    lazy will the loam come from its hiding
    return this quiet searcher to the soil
    years from now, when this old lie
    isn't ambling any more
    will i bring myself to write
    "i give my best to springfield hill"?
    but hush, now, darling, don't you cry
    your reward's in the sweet by-and-by

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