Do you think Yoshiki is sexy?

  • Do you think Yoshiki is sexy?

    I am big fan of Yoshiki since I became X-Japan's fan. I fell in love with Yoshiki's good looks.

    Yes Yoshiki is beautiful even woman's view. I think a man can do make-up, dress up such a sexy. Surelly, women can do better. If I am not good as Yoshiki, I might not try enough.

    Yoshiki's bare face is not good as you think. But when he wears make-up or sunglass on, he is awesome.

    I liked long hair time Yoshiki. I have not seen him ages since I left Japan. Now he is short-haired, bit masculine. Also good too.

    Also I want know men's view what do you think Yoshiki's looks?

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    • Dic 8 2008, 23:12
    I think Yoshiki is attractive. I can see the appeal for people. When i first saw a picture of X Japan i thought a few of them were girls!

  • My God x>

    Yoshiki is extremely sexy x] And I prefer his current look than the previous. 4 me he still acts a bit like a woman and with long hair he looked just girly.

  • What can I do? Besides I'm a man, I'm not stupid not to recognize when a man is attractive. Yoshiki looks very good old times or nowadays and I don't care if one is better than another. I just watch it and he passes the same thing... I see him and I see his soul, a man who was a little bit sad in the past, a man who is happier today, a man that loves... That's what makes him beautiful.

    Artur Gelumbauskas
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    • Gen 25 2009, 22:57
    I agree, absolutely, I can't say anything more, that's it!

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    • Gen 27 2009, 17:23


    i like him very much. i think he IS atractive. he's good looking. i found a foto when yoshiki didn't have a make up. he looks ok. xDD i love him all. his smile face, hair. I like all of his "looks"

  • I can see how some find him attractive. Mostly I just laugh at him for being so girly though :P

  • He's the sexiest man on earth that hasn't got married yet...

  • for me he is as lovely as a bunny~

    My future depends on my dreams, so go to sleep...
  • Yoshiki is so sexy! I love him both with long and short hair. And his smile <3

  • Yoshiki is so sexy!!!

  • He is so fu**ing sexy XD I love him wholeheartedly. And, with long, with short .. everytime he looks (I can not even find the words in the English) fu**ing fantastic !

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