• One album per year (Precambrian-2015) IV

    Mar 28 2015, 19:34 di lter__Impius

    4th edition of "Just one album per year". My favourite ones, at this (everchanging) very minute, from the Precambric times to 2015.

    I only include albums that I'd like to listen again, so there's some years without any (feel free to recommend me one you love). BTW, excuse me for not including any diplodocus-riding caveman masterpiece —my PC doesn't seem to support stone formats.

    Anyway, let's look at that primate-made music albums below which I happen to kinda like —and even love

    1959 Satan Is Real

    1963 With The Beatles

    1964 A Hard Day's Night

    1965 Rubber Soul

    1966 Freak Out!

    1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    1968 The White Album

    1969 Abbey Road

    1970 John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

    1971 Fragile

    1972 Close to the Edge

    1973 Zarathustra

    1974 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    1975 Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième Saison

    1976 The Royal Scam

    1977 Veneno

    1978 Siembra

    1979 The Wall

    1980 Maestra Vida: Segunda Parte

    1981 Canciones Del Solar De Los Aburridos

    1982 The Nightfly

    1983 Depois do Fim

    1984 Buscando América

    1985 Misplaced Childhood

    1986 So

    1987 Agua De Luna

    1988 新世紀への運河

    1989 Ojalá Que Llueva Café

    1990 Bachata Rosa

    1991 Metallica

    1992 Images and Words

    1993 Птица

    1994 Weezer (Blue Album)

    1995 Draconian Times

    1996 Ass Cobra

    1997 Ocean Machine: Biomech

    1998 Apocalypse Dudes

    1999 Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

    2000 The Perfect Element I

    2001 Lateralus

    2002 In Absentia

    2003 Traveller

    2004 The Human Equation

    2005 Ghost Reveries

    2006 Adultery

    2007 2nd Hands

    2008 Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two

    2009 Number Seven

    2010 Lover's End

    2011 Deconstruction

    2012 Lost in the New Real

    2013 The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)

    2014 Casualties of Cool

    2015 Hand. Cannot. Erase.

  • Fuck ideologies and fuck your cause

    Gen 15 2015, 5:42 di lter__Impius

    This is no ranting, whining or even complaining; it's as calm as zen.

    Fuck all split-ideologies that brainwash people out of HUMANISM, or whatever you want to call it if you don't want to be anthropocentric or speciesist─certainly I don't.

    This has nothing to do with recent infamous Paris attacks ─BTW, Je NE suis pas Charlie.

    It has to do with this: I think identifying yourself as [insert split-ideology here] draws you away from humanism. More often than not it makes you think, feel and behave like a jerk.

    Therefore: Fuck democratism, fascism, anti-racism, environmentalism, anti-lookism, liberalism, feminism, nazism, nationalism, socialism, secularism, anarchism and even transhumanism. Fuck everything that fragments humanism into pieces.

    Fuck "power over". Don't be a jerk; be human with everyone everywhere.

    Signed: Just a (good, bad or even awful) humanist preaching its gospel/new revelation*.

    * This is definetly not the best way to "preach" an idea
    because most people will get defensive ─use of commands
    instead of suggestions: "be", "don't"; things like "fuck your",
    "jerk", ... I used one "I think" though ;-)
  • Why I don't give a shit about scrobbling anymore.

    Set 18 2013, 0:24 di lter__Impius

    Pros and cons of scrobbling.

    - It's nice to see the charts.
    - It's interesting taking a look at them in retrospect, see how they were evolving, recall nice memories they evoke.
    - You get recommendations that match the music you use to listen to the most.
    - You can easily make friends with people with similar music tastes.

    - If you want the stats of what you are listening to to be reflected in your profile -if you want to scrobble- you have to play them through some application that allows scrobbling. Searching -and getting to listen to- songs and albums through youtube tend to be far more easy and fast than downloading them.
    - You listen to music because you love music, not because you want to scrobble it. Listening to music represents an intrinsic motivation. Adding an extrinsic motivation like wanting to scrobble the music you want to listen to makes your listening experience less enjoyable.
    - It can change the way you listen to music. "Let that song playing for 5 more seconds, I prefer it to scrobble", "don't fast-forward that song", etc.
    - If you want accurate stats you have to have accurate tags in the songs you are scrobbling.

    Pros commented:
    - I don't need nice charts.
    - I don't need this particular thing so I can recall precious memories nor I need to see how my music tastes were evolving. Plus, I don't need anything of that, I prefer the present and its pleasures.
    - That would be nice but I don't need it and I can get them through many other ways.
    - That's nice but most of them live in the other corner of the world and there's much more than music in life. Plus, I can make friends everywhere.

    Cons commented:
    - I don't want to think of scrobbling when I want to listen to music. I mean, if I want to listen to a particular song or album I just go to youtube and I listen to it. It's not like I need not to scrobble, it's just I prefer it that way.
    - That's right. It's like all that shit that people buy and then forget about it, and they keep working to pay that shit again.
    - This is plain stupid.
    - I prefer not to waste my time that way. If you don't give a fuck about scrobbling you don't give a fuck about tagging -oh, internet language.
  • Stop whining and use your brain to enjoy life :-)

    Mar 28 2013, 15:00 di lter__Impius

    "I'm ulgy, fat and stupid and nobody loves me :((("
    "He shouldn't treat me like that!! I wish him suffering! Grrrr!! I hope he burns in hell!!!"
    "Oh my God, life is so unfair!! It's horrible and I can't stand it!!"

    Of course it's unfair, it's life. Shut the fuck up, stop whining and start using your brain so you be happy (lol, I'm being a little bit aggressive here, let's relax ;))

    Stop creating fantasy worlds where everything should be the way you want it to be. Accept reality as it is. Sure, try to change the things that you don't like about it (if you feel like it), but accept it unconditionally. There's no single evidence that life should be other than it is. Life doesn't give a fuck about you and your goals nor about what you consider appropriate or inappropriate, good or bad.

    Stop telling yourself that others must behave the way you want them to. You are not a god; you're just an insignificant primate. You don't rule the world. Your moral code is not universal; it's just a subjective view on ethics and there is no single evidence that yours is the only "correct" one. Sure, stay away from individuals who treat you badly, but don't be so stupid that you let yourself think, feel or behave in a self-defeating way: don't get yourself angry, resentful, depressed, anxious, guiltful or shameful. Please... do yourself a favour and don't act in such a masochistinc way. Don't make up your own enemies. There's no single evidence that people should treat you well (or bad), for there's no single evidence that people SHOULD, MUST or HAVE TO. In the other hand, there's a lot of evidences that predict that people have physical freedom and will sometimes behave stupidly and in an antisocial way. We all would like people to always treat each other kindly and justly, and we strive for a future world where that happens, but demanding it from reality right now is nonsense, because you are demanding somethig that doesn't exist. Accept people unconditionally. Condemn what they do but never condemn their being. As much as you wish, you can't totally rate anybody; it's logically and empirically impossible. Don't demand perfection from others, they are fallible human beings and they're about as fucked up as you are. They will always do wrong things, but that doesn't make them wrong persons, just persons who acted wrongly.

    Stop thinking that you are a shit, a waste. Obviously, you are not. You are a living organism who wants to get pleasure and avoid pain, just like any other living thing. Also, as I've said, you can't rate yourself or anybody; it's impossible. So choose to accept yourself, no matter what; no conditions. Just choose to accept yourself because of being a living organism and wanting to be happy. Also, stop thinking you are special, if so. You're just a primate, like everyone else, and almost nobody in the world (and universe) gives a single shit about you. You will eventually die and nobody will care. Do you care for this man who died 1,037 years ago, whose name nobody knows? Obviously not. Do you care for Napoleon? Sure, you do care, but he is dead, so he doesn't feel the oh!-so-great-and-noble pleasure of being remembered, and so won't you.

    Stop giving much of a crap about what other people think of you. Rejection it's not the end of the world. Actually, rejection leaves you intact; if other people reject you, you don't have to reject yourself; you always can choose to accept yourself unconditionally. What's going to happen to you if people reject you? Almost nothing. So, who really cares? Words don't hurt, punches and kicks do.

    You feel you are ugly? fat? too skinny? stupid? Ok... let's suppose that you not only feel that way but you are that way. So you are stupid, so what? Do you need to be intelligent in order to be happy? That's bullshit. There's a lot of feeble-minded people who are really happy. Who cares about intelligence?! Actually, you can't prove that being intelligent is better than being stupid. But, even supposing, as almost all people do, that being intelligent is better than being stupid, you do NOT need to be intelligent in order to be happy. Being happy is the only thing that I (and, i think, sane people) consider really important. The same if you are fat, small, ugly, etc etc. The bullshit that media and society tells people that you have to have the approval (and even envy) of other people in other to be happy is pure bullshit, as I said. You do NOT need approval from other people. You do not need success. You do not need anything except water and food in order to be happy.

    Yes. You don't need almost anything. You think you have to reach a lot of goals and accomplish some other trivialities in order to have a great life, but that's nonsense. Let's be honest, as always: If you're not happy it's probably because you're thinking in an stupid way. No, it's not because of the unfortunate things that have happened to you that have made you unhappy. That's bullshit. Nothing and nobody except YOU can make you unhappy. Stop whining. If you are not happy it's because you're thinking in a self-defeating way. Yes. All this time you were thinking that you needed things that you actually didn't need. Sure, you wanted them and you still want them, that's fine, that's preference (opposite to demand), but you didn't NEED them. You didn't accept reality unconditionally but conditionally, and so you were happy sometimes, when you got what you thought you needed, but you got way back to shithood when you didn't get it.

    You can be happy for the rest of your life. You just have to start using your brain. Accept yourself, others and life unconditionally. Acknowledge that you don't need almost anything in life in order to do great things for you and other people; in order to be happy. Acknowledge that nothing is horrible in life, even when you suffer so much (suffering is a necessary part of life, so accept it). Acknowledge that most of your problems would be silly trivial things for non-occidental people. Accept that you will eventually die. Acknowledge that nothing MUST be, and that wathever happened, happened; deal with it. Refuse to make yourself crazy.
  • One album per decade!

    Dic 30 2012, 22:07 di lter__Impius

    60s and before: Nothing worth mentioning

    70s Veneno

    80s Agua De Luna

    90s Apocalypse Dudes

    00s Automatic Thrill

    10s: Nothing worth mentioning
  • One album per year (1964-2012)

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