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    I have added some Video links for those interested to see them 'LIVE' and odd bits of Info. These will open the doors to others......

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    Y&T has announced that they have signed to Frontiers Records for thier new studio album, "Facemelter." This will be the bands first studio album in thirteen years and will be released on May 21st. "What a great feeling to dive back into making new Y&T music," states frontman Dave Meniketti. "After being away from it for this long, the anticipation of writing a new CD worth of material was, at first, a bit scary, but as soon as we started up I was happy to find how natural it was to get right back in it again. I think we're going to have to keep this up, because musically and emotionally, we still have a lot to say!" >> Click on the 2 links below and check out the track listing.
    'I'm coming Home' Video release from' FaceMelter' New Album.MAY 21ST 2010.

    Y&T I Believe In You Live One Hot Night Netherlands 2006

    Y&T Winds of Change.

    Robert Valdes ... Acoustic cover (wow) 'Winds Of Change'.
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    Starting with the Name 'Yesterday and Today' singer/guitarist Dave Meniketti and drummer Leonard Haze started playing top 40 songs in 1972 in the East Bay Area in San Fransisco (one of my favourite places in the US).
    They played songs like the 'Beatles' hit yesterday.
    When rhythm-guitarist Joey Alvis and bass player Phil Kenemore joined the band a year later, the pop-covers were dropped for their own hardrock songs.
    In 1976 'Yesterday and Today' released an album of the same name through a small London-Label, which in spite of bad production, left a good impression. The swinging heavy rock songs were remarkable, Meniketti's guitar work was nice and bluesy and very sensitive and the snare and bass drum-work by Leonard Haze was amazing.
    'Beautiful Dreamer' is still played live to this day.

    Their next LP 'Struck Down', was no better as far as production was concerned, but it was also less swinging, the songs were a little heavier and the rhythms were better.
    After this record we didn't hear much from the Band.
    In 1980 Kennemore and Haze were in the rock-musical 'Rock Justice' from the band 'Cinema' formed round guitarist-scout Mike Varney, so rumours abounded that the band was no more.
    But to everyone's amazement they came back one year later as Y&T

    Dave Menikitti (vocals/guitar) Joey Alvis (guitar/vocals)
    Phil Kennemore (bass/vocals) Leonard Haze (drums)

    YESTERDAY & TODAY (London '76)
    STRUCK DOWN (London '78)


    Dave Menikitti (vocals/guitar) Steff Burns (guitar)
    Phil Kennemore (bass/vocals) Jimmy De Grasso (drums)

    Y&T returned with the album 'Earthshaker', made for A & M ( after a 'showcase' with Motley Crue as supporting act).
    I saw the 'Crue' the 1st time they played London.(unreal then)

    This album could easily be seen as a milestone in the History of Hardrock.
    The band had developed into a machine with the POWER OF A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT.
    Dave Maniketti had matured greatly, with the unique vibrato in his voice and his breathtaking Guitar SOUND. The songs were just as impressive.
    Who didn't know their phenomenal rockers 'Hungry For Rock', 'Hurricane', 'Dirty Girl' and the wonderful ballards 'Rescue Me' and I Believe In You ? Each and everyone of them were/ are classics.

    After a performance at Reading Festival 'Black Tiger' was released in1982, which to so some in spite of the powerful prodution by Max Norman
    (Ozzy Osbourne, Loudness) was a little less impressive than their other album.
    I loved it and again all the tracks have stood the test of time.(Not bad hey)
    It was the probably the free and more commercial sound that confused critics at that time.
    With the album 'Mean Streak', produced by Chri Tsangaridis (Tygers Of PanTang, Thin Lizzy ). Y&T tried to give the old Yesterday and Today - style the sound of the Eighties.
    The result was amazing yet critcs thought this was not so popular with the fans.
    Well every track on this album is a 'GEM'.

    It is said they went a bit more commercial on the next album but taken the climate at the time why not?
    'In Rock We Trust' was produced by Judas Priest -producer Tom Allom.
    The songs become sweeter, with keyboards and multi-vocals and the band went so far that they started showing characteristics of successful bands like Def Leppardand AC/DC. Y&T in their own country didn't get a real breakthrough and in Europe their popularity decreased enormously. Fortunately their Live album 'Open Fire' sounded like the old Y&T.
    Theirs a DVD of this and mine's worn out but it's a must watch!
    Apart from the studio song 'Summer Time Girls' it mainly contained real heavy rockers like 'Open Fire' and 'I Believe In You' amongst others.
    I love 'Barroom Boogie' and that's still played live today.
    They do include a track from the Yesterday and Today period called '24 Hours'.

    On the next Studio-albums 'Down For The Count' and 'Contagious' (both produced by Kevin Beamish from amongst others R.E.O. Speedwagon), the critics said the band continue to play safe rockin American melodic rock.
    well, just have a listen to these lesser know albums. Their's some 'Gems' on these such as 'Hands Of Time', 'Face Like An Angel', from
    'Down For The Count' and 'I'll Cry For You', 'Eyes Of A Stranger' and 'Contagious' from the same album.

    Jimmy De Grasso replaced Leonard Haze on 'Contagious' and was considered a better album than it's predecessor.
    Surprisingly Joey Alves left the band after 'Contagious'.

    The Next album 'Ten' was to be produced by Ronnie Montrose but things took time to replace Joey Alves and things got terribly over due.
    Stef Burns was hired on Drums although ex 'Journey' drummer did appear on some tracks.
    Again the critics slated this AC/DC and Def Leppard like material.
    It has to be said this album contains some good stuff like 'Surrender',
    'Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark', and 'Hard Times'.

    Earthshaker (A&M '81)
    Black Tiger (A&M '82)
    Mean Streak (A&M '83)
    In Rock We Trust (A&M '84)
    Open Fire (A&M '85)(Live/stud)
    Down For The Count (A&M '85)
    Contagious Geffen '87)
    Ten ( Geffen '90)

    Video: Open Fire.Video ('85)

    They recorded a live album in 91' called 'Yesterday & Today Live' before breaking up.

    A reunion of sorts was followed by 2 more albums 'Musically Incorrect' and Endangered Species'.
    The least well known but worth a listen all the same.

    Dave Menikitti (vocals/guitar) Steff Burns (guitar)
    Phil Kennemore (bass/vocals) Jimmy De Grasso (drums)

    Musically Incorrect ('95)
    Endangered Species ('97)

    The first fresh music to come out of the Y&T camp was not in fact so new they produced 2 albums of back catalogue,unfinshed, didn't make the album kind of tracks.
    Amazing stuff. As it felt like stepping back in time as the quilty of some of these tracks are as good as what ended up on the original albums.
    So anyone starved of Y&T music should play catch up with these.

    Dave Menikitti (vocals/guitar) Steff Burns (guitar) replaced by John Nymann(2001)
    Phil Kennemore (bass/vocals) Leonard Haze(drums) replaced by Mike Vanderhule(2006)

    Unearthed Vol1 ('03)
    Unearthed Vol2 ('04)

    In 2006 Y&T recorded Live in Holand and produced the Dvd, 'One Hot Night',
    It really does show case Y&T and when you think it was the 5th show in 5 days and Dave and the boys were all ill this still sends a tingle down your spine.

    I caught them In London's Astoria(now demolished) before this recording on the same Tour and I took some friends that had never seen them and one who had heard and likes their stuff. What a night we had ! What a night !

    What of the future ??
    Well the boy's are Touring worldwide and recording a New Albumdue tentatively for release in the spring of next year.

    I CAN'T WAIT !!!

    Other Albums:
    BBC in Concert : Live On Friday Rock Show (2000)

    Best Of '81-85' (1990)
    Anthology (1992)
    Ultimate Collection (2001)

    Y&T web site for loads of info :