What do you think of U-God?

  • What do you think of U-God?

    A lot of people don't really like him and say he is the weakest or something, but I think he has the perfect rap voice and on the clan albums he is solid.

    What's your opinion

    John Q also known as aka Juan Ku!
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    • Lug 28 2007, 12:02
    Hmm I think U-God is unfortunately the weakest of members Wu-Tang Clan. Sorry but that's a true. I think that with Wu-Tang Clan together rappin' good but solo projects are very worsters. Sorry , my english is yet brilliant :P.

    Cappa , U-God or Masta Killa are behind Rae , Ghost,Meff or GZA. Unfortunately.

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    • Ago 4 2007, 16:37
    I like him, live he's one of their best and on albums he spits fire.

  • actually u-god is my favourite in wu, i like his rap (especially in "Pinky Ring" 'n "Triumph"-check this out carefuly 'n ya'll undastand what im talking about). the truth is that solo projects from u-god (ex. Ugodzilla) didn't have commercial success but...fuck this :) he is really good rapper, better than 95% rappers across the world-i'm sure of that.
    and one more thing-in net there is some documentary about u-god, pretty long and interesting. i don't remember title right now, but it's really hard shit. u-god make fuckin amazing beatbox in this movie. check it.
    allah wit ya peace

    protect ya neck
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    • Ago 16 2007, 13:56
    I think U-God is cool, Golden Arms Redemption is a fine album imo. And i really like him with the Wu, his voice got a raw flow. Like his verse on The Mystery Of Chessboxing, amazing verse though it was his only appearance on the album.

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    • Ago 20 2007, 13:31
    hmm I think U-god is better than Masta Killa or Cappadonna , I listened a few CD's of him and he's very dope men :) Sorry for my aknowledge about her :D .

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    • Ago 30 2007, 20:06
    I read once that U-God and raekwon argued over who's album was better for 7 hours straight...

    Only built 4 Cuban Linx vs. Golden Arms Redemption...

    ...somebody definately deserves a Wu-Tang slap and his name starts with a U.

    I never slate U-God because I feel it was him and Deck who really shined on Wu-Tang Forever...'Super freek visique, like Raphael Saadiq'.

    Golden Arms Redemption had a few decent tracks, and is a good album, but its the worst debut out of the whole of the Wu solo albums, and thats mainly because the quality of the rest of the Wu is so high.

    "I love Hip Hop, I just hate the people in it"

    - Phonte of Little Brother
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    • Nov 4 2007, 3:02
    I haven't heard any of his albums but his work on the Wu-Tang tracks are fire.

  • I think he is very underrated I think the only reason a lot of people hate him is because his beef with most of the members on wu and him leaving the group for a while. HIs voice is perfect and he had one of my favorite verses in triumph.

  • I think he's cool in the albums but his solo albums SUCKED ASS.

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    • Gen 12 2008, 6:29
    Not into his solo albums (never listened to them actually) but he has a powerful voice, kickass on the Wu-Tang albums.

  • "raw like cocaine straight from bolivia"

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    • Gen 27 2008, 23:27
    yeah i would conclude that he'ss good rapper but level of other mc's in the clan makes him on of the weakest in the group...

  • Ya, all my friends think he sucks in tha clan, but he is really good at hooks in songs, and I really enjoyed his first solo CD, golden arms redemtion, and I recently saw a concert in Toronto, where it was U-God, Rae, and GZA, and U-God ripped it the best there. Now the mister exitment CD is another story- So Crap

    Illa killa fo Realah,Top Deala
  • If we can talk about wackness in the Wu, he's not wacker than O.D.B. Plus Golden Arms Redemption sucks because of the production.There are some hell dope verses on it, listen to The Night The City Cried.

  • can't say a bad word about him after dopium.. meth would be bananas with rza production, rae is a joke with his cl2, next gza album is coming 2015 or something, ins hasn't done anything proper since forever, ghostface is doing something totally wack without even listening to it, masta killa is living in a fucking monastery.. uey only one alive!?

  • lol ^^.Dopium and Mr. Xcitement are the worst Wu releases I've ever heard.GZA has album in 2002,2005 and 2008.Meth drops some of his best verses on non RZA beats, I mean the featurings too, plus The Day After was really dope. Rae is a joke is totally ridiculous. Ins's Resident Patient in 2006 came really good and Uncontrolled Substance is may be the best Wu solo album since 2000.Masta Killa is working on a new album.Watcha talkin man? =)

  • yep, it was a bit exaggerated :D but i must disagree about dopium then. to me, deck hasn't released but one album yet, resident patient was like a mixtape or something, what the fuck is wrong with him? uncontrolled subs. came '99.. just by releasing AN ALBUM he could be dope again.

    but u missed my point, i just wanted to say that u-god has came hard on the last joints, harder than others, maybe besides meth. when i said meth on rza tracks i meant that he shined on 8 diagrams (compared to deck, rae)

  • Resident Patient 2 is coming this year as far as I know. ;) Btw I thought Uncontrolled Subs dropped 2000, now I looked that it's really an 1999 album...But The Movement is 2003?That's dope too.Big City is one of his best tracks.And I don't think that U-God came harder with Mr. Xcitement than Lex Diamond Story and Made In Brooklyn for example...Dopium has its strong sides but Jim Jones in the guest appearances was a really bad idea.There are 5-6 really dope tracks on it, true that, but Mr. Xcitement is sincerely awful.

  • yep, u-god himself has said that dopium is his second solo album.. like he doesn't want to remember mr. xcitement at all. you're right, it was horrible. jim jones didn't ruin magnum force (best name ever? :D), so it ended up good ;) and about deck, i'm just disappointed in him. he was fire on everything between 36 chambers and forever, now he's just like everyone else. i like the movement. resident patient, nothing special imo.

  • He is very good i think he had two very good songs named night the city cried and pleasure or pain

    a coward dies a thousand deaths... a soldier dies but once...
  • I definitely can't say that Ins fell in my eyes cause there are other members who came not-so-good in some of their stuff.Like Mr. Excitement, The Prequel, Nigga Please(you might be angry at me cause of that xD),Digi Snacks...So, I agree about PR being nothing special, but we'll see after PR2 which I really hope we could hear this year.
    And about Magnum Force - I do think that Jim Jones ruined it in spite of the great beat simply cause I can't really stand him in ANY song.

  • made in brooklyn not-so-good stuff also. btw, the new inspectah deck track on his myspace is straight fire. this year has a possibility of being a good wu-year.

  • We all hope so! =) Btw U-God has his strong moments not only on GAR and Mystery Of Chessboxin.Like the verses in Supreme Clientele.

  • He's severely underrated

    I think hating on him is like a longstanding fad on the internet. Even if you consider him the weakest member that's still an 8/10 skill-wise.

    Everything he spit on 8 Diagrams was fire so was his one verse on 36 Chambers. He's has bad moments but I feel the good ones far outweigh the bad.

    Let's go inside my astral plane.
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