White Ring

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Leader: EduardGlass
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Data creazione: 8 Ott 2011


White Ring is a dark, trance-inspired duo. Formed in the mid-2000s, White Ring began to emerge sometime in the middle of 2008. White Ring’s first release was a split 7” with oOoOO on Sweden’s Emotion Records - the split featured the track Roses. Roses was also featured on the duo’s debut EP, Black Earth That Made Me, released in later 2010/2011. They also released a 12” single for Felt U, with a Neil Young cover as a b-side. White Ring is currently working on a debut album, slated for release in the summer of 2012.

Band Members

Kendra Malia

Brian Kurkamilis


God Module - Rituals (White Ring mix)

kaskade - move for me (white ring remix)

White Ring - IxC999

White Ring - Hey Hey, My My

Always creeps are stalking
In windows they’ll be watching
Whether we are rotting
The ocean still lays
The gods still pay..

..They’ll be sifting though our dead remains
From the pain we stay
Above but
Don’t float away
My sad remains
Don’t you change
We change

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