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    • Giu 3 2007, 17:00

    Country Radio

    I've been searching all over the internet for quite a while now, but i can't seem to find a country radio station in England. The likelihood is that if there is one i'd get no reception as i live on a hill, but it's worth a try.
    So...anyone got any suggestions of stations?

  • KHYI

    If your listing on the internet go to KHYI 95.3 the Range out of Dallas Tx. great music focusing on Tx. artist.

  • yeah i would say you're best chance to find a country radio station is on the internet. my suggestion is yahoo! radio's today's country station. PLUS the best part is if you have the plugin you can scrobble your tracks to last.fm.

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    • Giu 13 2007, 17:05
    Fantastic, thanks guys. XD

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    • Lug 1 2007, 22:53
    My local country radio station is pretty good...I don't know if they have an internet broadcast though, but I think its k102.com

  • Country radio flood

    LOL we have "Country" Radio stations down here like crazy. Al lyou here on the radio is "Country" or rap. I use quotations around country b/c all they play is country-rock hybrid songs like international harvester (gag), and other crap. They never play any true country unless it gets requested. Actually at 9:00 everynight, 1 station plays classical pieces so I'm not completely radio starved but close.

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    • Dic 21 2009, 12:48


    we have a country radio in Africa 'bob fm' its totally country. no compromising. guess when some of you guys eva come to Uganda, you will not be worried about missing country music.

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    • Feb 28 2010, 18:04
    Our country station is alright. I don't mind International Harvester, but our station plays way too much Taylor and Carrie. Johnny Cash, Hank William's Jr and Tanya Tucker released new albums recently, but those won't get any air play

  • If you're listening online, you should check out 650 WSM from here in Nashville. It's not a "commercial" country station, but they DO play some new stuff, though most of what they play is older. They also broadcast the Opry on this station too! Check it out!

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