• Seems like i will be pretty original

    For me, the first post-rock experience was "Submerged Universe" by Three Steps To The Ocean. I was soooooo thrilled...

    • Matt1113 ha detto...
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    • Set 5 2009, 11:13
    Too good.

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Set 7 2009, 5:38
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor or God Is An Astronaut...i can`t recollect precisely. The only thing that I remember for certain - i was surprising.... Surprisingly beautifully and unusually for me...so... .

    • Chris__B ha detto...
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    • Set 7 2009, 14:00
    GY!BE - "Sunshine + Gasoline", but I didn't appreciate it at the time. About a year and a half later I heard A Silver Mt Zion's "Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward", loved it, found out that they came out of GYBE, and realized that I loved their stuff, too.

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Set 9 2009, 15:24
    sigur rós, than was eits...

  • Mogwai - Hunted by a Freak

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Set 15 2009, 22:02

    second opinion

    Does growing up with Pink Floyd count?

    I love the sprawling interludes, and lyric-less tracks just as much as the rest of it. Earlier Tracks like "Careful with that Axe, Eugene", "Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun", even "Echoes" have some post rock elements. Songs like "One of These Days", "Cluster One", "Marooned" and parts of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" captivated me as a kid.

    Less than a year ago, my eyes were opened to the awesomeness that is Post-Rock via GY!BE She Dreamt She Was A Bulldozer.... but I think I enjoyed it so much because of the Floyd that I grew up with...


    • Ozeum ha detto...
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    • Set 16 2009, 17:23
    Mogwai.. i loved to her "The Sun smells too loud" and so I got interested in that whole Postrock Thing...

  • "Echoes" from Pink Floyd, it's one of the most amazing songs i've ever heard, I think it has alot of Post Rock elements.
    But when the first post-rock song I heard before getting way too interested in the genre was from God Is An Astronaut.

  • 65daysofstatic..

    • TobiMobi ha detto...
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    • Ott 13 2009, 22:56
    Mogwai - Cody <- best Song

  • Mogwai - Friend of the Night

    Then, i heard the Mr Beast, then the whole discography and then i started to search all the related stuff with post rock label on it

    • kam1kaz3 ha detto...
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    • Ott 22 2009, 20:21
    65dos, Mogwai and Sigur Ros almost at the same time

    What else would you need to love post-rock? ^^

  • "Far From Refuge" by God is an Astronaut

    Hell is every god damned thing
    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Nov 6 2009, 5:54
    Sigur Ros but I didn't pay them much attention at that moment

    I fell in love with post-rock when I first listened to God is an Astronaut, now I'm kinda obsessed with Mono

    • Ackibear ha detto...
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    • Nov 7 2009, 15:12
    I remember listening to God is an Astronaut ages before knowing what post-rock actually was (and really liking it), but the first post-rock band(s) I feel in love with when I understood what post-rock was were 65daysofstatic and Sigur Rós.

    Sigur Rós blew my mind when I first heard them. I still feel it's the first listen each time I listen to Ágætis Byrjun.

    Sit at desk and lol.
  • Sleep by Godspeed

    Heard it while on a night bus in england, never forgot it

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Nov 16 2009, 21:44

    Sigur Ros

    I think A LOT of people get their first start with Sigur Ros.

    I started with Ágætis byrjun, personally. I eventually moved to Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and Goodspeed You! Black Emperor. And I've only moved out from there.

    • Sarkelia ha detto...
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    • Nov 16 2009, 23:51
    Sigur Ros xD

    • entityin ha detto...
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    • Nov 17 2009, 1:59
    Mogwai. But I didn't know what it was - so I just kind of forgot about it.
    Then I listened to Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Lift your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven album and my eyes were open.

    • Bongair ha detto...
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    • Nov 20 2009, 18:10
    Mogwai, and i really liked it. Then i found EITS about a year later ;o
    Then the rest of post rock bands i like.

    • pilotv5 ha detto...
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    • Nov 24 2009, 1:54
    mogwai -cody =)

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Nov 25 2009, 8:56
    Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean by Explosions In The Sky

  • Sleepmakeswave live, simply amazing

    Feels like i'm caught in a dream within a dream
    • Zety093 ha detto...
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    • Nov 29 2009, 7:13
    Mono - Follow The Map

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