This amuses me.

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    • Feb 23 2010, 19:03

    This amuses me.

    All the TH hate lololol
    I'm a fan myself and up until about a month ago, I was highly active in the fandom. Unlike most TH fans, I am highly critical of Tokio Hotel and don't mind other people hating on them. 80 -- 90% of the music they put out is pure shit. They're only as popular as they are because of their looks, not the music they put out. That said, I've only stuck around in the fandom for as long as I have because of their looks.

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  • same for me. I find Bill really cute! ....but thats about it. I don't like the music at all! u__u

  • stick around 'cause of the look?!.. I've NO COMMENT really

    Don't panic (no, not yet)
    I know I'm the one (you want to forget)
    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Mar 9 2011, 17:36
    Liking Tokio Hotel because of their looks is really shallow.

  • Honestly

    The music sucks and just plain stupid, people say that the reason they are still famous is cuz of all the little fans, but then I think, how can u like someone who looks so gay ? he said he isnt gay, but he wears heals, uses make up, dresses like a weirdo. Then his brother, is a white wannabe rapper, a pervert, and whatever he does, all the bad choices he made, girls think thats OK and continue to say his cute, and that pisses me off cuz its not OK, his face, ew. and the other all 4 of them even sound gay, specially Bill, when they talk. It really makes me mad when i see this little girls talking how they love them, and i wonder how can someone be so stupid??? it just bothers me so much, that those girls can be so stupiddd.
    And now they moved here to USA to live, i freakin dont want them here, if they play tokio hotel song on the radio here, i will go nuts. whay do they even come here, its best if they stay in Germany then come here fuck up lives.

  • SO, you admit that they make shit and you're a fan? Are you masochist?

  • bill has a bigger dick than your boyfriend dose:)

    dear fuck turds, all you guys do is sit around and act like fucking hoes. why dont you get of that lazy ass of yours and get a fucking life....i get it you are all jealous and shit but grow some balls and get the fuck over it. stop complaining and @ slimm__ you are not a fan. your more like a fake ass bitch trying to get attention.

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    • Set 13 2013, 10:03
    Jealous, haha, that made my day. :D
    Maybe you are, but it's not the problem of the rest of us.

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