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Leader: NightVermillion - HeavenMelody
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Data creazione: 1 Set 2011
This group is for anyone who prefers to have lossless music in their libraries.

Do you like to have your music lossless? Welcome, you are not alone. In this group we support (and we think) all music should be shared in lossless formats. Do you use ALAC, FLAC, APE, or other lossless for your music? We don't care what your preferred codec is, as long as you use (and support) lossless audio, feel free to join.

MP3 is probably the worst codec in terms of quality. Music should be shared in lossless; New artists should release their digital music in lossless; Amazon, iTunes, and other stores that provide audio music should sell their music in lossless. There's nothing worst than having a beautiful track in MP3, but it's nonexistent in lossless.

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