We're African-American and we LOVE J-pop!

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Leader: teh_kimi - koakumaAGEHA
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Data creazione: 31 Dic 2009
A group for J-pop lovers of the African-American variety.

OCTOBER 09, 2010: I've added everyone who was in the pending members list to the group. You can leave if you want to now, but I really hope you guys stay!

((I am pretty sure there is already a similar group but I forgot the name and it feels like so long ago since I ran into it))

Seems like Black people these days can't like anything that isn't GANGSTA RAP without getting mercilessly heckled.

Try saying you like J-pop. O LAWD, the backlash that ensues. -__- I don't know about you, but I am quite tired of being told to "come back to the ghetto".

Well, guess what? Not all of us listen to music about bitches and hos all the time (I still enjoy it from time to time though). Everyone knows BET turned into crap a LONG time ago.

This group will remain an "Owner Approval" group. I ain't crackin' no skulls up in hurr.

Also, you DON'T have to be 100% black to join, nor do you have to be American. Seems like everyone who has even one drop of African/West Indian blood in them and likes J-pop is in for a massive heckling.

tl;dr: entry requirement: BLACKNESS

You also don't have to like Japanese music to the degree that I do. I'm just nuts.

current group picture: Thelma Aoyama...SHE'S 1/4 TRINIDADIAN OMG SCANDAL!!!ONE!!1

...lol, I should have put JAPANESE MUSIC in the group name instead of J-POP. O well.

And, yes, this group was created by an HONEST-TO-GOD Black person, not some troll.

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