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Data creazione: 3 Feb 2008

A group for white men and women around the globe. A variety of musical genres is welcome.

"A race is a group of people, membership of which is inherited from one generation to the next, and the concept of race is used to categorize the variety that occurs within mankind. Races are likely to share a common language or language family, descent, physical characteristics and culture. The White (or European/Europid) race refers to the race of people indigenous to Europe and which has spread to parts of North America, Africa and Oceania. It is so termed because of the pale colour of skin of its constituents, although this is certainly not the only or even the most important defining quality. Theorists have at times classified the White race into sub-races such as the Nordic race, Alpine race and Mediterranean race." [source: metapedia.org]
Note: This group is about being pro-White, not hatred for other races, cryptofa fetishism, burning down the churches for satan, etc. Also, accounts with no plays/activity (that don't look real) will not be accepted - try again later.

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