• Kin-Folk Is A Breath Of Fresh

    Lug 17 2015, 12:22 di CrybKeeper

    Coming to us from Big Hungry Entertainment, Kin-Folk featuring guests Dave and D Greezy, are more than fresh - The lyrics and musical arrangements are new, vibrant and unique to the rap and hip hop genre. Kin Folk has his very own style, like no others. The music deserves to be heard by the masses.

    This young man is genuine, raised in the mean streets. Abandoned by his real father, but raised by a great step father, who is African American. Eminem move the hell over, because Kin Folk is for real. He is not a white player, playin' at being a rap star. Kin Folk lived the raw, hard life and grew up his entire life, living the culture and learning the lifestyle first hand.

    His music conveys this, with genuine creativity and experience. Yet, he has the ability to string together hard hitting, emotional lyrics, that easily connect with a wide variety of fans - Being emotional, loving, adventurous, gritty and at times nasty enough to be something completely different from the mainstream rap, which continues to spew out the same tired subject matter, we all have heard over and over again. Kin Folk is truly 'A Breath Of Fresh Air'.

    The latest CD release by Kin Folk features 16 top shelf songs. It is titled, Royalty & Loyalty. Tracks include Kin-Folk featuring Dave and D Greezy in Take You Home, Kin-Folk with D Goode in More Than Friends and Can I Please featuring Sicc Em Chuckie.

    Here is what Kin-Folk had to say, about this latest CD:

    "This is what's up - We got Aleric Banks a.k.a. Rick Tha Rular on this album. Also, D Goode who writes for Wyclef, Diddy, Day 26, Mario Winans and more...Lil Don and all the artist on my label are on this CD. I've been truly blessed to have them all. I mix with Waves Mercury on a Blue Yeti condenser mic and I record on Adobe Audition 3.0."

    The CD release is slated for 9-11-15, but Kin-Folk is accepting pre-orders. Hit him up on his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/BigHungryEntertainment We can also sample his music on You Tube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=46&v=stuzxdxc5y0 This link also features appearances by Kin-Folks father and fam and the song is called My City Made Me and it describes everything that makes Kin-Folk the artist he is today.

    For those music hungry people out there, who are looking for something different and original, Kin Folk is a big plate of fresh - Come take a taste.
  • Mister Sir: The fifth and the last single of Sleep

    Giu 11 2015, 4:28 di mistersirband

    The fifth and the last single from our debut record Sleep.

    Full album is waitin you here:
    Memoirs of a Lucid Dreaming Practitioner. Part V
    Slow-wave Sleep.
    The bridge embodies connection between Heaven and Earth, the union of a man and a deity. It is a form of a bond between different points of sacred space. The bridge has always meant a transition from one state to another, a change or a desire for a change.
    Earth and Heaven were once connected by a bridge (or a tree, or a vine), and thanks to this people could easily communicate with gods, because there was no death. Since then the connection between Earth and Heaven has been lost, so you can only cross the bridge as a “spirit”. For that you have to either die, or to enter a trance state. This transition is rather hard to achieve, as it is fraught with dangerous obstacles and not all of the souls are capable of overcoming it.
  • Twitter integrated music video "Life is an adventure"

    Mag 31 2015, 10:46 di Clinker_tomoko

    DTT's Twitter integrated music video "Life is an adventure"

    The track uses a quote of Patti Smith's "Life is an adventure of our own design. Intercepted by fate. In series of lucky and unlucky accidents".

    So I saw peoples tweets floating in every moment, second. Some of them are happy and full of life, in the same time some of them are sad, miserable... I wondered if I could make a code to connect those random tweets using numbers of characters, numbers of followers with music and geometrical images that you can possibly contribute to the design using your own single click. Every time you watch it, what you see will be different.

    At this moment, I use keyword searches using 3 words, "Life","Lucky" and "Unlucky" plus hushtag "#DTTLIA". Anyone who has a twitter account, please tweet using #DTTLIA to contribute your moment in life.

    Watch full video from http://clinker.org.uk/liaa/
    Please watch it using google Chrome
  • The dream is real as long as you remember it

    Mag 29 2015, 3:19 di mistersirband

    The fourth single from our debut record Sleep.

    Full album is waiting for you here: https://mistersirband.bandcamp.com/album/sleep

    Memoirs of a Lucid Dreaming Practitioner. Part IV
    Partial awakening.
    The dream is real as long as you remember it.
    With every second our present inevitably turns into the past and we can’t put the clock back. The main proofs of the existence of this past are our memories. Events that occurred five or ten years ago remain in our memory in a form of sketchy scenes, which contain only the most vivid, sharp and unusual changes in the daily routine. When you cogitate over the past, you watch someone else’s life from the sidelines. But what if some dreams leave not less lively memories about visual, tactual, and taste sensations? If we were to evaluate the reality of the past by the fact of having memories of these sensations, then dreams that were not forgotten in the morning would arguably be just as real.

    Salvador Dali - The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory (1952-1954)
  • We don’t own anything but our inner world

    Mag 9 2015, 4:25 di mistersirband

    The third single from our debut record Sleep.

    Full album is already available here: https://mistersirband.bandcamp.com/album/sleep

    Memoirs of a Lucid Dreaming Practitioner. Part III
    REM sleep, rapid eye movement stage.
    We don’t own anything but our inner world.
    A dream is the only place where everything is under your control. The law of conservation of energy and substance no longer applies here: you can create any object you like out of thin air, you can bend space at any degree of freedom, you can fly, teleport, rush with the speed of light without fearing experiencing hundreds of g.
    The most interesting part is how our consciousness simulates feelings we’ve never experienced in real life. If during a lucid dream you jump out of a window, first you experience a normal falling (as you should in real life). But just few inches from the ground the falling gradually slows down. When you hit the asphalt, it turns into a jelly, which slowly absorbs you and kicks you out of the current level of sleep.
    Having all of these limitless possibilities one can't help but question the necessity of this “real” world. Why do we need it, if we have a much more pliable inner world where the only masters are we ourselves? The reality is that in this “real” world we don’t own any material things. In a blink of an eye we can lose everything we consider belonging to us “by right”.

    Jacek Yerka - Dream World
  • What would life be like if we wouldn’t have to sleep?

    Apr 21 2015, 3:29 di mistersirband

    The second single from our debut record Sleep.

    Full album is already available here: https://mistersirband.bandcamp.com/album/sleep

    Memoirs of a Lucid Dreaming Practitioner. Part II
    Light sleep, the second stage of NREM sleep.
    What would life be like if we wouldn’t have to sleep? Certainly, we would have missed a ton of fascinating dreams. But we would have been able to achieve such great heights without drifting off every day even for couple of hours. Alfred Herpin knew it firsthand. This man had a rare case of insomnia, which allowed him not to sleep at all and this in no way reflected on his health. At some point of his life he claimed that he had been constantly awake for at least 10 years in a row. The rest of the more than 6 billion people will never experience this state. Because even just a day of insomnia results in problems with health for all of us. Within a few sleepless days human consciousness loses its clarity, causing an overwhelming desire to fall asleep with occasional “collapses” into a borderline state with confusional consciousness. This method of moral coercion is used during interrogations and is considered to be a refined torture.

    Original painting by © Richard Hess for a New York Times Magazine cover entitled "Insomnia".
  • Voodoo Rainbow

    Apr 5 2015, 19:08 di CasiniProjekt

  • Vial Soundtrack

    Apr 5 2015, 19:01 di CasiniProjekt

    The upcoming soundtrack from the film Vial; to order please write to Vial studios, The Future, 2115, a CD will be sent to you via time travel.

  • Meet the first single from Mister Sir's debut concept work "Sleep"!

    Mar 24 2015, 6:28 di mistersirband

    The song is available for streaming here:

    The album is available for pre-ordering here:

    Memoirs of a Lucid Dreaming Practitioner. Part I
    Sleep onset, the first stage of NREM sleep.
    One of the most unusual experiences at this stage is the maintaining of consciousness during the transition from waking state to dormant state. Seconds after hypnic jerks, which serve as a signal from the motor part of the nervous system about somewhat maintaining a control over the body, comes the paralysis, and the consciousness disconnects from reality, switching off to “sleep mode.” But if you keep the consciousness after the jerk, you can witness the process of transition to sleep “with your own eyes”. With your own mind, to be more accurate, because by virtue of the inevitable paralysis you won’t even be able to open your eyelids. Right after the paralysis you might even get soreness in the head and your whole body. It seems as if your brain gets suddenly imposed to a swelling current for 5-10 seconds at first and then to a decreasing one. We shall call each period of such increases and decreases in soreness “an impulse.” On the morrow of two or three impulses painful sensations pass off and the consciousness finally enters a dream relieved. However, in the middle of every impulse a drowsy person, whilst being helpless and paralyzed, gets anxious and in a cold sweat. Modern medicine insures that all of these fears are groundless, and sleep paralysis is harmless. But nevertheless you wonder every time: “What if I don’t wake up in the morning?”

    The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781) is thought to be one of the classic depictions of sleep paralysis perceived as a demonic visitation.
  • The Payday Is Coming! Mister Sir Promises to Deliver

    Feb 1 2015, 8:24 di mistersirband

    In its single the band is starting a topical tale of unnamed Mister Sir – an unremarkable office worker lucky enough to be a part of a mundane, humdrum system of eternal routine, who’s only “joie de vivre” is getting his paycheck and living to see the next one. But soon enough Mister Sir is about to experience his road to Damascus and change forever. Or is he?
    15 February is going to be The Payday! Get Ready!