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This group is for the true deathcore fans. If you're looking for heavy music with chug-chug riffs, bros, brutality, and've found the right place!

This group is for the true deathcore fans. If you're looking for heavy music with chug-chug riffs, bros, brutality, and've found the right place!

Here is a list of Deathcore bands I listen to, so check them out, and if you have any I should add, tell me.

New bands are shown with an dash(-) in front of their name. I will remove the dashes after about a week so make sure to check about once a week if you want to keep up.

Bands I recommend will be identified by an asterisk(*), my favorite bands will be identified by two asterisks(**)

500+ bands on the list, and Growing!

*2012(twenty twelve)

100 Dead Rabbits

*7 Horns 7 Eyes



Abby Martin

A Black Rose Burial

Abort The Legend

Abortus Mortem

About A Plane Crash

Abrade The Allegiance

*A Breath Before Surfacing

A Burial At Sea

*A Dead Calling


*A Different Breed of Killer


**A Fallen Theory

A Ghost

-A Kings Worthy Mustache

A Legion Defiled


*Alice Through The Windshield Glass

All Falls Down

*All Shall Perish

Alls Quite On The Western Front

All The Way To The Bank

-All Will Suffer

-A Lovely Day For Bloodshed

Amongst Kings

*Among The Departed

Among The Devoured

Among The Vanished

Amputated Repugnance

And They Will Burn

*A Night At The Chalet



*Annotations of An Autopsy

-*Another Day In Vain

Aphotic Murder

A Portrait of Disaster


A Road Eternal

A Rose For Emma Lee

Arsenal of Blasphemy

Arsonists Get All The Girls

As Blood Runs Black


Ashes of Illusions


As She dies

*As Silence Breaks

*As The Blessed Fall

As The World Weeps

As They Burn Alive

As Winter Burns White

At Dawn

*A Texas Funeral


*A Thousand Years Slavery

A Trail of Horror

At Rest

At The Crossroads

At The Throne Of Judgement

*A Thousand Times Repent




A Vision Grotesque

-*Awaiting The Autopsy

A Wretched Betrayal


Because of This


*Before My End

Before You Accuse Me

-Before The End

Before The Throne

*Begging For Incest

Behead The Monolith

Behold Eternity

Belay My Last

*Belie My Burial

Beneath A Blackened Sky

Beneath The Genocide

-Beneath The Rapture

Beneath The Rising Tide

Beneath the Surface



Beyond The Blight

Beyond The Depths

Beyond The Pale

Beyond This Day

*Billy Brown

Blain Subject

-*Bleed Before The Skies

*Bleed From Within

Bleeding Suicide

*Bleed The Same

Blessing Sins

*Blood of Our Enemies

*Born of Osiris

Breeze Of The Dying


Bring Forth The Enemy

Bringing A Shark To A Gunfight


Brothers In Arms

Burning Skies

-Burn The Ruin



Camilla Rhodes



Carta Marina

*Casa Nostra



Cease The Fatality

Chapter Black

**Chelsea Grin


Circle of Contempt


Closed Casket

-Condemned To The Catapult

*Conducting From The Grave

Confined To The Shadows

-*Consider The Fallen



Corpse for Breakfast

Creature of The Deep

Crimson Falls

Cross The Lips of Grace

Curse You Red Baron

*Damned Spring Fragrantia


Dead Man In Reno


Dead Will Rise

Death Do Us Part

Deathless Anguish

Decades of Despair

Decision To Defy

-Deep Hostility

Demise Of All Reason



-Desecrate Arcadia

Desecrate The Fallen



*Despised Icon

Destroy The Champion

**Destroy The Colossus

Detest The Silence

*Devoured By Pestilence

Devouring Plague


Did You Mean Australia?

*Die Like Kidd


*Disfiguring The Goddess

*Dismantle The Cyborg

**Dissever The Tyrant


Drowned In Viscera

Drown My Day

Drown Them All


-*Dukes of The Kumatai

Dying Humanity

*Earth From Above

**Eat A Helicopter


**Elixir of an Alchemist

*Eighty Thousand Dead

Elude The End


Emily Rose


Endure The Beheading

Enraged By Beauty

Eyes On Babylon

-Face The Frontline

Fallen Captive

**Fallen Figure


**Far From Horizon

Far West Battlefront


Fear Among The Living


Final Sacrifice

Fire From The Gods

*Fit For An Autopsy

-Five Characters In Search of An Exit

*Float Face Down

From A Fucking Holy Battlestar

From All Within

*From The Carnival of Horrors

From The Depths of A Nightmare

From The Shallows

*Following The Shade

*For All Eternity

**Forever Ends Now

Forever It Is Written

Forgetting Tomorrow

For Mercy You Plead

*For The Fallen Dreams

*For Today

Gallows For Grace

Ghost Of A Fallen Age

Giants Among Us

*Giddy Up Gangsta

*Glad He Ate Her

Glasgow Grin

Glass Casket


*Guard Your Steps

Gun In Hand

Heavens Declare War

Her Demise My Rise

*Here Comes The Kraken


-He Said, She's Dead

**Hiroshima Will Burn

**He Spoke of Victory

**Hester Prynne

*Hideous Miscreation


*I Am The Shotgun

*I Ate Everybody (changed they're name, I think more people know them by this name.)

I Bet It Was A Massacre

I Built The Cross

*I Catch Fire

*I Declare War

*I Hear The Enemy

*Impartial Dismemberment


**Impending Doom

Inevitable End


Innocents Massacre

In Our Suffering

In The Burial

In The Hands of A Tyrant

**In The Midst of Lions

Invocation of Nohek

Invoke The Carnage

I Saw It Die

I Shot The Sheriff

I sleep You Dance


*Ite Missa Est

-Jack Slater



Jet Black Horror


*Kids Bearing Arms

*Kids Will Be Skeletons

King Conquer

King of Tyrus

Knights of The Abyss

Kryptic Throne

Last Exile

*Left To Vanish

Legend of A Sailor


Let Ravens Come

Lie To My Face

Lizard Professor

*Lolita Scorned

Lower Hell

Low On Air




Make Them Suffer

Man The Lifeboats

Marcus Aurelius

Massacre On The 13th Floor



*Misery Chastain

*Miss May I

Miss Ukraine Was Murdered

**Molotov Solution

Monroe's Fall




**Mourning The Memory

Mouth of The Serpent

-Murder Death Kill

Murder In Greenwhich

*Murder On The Dancefloor

Murder The Frail

Must Kill Courtney

*My Autumn

*My Bitter End

Myself My Enemy




*North of The Woods

No Such Thing As A King

Nova Prospect



Of Kinds and Men

*Oh, Destroyer

**Once We Were Buried

-One Flew West

**One More Victim

One Pound Flesh From Your Chest

One With The Buried

Only Hell Remains

**On Solid Ground

Orphans of The Sky

*Our Mexican Butcher

-*Ourselves Among Others

Out of Yesteryear

Painted In Exile

Pencil Lead Syringe

*Penny For The Old Guy

Petroiska Larma

Picture The End

-*Pink Socks


Plague of Ashitaka


Please... Die

Point Below Zero

*Postmortem Promises

Postmortem Silence

-Pray For The End

Premonitions of War

Putrid Pile

Reaching Your End

Rebuilding The Ruins

-Red Fall

*Relentless Trauma

Resist The Thought

*Repaid In Blood

Return From Exile


*Roma Ferox

**Rose Funeral

Ruins of Earth

**Salt The Wound

Sanctity In Silence

-Saving Grace

Scattered Through The Woods

Science of Demise

-Screams of Midwinter

*Seconds From Disaster

See The Light

See You Next Tuesday


-*Senor Bivins

Senseless Dementia

Sequence of Malice

Serenade of Sorrows

Seven Year Kismet

Shall I Die

She Is A Liar

Shores of Acheron

*Shot At Dawn

Shot Down Sun

Sier Beauty

**Signal The Firing Squad

Signal To Invade

Signed With Hate

*Silence The Ceremony

Silent Screams

Silver Medal Massacre

Sins of Aviela

*Sirens and Sailors

Slaughter House Five

Snatch Club

So I Shot Myself

Solemn Vow

Sons of Solomon

**So This Is Suffering

Soul Fracture

-Sovereign Strength

*Sown In Tears

*Spider Killed Bananaman

Standing On A Burden

State of East London

Steve Irwin

Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky

-Suffer The Setback

*Suicide Silence


Swamp Monster

-Sympathy Ends

Taking Down The English King

Tales From The Morgue

-Take Everything

Taking Your Last Chance


The Abandonment

-The Aftermath

*The Analyst

The Antioch Synopsis

*The Arcanum Effect

*The Argent Dawn

The Autumn Grave

*The Baby Lottery

The Barrier

*The Boy Will Drown

The Blood Countless

*The Bridal Procession

*The Cartographer

The Catalan Garrote

The Crimson Armada

The Damascus Intervention

*The Dead Lay Waiting

-The Decaying Process

-*The Descolada Virus

The Doomsday Catalyst

The Doomsday Prophecy

The End of All Reason

The End of Broken Skies

*The Eyes of A Traitor

**The Faceless

*The Final Burden

The Grieving Process

The Gun Show

-The Hoedown

The Hour of Betrayal

The Irish Front

**The Isle of Avalon

The Juliet Massacre

The Last Felony

The Moultrie Killer

*The Myriad Burial

The Ninth Gate

The Ocularis Infernum

*The Partisan Turbine

*(the) Plasmarifle

-*The Plagues Aftermath

The Red Chord

*The Red Shore

*The Righteous Kill

*The Roman Holiday

The Serpent and The Siren

*The Storm Picturesque

The Taste of Blood

*The Torture of Comacine

*There's No Heroes

The White Avalon Sea

*The Wrath of Vesuvius

The Yellow Sign

They Found Her In Pieces

They Were Martyred

*Thirteen Bleed Promises

This Is Renaissance

This Will Outlive Us

-Those Who Fear

Those Who Lie Beneath

Three Faces West

Throne of Decia

Through The Eyes Of The Dead

Through The Fire

-*Through The Horrors We March

**Thy Art Is Murder

Till Death Do Us Part

Trigger The Bloodshed

*Trinity Blood



*Underneath The Gun

Until The Uprising

Upheaval of An Exorcist

*Upon A Burning Body

Upon Hallowed Ground

-Unconventional Thought Process


Vegas In Ruins

*Veil of Maya


Vendetta Spoken



Walking Edith Park

*Waken The Fallen

*Wake The Fallen

*Waking The Cadaver

-*Weaker Than None

*We Are The End

*We Are The Romans

-*We Came From Embers

*Welcoming Ruin

*We Shot The Sheriff

**We Speak Texan

When All Else Fails

When Fear Becomes Death

When Forever Meets Never

When Tragedy Ends

*Widow The Sea


**Winds of Plague

**With Blood Comes Cleansing

With Chaos In Her Wake

*Within Devastation

With Hell Comes War

**Within The Ruins

*With Them Came Hell

Witness The Atrocity

Witness Your Fall




Writhing From The Gashes

*Xis For Eyes

Years Spent Cold

Your Last Day

*Your Nightmare Awaits

Zero and Falling

Zombie Corpse Autopsy

You are all welcome to contribute to the list!

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