This Group Only Exists To Have The Best Eclectic Radio Ever - Period

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Leader: scarebear, talking_animal - IanAR
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Data creazione: 25 Ott 2005
Please note that our group is in a state of disarray at the moment - applicants may have to wait a long time before being denied or accepted.

This group is looking for you! That is, if you have better musical taste than we do. Mind you, we group members who are in charge of admitting new members are well aware that everyone is special and everyone has great taste, and that includes you. The taste that we are looking for has to do with open ears and an open mind. The members we are most proud of listen to music from all over the world, from folk styles native to the people of tropical mountain-tops to glitchy futuristic sounds made by Scandinavians in basements.
The reason why we welcome these people to our group has to do with group radio, as the group name says. You see, the more different artists that end up on our charts, the more different artists that end up on our group radio, hence the "Best Eclectic" part of the name. A large proportion of our members listen music by artists like Joy Division, Miles Davis, Beck, or Art of Noise, which is why those names are at the top of our group charts.
What would be good is if you listened to jazz, or world music, or orchestral music, or just a lot of music that nobody in the group has ever heard of. What would be great is if you liked to talk about it, too. So feel free to listen to our group radio, look over our charts, browse through our journals, and if you find that our group seems to resemble those really cool people who used to hang out with your older brother and sister and listen to much better music than you did, so much so that you became a record geek or music aficionado just to hold your own, then you should click that "join" button.
Please remember, however, that we may not know you as well as you know us; it's easier for us to decide to add you as a member if you've been a member for more than a couple of weeks, played more than 3,000 tracks, and accumulated at least 300 artists in your overall charts. If you know you're the dope, and don't need to fling around statistics to prove it, you can always PM one of the following people: scarebear, IanAR, talking_animal, uporo, GradyTripp, ditchdigger2005, JICAMARCA, Evilpoptart, or goldione.

-- Please note that our group is STILL in a state of disarray at the moment -
applicants may have to wait a long time before being denied or accepted. --

-- we swear, we're not snobs.

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