• Podcasts???

    Hey all you lovely sadness fans.
    Just wonderin if anone knows of any good podcasts worth subscribing to for good music??
    theres too many for me to search through!!
    cheers boys and girls...

    Big Imagination For Feeling Young 'Cos Life Yearns Real Optmism
    • pecusita ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Gen 24 2009, 4:12

    Podcast = awesome!

    Awesome indie rock radio station, I found The Twilight Sad thanks to these guys! They have in-studio sessions available for download.

    Another great indie rock radio station based in Seattle. I found them after The Twilight Sad played a session there. They have a daily free song podcast and their live sessions. Both are well worth subscribing.

    Indie Feed
    Daily free songs in different channels: rock, pop-rock, hip hop, electronica... whatever you are into. They also contain a bit of an introduction and some comments on the artists by DJs.

    In-studio audio and video performance. They also have a daily free mp3.

    That's all I've got if someone knows anything else, I'll be glad to check it out myself.

    PS: Thanks sherbetsniff for commenting on some of my crazy topics. Now the homepage is not all rainbow kitties! :)

  • WOW!! BRILLIANT!!!!!!

    Thanks for that. didn't think i'd get a reply. especially one with so many suggestions. i will be checkin them all out!!

    Big Imagination For Feeling Young 'Cos Life Yearns Real Optmism
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