• New Mikroton Releases

    Nov 10 2012, 10:48 di Staalvlaad

    Dear friends,

    New releases on Mikroton are available now for pre-order:

    a debut album "Bloody Imagination" by Tetuzi Akiyama's group Satanic Abandoned Rock & Roll Society with Utah Kawasaki, Naoaki Miyamoto and Atsuhiro Ito.,168

    Alessandro Bosetti / Chris Abrahams "We Who Had Left".,180

    Barbara Romen / Kai Fagaschinski / Gunter Schneider "Here Comes The Sun".,182

    Both cost €12. In case you order both of them for €24 you can choose one of the following releases as a gift: mikroton cd 1, mikroton cd 2, mikroton cd 3, mikroton cd 7, mikroton cd 9, mikroton cd 10, mikroton cd 11. Your orders will be shipped late November as soon as I get them from the printers.

    Still fresh: Echtzeitmusik Berlin 3 x CD compilation.,177

    Next: Rick Reed / Keith Rowe / Bill Thompson, eRikm / Catherine Jauniaux and probably more.

    Distribution news: fresh releases in the catalogue of Mikroton Distribution from different labels, among them Another Timbre, Creative Sources, Organized Music From Thessaloniki, Absinth Records, B-Boim, Bocian, Bolt, Formed, Intonema, L'Innomable, PanRec, Winds Measure, Staubgold and others. Also in the next future the catalogue will get extended with other quality releases of other labels of kindred spirits.

    More details here:

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  • The US media apperently lies sometimes :(

    Lug 30 2012, 15:29 di Arwen4CJ

    It seems that we can be deceived in more than one way. I was talking to an online friend who is from England about the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I happened to mention that President Obama was there. My friend immediately demanded proof. He said that on his broadcast of the opening ceremony, he saw Michelle, but not her husband.

    I had distinctly remembered seeing President Obama several times in the NBC broadcast. They went out of their way to show that both he and Romney were there. They showed Obama in the audience several times throughout.

    Well, my online friend and I did some research, and it seems that NBC edited the scene to include Obama being there. No wonder NBC refused to show the opening ceremony live. I just wonder — if NBC is willing to edit a tape to try to make us believe a lie, what else are they willing to do in order to deceive the American people?

    This means that NBC deliberately lied about Obama being there and purposely deceived every American who watched the whole opening ceremony. No wonder NBC refused to show it live.
    With it being in the UK, there is only a few hours difference between our time zones. We would have seen it in the afternoon. But, no, they aired it after the event so that they could edit it however they wanted to.

    NBC went out of its way to make sure that we knew that President Obama was in the audience.
    I told my mom about this, and thinking back on it, she says that she thought the background was a little different when they showed Obama.

    I also learned from my friend that NBC edited out part of the opening ceremony that was to show tribute to the victims of 7/7. Instead of showing that piece, they showed that interview with Phelps.
    My friend also told me that Romney made several snide and insulting comments about the British the day before the opening ceremony. He made remarks about not knowing for sure that the British people had the ability to host the Olympics in London. What he said really angered people.

    This friend had suggested to me before that the US media censored stuff from us about other topics, but this deliberate lying and deceiving regarding Obama being there was proof of this.

    If the media is given the ability to edit truth like this, I can only imagine it getting worse and worse the closer we get to Jesus' return.
  • New Mikroton releases

    Apr 27 2012, 7:47 di Staalvlaad

    Dear friends,

    Mikroton Recordings is proud to inform about new releases:

    [mikroton cd 9] WPB3: Nusch Werchowska / Mathias Pontevia / Heddy Boubaker — A Floating World (CD / DL),149

    [mikroton cd 10] Rhodri Davies / Mark Wastell — Live In Melbourne (CD / DL),152

    [mikroton cd 11] eRikm / Norbert Möslang — Stodgy (CD / DL),155

    [mikroton cd 13] Chris Abrahams / Lucio Capece — None Of Them Would Remember It That Way (CD),170

    [mikroton cd 20 | mikroton vinyl 1] El Infierno Musical: Christof Kurzmann / Ken Vandermark / Eva Reiter / Clayton Thomas / Martin Brandlmayr — El Infierno Musical. A Tribute To Alejandra Pizarnik,178

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  • This TRULY deserved the Academy Award (2011)

    Feb 28 2011, 11:51 di Epitymbidia


    The 83rd Academy Awards honored the best films of 2010.

    Oh well, I think something quite quintessential went wrong this year AGAIN, considering that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (respectively the "representative" judges) nominated - AND AWARDED - one of the most boring filmscores I ever listened to, written for one of the most boring movies I ever watched. And considering that one of the most gorgeous filmscores was nominated as well but has been ignored…

    The "winners" this year are Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross with their music for "The Social Network", the semi-biographical movie about the founding of the social networking website Facebook…

    This is such a shame it's even disgusting! I wonder what could possibly be wrong with those judges (Who are they anyway?), that they award such a… thing… in the same year that John Powell's "How to Train Your Dragon" is nominated? (And he deserved the Oscar so much!) WHAT?

    I am - as I was last year (and also the year before that one…) - rather sad for Alexandre Desplat, who was nominated for "The King's Speech". (He has neither won the award for "Fantastic Mr. Fox" in 2010 nor for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in 2009.) I have to admit though that "The King's Speech", the wonderful score that it is, isn't really that much "Oscar-worthy"… However, it definitely is pretty much MORE worthy than the Reznor/Ross stuff.

    I also would've been quite content with an award for Hans Zimmer's score for "Inception", which is rather unusual as I don't like Zimmer too much, but I have to say that his last effords really grew on me over time - and with lots of listens. (I also have to revoke the statement I made in my last Oscar related journal entry concerning Zimmer's "Sherlock Holmes": I quite like it now. I might have been a little bit too harsh then…)

    So what's left to say? Ah, there was another nominee… A.R. Rahman, the man responsible for "Slumdog Millionaire", was nominated for "127 Hours". I have nothing to say about that one. Even "The Social Network" was more interesting.

    What a disappointment. Yet again.
  • New CDs on Mikroton Recordings

    Gen 6 2011, 11:02 di Staalvlaad

    Mikroton Recordings presents releases:

    [mikroton cd 3] Jason Kahn / Asher — Planes (CD)

    Over three decades Jason Kahn developed his unique sonic language, now exploring the interaction between sound and space using a compact setup of percussion and analog synthesizer. He has performed and recorded albums with Günter Müller, Norbert Möslang, Kim Cascone, Arnold Dreyblatt, Steve Roden, Dieb13, Richard Francis, Ryu Hankil, Jon Mueller and many others. He ran his own Cut label from 1997 to 2008, releasing 25 albums.
    Asher is one the most interesting new composers in the United States, combining acoustic and electronic instruments and location recordings. His organic-sounding albums have gained much positive critical acclaim around the world. He released work on such labels like Homophoni, ConV, Leerraum [ ], Winds Measure Recordings, Room40 and his own Sourdine, and worked with such artists like Ubeboet, Jason Kahn and Zimoun.
    Planes documents a 2008 concert at the Axiom Gallery in Boston. This was Asher and Jason Kahn's first chance to meet and to perform together. They had previously collaborated on the compostion Vista, released by the and/OAR label. Kahn also contributed one shorter piece for a CD comppilation released on Asher's Sourdine label.
    Planes integrates timbral vibration, hissing enironmental recordings, sound dust, veils of interference and tonal synthesizer hills into an hypnotizing and highly emotive work.


    [mikroton cd 4] Werner Dafeldecker / Christof Kurzmann / John Tilbury / Stevie Wishart — s/t (The Violet Album) (CD)

    Werner Dafeldecker and Christof Kurzmann are two distinguished and original voices of Austrian modern music.
    Dafeldecker, a bassist, is known as a founder of improv group Polwechsel, which has released this summer a long awaited album "Field" on Hat Hut featuring pianist John Tilbury, an integral part of AMM and his solo album "Long Dead Machines I - IX" last year on Italian label Presto!?. Dafeldecker has composed numerous pieces for various classical ensembles. He also works with electronics and guitar, and runs the influential Durian label.
    Kurzmann has been a prominent part and driving force of Vienna, Berlin and recently Buenos Aires scenes for two decades. He organized the phonoTAKTIK festival, helped to start famous Rhiz club in Vienna and ran the prestigious charhizma label. He also founded Extended Versions, Orchestra 33 1/3, Schnee, The Magic I.D. and The Year Of, which also features Dafeldecker, his longtime partner. Together they founded their "color", "Dafeldecker and Kurzmann meets" series in 1999, which is still active today.
    While their first album (Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Fennesz/O´Rourke/Drumm/Siewert - Orange/1999) at its time was called "the culminating point in electronic improvised music — a "supergroup" (Felix Klopotek/Spex) or "perhaps the best evidence of the good wrought by such combinations yet" (Other Music N.Y.), their follow up album (Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Drumm/eRikm/Dieb13/Noetinger - Green 2003) demonstrated a development from basic electronic energy to the more (pre-)structured forms of improvisation.
    With the release of the third album (Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Tilbury/Wishart - Violet 2009) another 6 years have passed and what catches the eye and ear first is the shift from heavy use of electronic sound tools towards a more "acoustic" line up. With the musicianship of John Tilbury on piano and Stevie Wishart on hurdy gurdy, Dafeldecker and Kurzmann teamed up with two masters, equally virtuosos of their instruments. No wonder, the general mood of the quartet shifts to quite different horizons, while the openness and curiosity, that made their work so incomparably from the beginning, is still there.
    The deceptively simple serial cover with only one change in color was designed by M. Fineder and V. Winkler for D+ and remixed by Marion Gerth.


    [mikroton cd 5 | 6] Various — 10 Jahre Bessere Farben (2xCD)

    44 tracks. 44 projects. 2 discs. 16 page booklet. 2 hours, 35 minutes, 6 seconds.

    Alexandr Vatagin, skylla, Christof Kurzmann, Ernst Reitermaier, Boris Hauf, Swedish Azz, Kazuhisa Uchihashi / Burkhard Stangl, eRikm, Gerald Roßbacher, Toshimaru Nakamura, K&K, Regolith, Tonic Train, ctrl, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, schnee, Jan Machacek / Anat Stainberg / Billy Roisz, Susanna Gartmayer / Thomas Berghammer, The Magic I.D., Pendler, bulbul + Boris Hauf, Nitro Mahalia, siewert / dieb13, Jez Riley, David Schweighart, Stefan Geissler, LSD, nifty’s, HOSE, Klinger / Lewis / Nagl / Novotny, noid, Los Glissandinos, Matija Schellander, noiset, b:f:n, frufru, taus, cilantro, Tronstoner, Clemens Hausch, Goh Lee Kwang, ennoson, Angélica Castelló, dieb13, Duo Schamberg.


    [mikroton cd 7] Jason Kahn / Günter Müller / Christian Wolfarth — Limmat (CD)

    "Limmat" is the second CD from Günter Müller, Jason Kahn and Christian Wolfarth, following their first album "Drumming" released in 2005 on Creative Sources. Recorded during one afternoon in Kahn's Zürich studio, "Limmat" features three unedited improvisations melding microsounds, percussive mastery and swaths of noise and static into a mesmerizing whole.
    Originally from Los Angeles, Jason Kahn has lived in Europe since 1990. He has performed or recorded with musicians such as Günter Müller, Norbert Möslang, Kim Cascone, Arnold Dreyblatt, Steve Roden, Dieb13, Richard Francis, Ryu Hankil, Jon Mueller, z'ev and many others. He ran the Cut label from 1997 to 2008, releasing 25 albums. "Limmat" is his second release on Mikroton, following an album "Planes", a duo with Asher, released in 2009.
    Günter Müller, formerly a percussionist and known for his unique explorations of the possibilities of drums and percussion using electronic devices and self-built instruments, now concentrates on his setup of two iPods and electronics. For thirty years he's been a part of innumerable projects, including long-term musical dialogues with many musicians like Jim O'Rourke, Norbert Möslang, Andy Guhl, eRikm, Oren Ambarchi, Toshimaru Nakamura, Keith Rowe, Ralph Steinbrüchel, Philip Samartzis, Alfred 23 Harth, just to name a few. He also runs the critically acclaimed FOR4EARS, a label for improvised music. This is his second release on Mikroton, following his solo album "cym_bowl", released in 2009.
    Christian Wolfarth is a Swiss percussionist, active on the international jazz and improv scenes for thirty years. He studied with Billy Brooks at the Swiss Jazz School, with Pierre Favre at Luzern Conservatory and composition with Siegfried Kutterer. He's played extensively with many musicians like John Butcher, Michel Doneda, Axel Dörner, Barry Guy, Charlotte Hug, Urs Leimgruber, Werner L√ºdi, Evan Parker and is a member of such diverse projects as Mersault (a trio with Tomas Korber, Christian Weber), Tell (a duo with Joke Lanz), Vorwolf (a duo with Michael Vorfeld).


    [mikroton cd 8] Hammeriver: Clare Cooper / Chris Abrahams / Christof Kurzmann / Tobias Delius / Clayton Thomas / Werner Dafeldecker / Tony Buck — Hammeriver (CD / DL)

    Australian harpist Clare Cooper formed Hammeriver in Sydney in 2003 as a vehicle for dynamic investigation into the music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda — composer, harpist, pianist, organist and bandleader.

When Cooper moved to Berlin in April 2007, she created the band anew with previous collaborators from Australia: Clayton Thomas, Chris Abrahams and Tony Buck, and inviting Berlin-based musicians and friends Werner Dafeldecker, Tobias Delius and Christof Kurzmann. All seven musicians were interested in approaching jazz from a new and unusual angle — stretching and dissecting its powerful energy.

This collective experience of the diverse personnel also encompasses electroacoustic improvisation, musique concrète, psychedelic rock and reductionism. But instead of conflicts, they create a music that transforms and transcends their influences — singularly original, unexpected and rich.

This very special recording documents a day of music in the Saal 3 recording studio in the grand old East German radio station.

The first piece on the album, Ohnedaruth (Second Stabbing) is an exploration of Alice Coltrane’s Ohnedaruth from the album A Monastic Trio (Impulse 1968). Cooper created a graphic score that broke down what she identified as the essential elements of the music, but also allowed for movement and improvisation inspired by the original recording.

First Free, DD and Heartbreaker showcase the immense potential of the group’s improvisational language. All three pieces are edits of free improvisations.

E is based on a simple score by Cooper. All musicians are playing in, on and bending around the note E in any register — maintaining a consistent energy for the full 13 minutes — the challenge being to innovate and shape with (seemingly) limited tools.

The fact that there have been several years between the recording and release is no mistake for Cooper, “There are too many impulsive releases out there. I prefer to wait, to listen with space and distance, to hear if there is something living in the sound, something that travels beyond the day the music is recorded or performed. I hear something very alive and joyful in this recording… I’m happy to return to it again and to share it”.


    more info available at:

    you can buy those releases at Mikroton Shop:


    upcoming releases:

    [mikroton cd 9] WPB3: Nusch Werchowska / Mathias Pontevia / Heddy Boubaker — A Floating World (CD / DL)

    [mikroton cd 10] Rhodri Davies / Mark Wastell — Live In Melbourne (CD / DL)

    [mikroton cd 11] eRikm / Norbert Möslang — Stodgy (CD / DL)

    [mikroton ltd 1] Heddy Boubaker / Benjamin Maumus — Inner-Scape / Outer-Space (CDr / DL)

    [mikroton ltd 2] Alexei Borisov / Thorsten Soltau — Unten Am Fluss Brennen Die Letzten Lichter Ihrem Ende Entgegen (CDr / DL)
  • 2010. The best summary evar. Yeah, can't think of original and catchy title.

    Dic 31 2010, 17:57 di MATI9630

    trying to avoid listening to stuff I won't find any interest in, that explains relatively high ratings
    well, actually on my scale 6 = average + uninteresting, yet listenable (it could be for example 4 in your scale, it's 6 in mine)
    7 = quite fine, still a bit boring sometimes
    8 means very good
    Anything below 6 (though there isn't a single album this year like that, Ozzy was close) is a bit painful to listen to.
    Rest's obvious.

    So here it is:

    Evil Power - Lair of the Minotaur
    Fishdick Zwei – The Dick Is Rising Again - Acid Drinkers
    Imperfect Harmonies - Serj Tankian
    Scream - Ozzy Osbourne
    Slash - Slash
    Sons of the System - Mnemic
    The Seraphic Clockwork - Vanden Plas

    Halford IV: Made of Metal - Halford
    Lord of the Wasteland - Steelwing
    To the Metal - Gamma Ray

    7th Symphony - Apocalyptica
    Cavalcade - Catamenia
    Everything Remains As It Never Was - Eluveitie
    Festival - Jon Oliva's Pain
    Infestation - Ratt
    Light In My Dungeon - Crow7
    Mechanize - Fear Factory
    Metalmorphosized - Iron Fire
    Of Rust And Bones - Poisonblack
    Poison Awaits - Darkseed
    The Great Escape - Seventh Wonder
    The Showdown - Allen/Lande
    Tribe of Force - Van Canto

    A View from the End of the World - Machinae Supremacy
    Annihilator - Annihilator
    Coordinates of Confusion - Negligence
    Dååth - Dååth
    Deep Red Shadows - Lillian Axe
    Exiled To Earth - Bonded By Blood
    Hoodoo - Krokus
    Into Gay Pride Ride - Nanowar
    Locust - Lyzanxia
    Monster of Jazz - Pink Freud
    Order Of The Black - Black Label Society
    Pathogen - Made of Hate
    Relentless - Yngwie Malmsteen
    Relentless Retribution - Death Angel
    Static Impulse - James LaBrie
    Take the Curse - Ramesses
    The Grandiose Nowhere - Lacrimas Profundere
    Victims Of The Modern Age - Star One

    12 Gauge - Kalmah
    After - Ihsahn
    Appalachian Incantation - Karma to Burn
    At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian
    Black Country - Black Country Communion
    Black Masses - Electric Wizard
    Bourbon River Bank - Corruption
    Coat of Arms - Sabaton
    Curse Of The Red River - Barren Earth
    Days Of Defiance - Firewind
    Dead Again - Suicidal Angels
    Desert Call - Myrath
    Deth Red Sabaoth - Danzig
    Diamonds - Enforcer
    Eparistera Daimones - Triptykon
    Exhibit B: The Human Condition - Exodus
    For Aeons Past - Solution .45
    Hammer Of The North - Grand Magus
    Imperium Zapomnienia - Monstrum
    Magic & Mayhem: Tales From The Early Years - Amorphis
    Mastermind - Monster Magnet
    No Guts. No Glory. - Airbourne
    No Mercy Fool! / The Suicidal Family - Suicidal Tendencies
    Obscurity Divine - Dianoya
    Over The Top - White Wizzard
    Promise and Terror - Blaze Bayley
    Routa - Black Sun Aeon
    Rust In Peace Live - Megadeth
    Sahg III - Sahg
    Say Goodnight to the World - Dax Riggs
    Sleepwalking in a Nightmare - Dark the Suns
    Snakes for the Divine - High on Fire
    The Animal Spirits - Slough Feg
    The Clans Will Rise Again - Grave Digger
    The Cold Embrace Of Fear: A Dark Romantic Symphony - Rhapsody of Fire
    The Guessing Game - Cathedral
    The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR - Orphaned Land
    The Panic Broadcast - Soilwork
    Valley Of Smoke - Intronaut
    Vol(l)ume 14 - Tankard
    Wanderer on the edge of time - Mekong Delta
    We're Here Because We're Here - Anathema

    Audrey Horne - Audrey Horne
    Enemy Unbound - The Absence
    Journey Through The Hidden Gardens - Disperse
    La Raza - Armored Saint
    Lunatic Soul II - Lunatic Soul
    Oionos - The Foreshadowing
    Spiral Shadow - Kylesa
    The Final Frontier - Iron Maiden
    The Obsidian Conspiracy - Nevermore
    We are the Void - Dark Tranquillity

    Affliction XXIX II MXMVI - Blindead
    Blood of the Nations - Accept
    Independent Harmony - Division By Zero
    Ironbound - Overkill
    Mantra - In Vain
    Marrow of the Spirit - Agalloch
    Monolith - In Mourning
    Road Salt One - Pain of Salvation
    Someone Here Is Missing - The Pineapple Thief
    Sting In The Tail - Scorpions
    Streams Inwards - Mar De Grises
    Strings To A Web - Rage
    The Frozen Tears Of Angels - Rhapsody of Fire

    9,5/10 + the title of the album of the year
    7 Sinners - Helloween

    Honestly, I think that's better than almost perfect Gambling with the Devil. Helloween slays when it doesn't fuck around (Unarmed, for example). Their gig was also a killer.

    I'd make a short summary of this year movies also, but I've only seen a small amount... yet. Anyway, Shutter Island became one of my personal favorites. Just watch it.

    Feel free to comment blahblah~
    Let's hope 2011 will be even better in terms of music (and everything else).

    That's it, folks.
  • Days Not Today EP - Free Download

    Dic 15 2010, 8:30 di brokenkites

    Days Not Today EP by Brokenkites available as a free download!

    01 Days Not Today (Slumbernaut Mix)
    02 Fading Colors (Night Mix)
    03 Dreamstate I
    04 Dreamstate II
    05 I'll Take Mars (Novox Mix)

    Thanks for listening to and supporting independent artists. If you like what you hear, please share with a friend!
  • Illumina EP - Free Download

    Ago 31 2010, 17:46 di brokenkites

    Brokenkites has it's first label release on Sun Sea Sky records with the Illumina EP, and it's available as a free download! Go grab a copy of the new EP for free!
    Illumina EP - Free Download
    Thanks for supporting independent music! If you like what you hear, please share with a friend!

  • Der Blutharsch interview

    Ago 6 2010, 15:40 di TeenageCreep

    ϟ - ACHTUNG, DER BLUTHARSCH INTERVIEW ! [pages 24-33] - ϟ
  • Atlanta INtown features Brokenkites

    Lug 1 2010, 18:13 di brokenkites

    Atlanta INtown: Brokenkites

    Here's a copy of the article, published in Atlanta INtown magazine and written by Collin Kelley:

    The Decatur-based electronica and multimedia artist known only as Brokenkites has built a following thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, MySpace, and other sites where he shares his textured, cinematic soundscapes. His albums Seven Circles, Fugue State and most recently No Sun So Brightly Shines have found their way on to iPods around the world. However, he keeps his identity a secret preferring to let the music speak for itself.

    Tell us about your latest project?

    I’m always working on music, but lately I’ve been more interested in shooting videos for my tracks and getting my tracks connected to other artist’s video works. It’s that whole multimedia thing, again – I don’t think that people should limit themselves when it comes to creative expression through their works; for example, I shot a time lapsed video of myself doing a painting for the track “Technique.” I thought it would be great to see a painted image come together as a song progresses, and in the end, there would be three creations: the track, the video, and the physical painting. There are a couple of really great directors that I’ve met through Vimeo who’ve done some nice stuff with my songs. UK artist Harriet Macdonald recently made a beautifully done stop-motion animation for the track “Touch” that’s basically an abstract love story. Industrial photographer Steven SetteDucatti has made several time-lapse nighttime construction videos, and IDOM Productions has used my music for several of their 48-hour film festival submissions. It’s a good feeling to see my work getting out there on so many diverse project styles.

    Who are your musical influences?

    I really like what artists like Hybrid, Orbital, and Underworld have done with their catalogs. Tangerine Dream has also been very influential on my creative process and how I prioritize working on things. Their output is phenomenal.

    Has living and working in Atlanta influenced your style or creativity?

    There are so many people in Atlanta with diversified interests and musical tastes, so I’m always meeting new people to talk with about music and pass my stuff to. I wait tables downtown, so that’s been a great place for me to interact with everyone, too. The Mobius show on Georgia Tech’s radio station WREK has been great about playing my stuff for people. One thing that I think is a little disappointing, though, is the lack of funding for the arts in both Atlanta and all of Georgia. I’m not sure why people don’t seem to appreciate the arts – because when they’re taken away, it’s like there’s a big chunk of culture being cut out of the city/state. In a major metropolitan area with over six million people, I think we could do better about prioritizing creativity.

    What’s on your iPod?

    R.E.M., U2, Morrissey, Reso, Cinnamon Chasers, Alphawezen, Flunk, Home Video, Younger Brother, and M83 are in rotation. I really like the Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero, probably because it’s a total concept album that incorporated lots of Meta material online into the storyline presented by the tracks

    Atlanta INtown: Brokenkites

    No Sun So Brightly Shines