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This is the Inkpot where The Quill draws it Power to become mightier than the sword. Namely you, The Fanbase.

This is a shrine, dedicated to the Swedish group The...

The Quill is back! Four years after the most recent studio album the band is ready to once again spread its musical gospel. We are talking heavy rock firmly rooted in the seventies but vibrant and updated rather than retro. With the touring cycle for the latter record completed, the band and singer Magnus Ekwall parted ways and The Quill was put on the backburner. Drummer Jolle Atlagic joined now defunct Finnish glam legends Hanoi Rocks – touring Europe and Japan in the process – and also did a stint in The Real McCoy band alongside Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett. Christian Carlsson (guitar) and Robert Triches (bass) also kept busy with other projects. In early 2010, it was The Quill time again. Songs were written and Magz Arnar filled the vacant vocalist spot. It was a perfect match. The versatile singer has heaps of energy and a powerful voice that fits The Quill like a glove. Magz has the required range to sing the old stuff but also a rawness that the band was looking for. The band will be busy recording a new album in the autumn of 2010.

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