Recommended Books and Authors

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    Recommended Books and Authors

    Perhaps we could share our favorite authors and books, especially favorite Christian authors and books. Please only recommend books that you have actually read.

    John Piper - Christian author
    Don't Waste Your Life
    Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ
    When the Darkness Will Not Lift

    John MacArthur - Christian author
    Fools Gold

    Leslie and Eric Ludy - Christian authors
    When God Writes Your Love Story
    When Dreams Come True

    Leslie Ludy - Christian author
    Authentic Beauty

    Shannon Ethridge - Christian author
    Completely His
    Every Woman's Battle

    Elizabeth George - Christian author
    A Woman's High Calling

    Robert McGee - Christian author
    The Search For Significance

    Emilie Barnes - Christian author
    A Cup of Hope

    David Seamands - Christian authors
    Healing For Damaged Emotions

    Walter Martin - Christian author
    The Kingdom of the Cults

    Ron Carlson & Ed Decker - Christian authors
    Fast Facts on False Teachings

    Ron Rhodes - Christian author
    Reasoning from the Scriptures with Jehovah's Witnesses
    The Ten Most Important Things You Can Say to a Jehovah's Witness
    The Challenge of the Cults and the New Religions

    David Reed - Christian author
    Jehovah's Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse

    John Ankerberg & John Weldon - Christian authors
    The Facts on Jehovah's Witnesses

    Nicky Gumbel - Christian author
    Searching Issues

    Erwin Lutzer - Christin author
    The DaVinci Deception

    Gregory Boyd and Paul Rhodes Eddy - Christian authors
    Lord or Legend?

    Lee Stroebel - Christian author
    The Case For Faith
    The Case For Christ
    The Case For the Real Jesus

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    Bruce Frederickson - Christian author
    How to Respond to Satanism

    Philip Lochhaas - Christian author
    How to Respond to the New Age Movement

  • question

    why so many books about Jehovah's Witness? just curious...

    oh a great book ...obviously for girls... what is a girl to do while waiting for mr. right?

    there is also... falling in love with jesus

  • second ...

    i second the book recommendation of when god writes your love story... it was really good and insightful! esp. the part about how sometimes we might think that we have high standards for our future mate! : )

  • also

    Under the Overpass - A Journal of Faith on the Streets of America by Mike Yankoski

    two Christian college students choose to live homeless for approx. 5 months.
    highly recommend this

    also, Joshua by Joseph Girzone - if Jesus came back today to live amongst us what would he be like,...

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    • Mag 9 2009, 16:53
    Why so many books on Jehovah's Witnesses?

    because that's who God had me witnessing to for over a year

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    Interesting. I certainly would second the suggestion of Gregory Boyd. I have read his: The Myth of the Christian Nation. I tend toward the more historical and the theological questions myself, authors such as Origen - On First Principles and Eusebius - The History of the Church.

    I am still thinking of seminary.

  • books you ought to read !

    my highest recommendation is for a book called In 6 Days....50 top notch scientist tell you why they believe in the creation...a chapter for each....I couldn't put it down....a perfect companion for this most skeptical of generations.....and the other is The Everlasting Hatred by Hal Lindsey...for those interested in heaven book called My dream of heaven.....near match to the vision Jesse Duplantis.....any book or cd-rom by Chuck Missler....prepare to have your eyes opened more excuses to duck a whole series of questions you will be asked.........people are seeking but we must have good answers for them always....Shalom...Stephan

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    Re: books you ought to read !

    shembarnoah said:
    my highest recommendation is for a book called In 6 Days....50 top notch scientist tell you why they believe in the creation............people are seeking but we must have good answers for them always....Shalom...Stephan

    This book sounds like something I need to read. I am re-reading into the evolution/creation discussion again.

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