Favourite Song?

  • Favourite Song?

    im surprised there isnt one already..
    i was gonna do a favourite song, but then i realised
    id chosen nearly pratically every song theyve done, so..
    whats everyones fave song off the album?
    mines everybody knows you cried last night. (& cuntry
    boys & flathead)

  • my favourites are creeping up the backstairs,flathead,got ma nuts from a hippy

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    • Utente
    • Mar 23 2007, 21:55

    Favorite song right now

    For the girl!


  • Henrietta :)

  • generaly i must say the hole LP is one of the best LP's i ever heart, but here are a few fav songs of mine

    Baby Fratellt
    For the girl
    Cuntry boys and Citty Girls
    Creepin up the backstairs

  • henrietta.

    creepin' is tied with vince for second place.

    SAVE THE WHALES!!! Kill the seals.
  • flathead.
    then chelsea dagger or henrietta. whistle for the choir comes after that.

  • Vince and Got Ma Nut from a Hippy. Then maybe Cuntry Boys and City Girls, Flathead, For the Girl, I could go on, I love each and every one of their songs...

  • My favs are cigarello and for the girl. theyre so catchy and now i kno all the words :p

    giggle stick loves you!
  • Henrietta, Chelsea Dagger, Flathead, Baby Fratelli and Creeping up the back stairs in that order but the whole album is amazing

  • oh can I answer the whole album?*)
    but okay... the fav ones are whistle for the choir and everybody knows you cried last night.

    rude and not ginger
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    • Apr 13 2007, 12:29
    all songs from the album are awesome! But my favourite song is vince the loveable stoner

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    • Apr 21 2007, 10:15
    Mines flathead, but the whole album is gr8. I think doginabag let it down abit. Chelsea Dagger is also gr8.

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    • Apr 30 2007, 22:09
    As everyone's said their whole album is great but if I had to pick i would go with Whistle For The Choir followed by Chelsea Dagger and Flathead.

  • Whistle for the choir
    Chelsea Dagger

  • Ole Black & Blue Eyes, definitely.

  • Hard to choose one...Baby Fratelli or Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes

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    • Mag 21 2007, 20:02
    baby fratelli, henrietta, whistle for the choir..

  • Henrietta and Whistle for the Choir

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    • Mag 25 2007, 10:57
    Whistle For The Choir and Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes

  • 1. Chelsea Dagger
    2. Creepin Up The Backstairs
    3. Baby Fratelli
    4. Henrietta
    5. Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night

    - Tennisbollen

    Veni, Vidi, Vici
  • Henrietta is it!
    The others are just as good but, dunno why, Henrietta's my favorite!

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    • Lug 1 2007, 11:23
    Ole black n blue eyes... MY MOST LISTENED TO TRACK HAHA...

    Played like 80 odd times in a row, love it

  • yoyoory said:
    Mines flathead, but the whole album is gr8. I think doginabag let it down abit. Chelsea Dagger is also gr8.

    I agree with doginabag, not their best
    but the rest are sooooooo fuckin fantastic

    favs on cd:
    Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night
    and i lovee cigarello =DD

  • Mine's got to be either 'Got ma nuts from a hippie' or 'For the girl'

    people sayin they don't like 'Doginabag'? I quite like it , it's different but not necessarily in a bad way.

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