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Leader: HeySharpshooter - Joe_Towse
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Data creazione: 12 Giu 2011
A forum for fans of Extreme Music and all it's forms. This includes all Extreme Metal, Hardcore, Noise, Experimental and anything else that does not always fit into the mainstream. This is not a...

This group is for people who want to discuss Extreme Music in all its forms, as pointed out in the group description. I created this group with the hopes of creating a place where users could come and actually discuss music, as opposed to just play the same forum games over and over again. Before joining, you must meet the prerequisites:

-You must have at least 1000 scrobbled tracks
-You must have at least 50 forum posts or shouts. Inactive members will be kicked.
-You must actually listen to Extreme Music. Other genre's are more than acceptable(look at my charts), but listening to a little Opeth every few weeks does not qualify you.
-As usual, trouble makers will be ban-hammered.
-For now, all member approval will be handled by me personally. If this group takes off, it will become a democratic process.

Thanks to shureshot24 for the banner and logo. Awesome work!


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