• Beautiful Prints

    Nov 13 2011, 0:33 di marilyla

    Any Wes Anderson fan will totally appreciate these. Thanks to my friend Patrick for finding them!
  • Oscillations Launch Party in London

    Apr 30 2010, 12:08 di jeej

    Oscillations Launch Party in London

    To celebrate the recent release and phenomenal success of Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 1 & 2, I’m pleased to announce that there will be an Oscillations launch party in London on Saturday 15th May. Presented by Bridging The Gap and Man Make Music, the party will be at The City Arts & Music Project near Old Street (EC1Y 2BJ). DJing on the night will be Oscillations artists; Slugabed, Om Unit, Kidkanevil and Mr Beatnick, as well as Bridging The Gap and Man Make Music residents; Count Chocula, Toot Sweet, The Fat C, Another Amit and Sketchy. Oh, and did I mention that entry is absolutely free?!

    Things will kick off at 9pm and go on until 4am. Each person in attendance will get the opportunity to put their mitts on a limited edition Oscillations mix CD, mixed by Mr Beatnick. There are only 500 of these in existence and each one is hand numbered. Plus, in even more limited numbers, there’ll be A2 size collectable posters of the flyer artwork available to grab – as designed by the talented Ross Gunter. So, whether you end up leaving with good music in your head, a CD in your bag, a poster in your hand, or all of the above, it promises to be an amazing night!


    Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 1

    Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 2

    Jus Like Music Records


    Apr 27 2010, 21:26 di sxesven

    Hear ye!

    It’s about that time. New Hoarse material, peeps. Dig it.

    Where Is This – Fucker (3” cdr, ltd. 30)

    Where Is This? Yes, that’s pretty much what I’m wondering. As soon as Fucker breaks loose I am disoriented – the fuck? Where Is This would seem to be a matter of locus – place – but if you ask me, it’s about a state of mind – which, it seems, is nothing other than loco (en el coco, yes). Within seconds, Fucker transports you straight into Mark Ward’s head, and you’re not sure whether this is a fully comfortable spot at all. Things loom and lurk, then tempt, and then draw you in; sickly sweetness pulling you into full-on harsh darkness. Twenty minutes and a good pummeling later you’re spewed out again – Being Mark Ward; eat that, Spike Jonze – bruised and beaten, destroyed – longing, yearning for another go. Fucker will bring you down.

    Bruital Orgasme – Elle Sait (3” cdr, ltd. 30)

    Elle Sait – She Knows. Seldom a title was both so serene and so haunting. A matter-of-factliness combined with complete uncertainty, and I cannot help but wonder who, what, why. A dozen listens into the track itself I still haven’t managed to figure it out – but in that purest of ambiguity lies, perhaps, the greatest possible beauty. Easily one of the most achieved and intriguing works of the pair of Fil and Nath, who, together, have been unleashing their unique brand of electronic extremities on the world for these last few years. Highly recommended.

    Samples soon, hopefully.

    Both will be available end of the week. €3,50 shipped worldwide for one disc, €6 for both. Trades are okay though I may not be able to ship out then straightaway for lack of funds. Get in touch though, always interested to trade.

    Hoarse future:

    horsing/Zebra Mu – Split (tape)
    Female Harakiri – Dread (tape)
    The Shock Technician/Izanami’s Labour Pains – Gyanroku Rivalry (cdr)
    Dotåbåtå/tar pits – Split (tape)
    Gomeisa – TBA (cdr)
    The next goethe 9000 – A Rousing Story of Blatant Occurrences (cdr)
    The Princess Amen – Aube (floppy)
    Snuff Budgies – TBA (cdr)

    Resident Evil HNW Series future:

    Panic – Bitorez Mendes (3”)
    Where Is This - Barry Burton's Burly Bear Burlesque (3”)
    Richard Ramirez – TBA (3”)
    Dotåbåtå – T-Virus (3”)

    AxemRangers Sarah Michelle Gellar Fuck, The Retarded Girl Britney Spears Incapacitants Justin Bieber Pikachu James Marsters Torturing Nurse The Gerogerigegege Jannes The Cherry Point Vomir Christophe Beck Amber Benson Deicide Bachir Gemayel Dead Body Collection Boar Anthony Coleman The Rita Sendot Sklin Wolverine Carcass Evan Parker Normaal Kutschurft Reaching. Merzbow Chinese Church Charmander Penis Vagina
  • FREE: BUG – Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks

    Feb 22 2010, 17:26 di jeej

    The debut single from London’s BUG, which is called Cosmic Lab b/w 20 Winks, drops for free today on Jus Like Music Records. I’m gonna sound a bit biased because this is our release (the name of that record label’s not just a coincidence!), but we’ve always maintained extremely high standards here at Jus Like Music. So, if we’re feeling something enough to actually put it out, then it’s got to be a bit special, right?!

    BUG, is a keyboard player, songwriter and producer. Under the moniker, BUG, he creates an experimental, instrumentally grounded style of music with a compositional approach. The BUG sound encompasses the finer elements of hip-hop and neo-soul, yet the real beauty is in the delivery. Think the smooth richness of the DâM-FunK vibe, the solid construction of a J Dilla beat, the electronic wizardry of Flying Lotus and the soulful melodies of Lonnie Liston Smith’s jazz.

    You can download the single for FREE at the BUG site.


    Gen 21 2010, 15:19 di sxesven

    The first 2010 Hoarse batch is here... well, it will be here early February in any case. Holla.

    Sendot Sklin - The Black Mausoleum (3" CDr)

    First label release of this Dutch project. Formed from the ashes of Granuloma Inguinale, Dennis of Sendot Sklin has scraped all those ashes together, and the rubble and the junk and the scraps, and has been melting them all together to shape sounds as fresh as they are rotten to their very core. The Black Mausoleum is comprised of a single, nearly 25-minute track that starts out as a cold, eerie drone that steadily yet uncontrollably wraps round and round itself to start dipping into atonality, distortion, and onwards and onwards, and the eerie drone develops into a full-blown eerie stream of noise, and it's blissful and divine and haunting, ghostly, unstoppable. Quite simply, a fucking masterpiece.

    3 minute excerpt

    Reaching./Wolverine Carcass - Collaboration (CDr)


    Wolverine Carcass.


    3 minute excerpt

    Female Harakiri - Chainsaw Majini (3" CDr)

    The first in a new subseries on Hoarse dedicated entirely to Resident Evil themed harsh noise walls. Japanese hnw-unit Female Harakiri has recently started gaining some attention and praise, its excellent label debut Glorious Death on No Hotel having been described as "not HNW [but] HARSH NOISE WALLS". Chainsaw Majini is just along those lines; ultra harsh, ultra brutal, crumbling, a vicious wall of unforgiving crackle, its atmosphere perfectly fitting and amazingly evoking the grimness of Resident Evil 5, a dried out, saturated, murderous darkness. As the track unfolds, you can almost feel the anonymous chainsaw-bearer jamming the screaming teeth of his blood-stained weapon into your throat. Violent, sinister, nightmarish. Great.

    3 minute excerpt

    €3,50 for the first disc, €3 for each additional disc. Prices include international shipping.

    Upcoming discs:

    Bruital Orgasme - Elle Sait (3")
    The next goethe 9000 - A Rousing Story of Blatant Occurences (CDr)
    Kamikaze Yehoshua Squat - Untitled (CDr)
    The Princess Amen - Aube (floppy disk)
    Dotåbåtå/Tar Pits - Split (2x3")

    and moar. Stay tuned!

    Merzbow Incapacitants Fuck, The Retarded Girl The Gerogerigegege AxemRangers NEELY Volia Ikodora '65 horsing Die Reitenden Leichen Svartvit Torturing Nurse Four Flies Richard Ramirez The Cherry Point The Rita Vomir Flesh Coffin The Shock Technician Boar Zebra Mu Orgasm Denial Smetnja Canada Offers Its Lakes To The Gods Chinese Church Neely at Chinese Church Pikachu Sewer Election male rape group Werewolf Jerusalem
  • EXCLUSIVE: Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong

    Set 26 2009, 10:20 di jeej

    First things first: this is a Jus Like Music Exclusive! The very first single from Ninja Tune’s fantastic new signing, Andreya Triana, is called Lost Where I Belong. It’s taken from her forthcoming debut album, which will come out on Ninja Tune next Spring. This single officially drops on 14th December and the b-side will be a Flying Lotus remix.

    This exclusive sneak preview will only be around for 500 downloads – or until Ninja Tune chop my head off, whichever comes first! After that, you’ll just have to be patient and wait till December!

    Andreya Triana is an amazing vocalist, although that really does go without saying. She has featured on some quality tracks and albums over the past few years, and worked with artists like; Flying Lotus, Kid Kanevil, Mr. Scruff, Bonobo, Theo Parrish, Natural Self, Aaron Jerome, TM Juke and the Jack Baker Trio, Homecut and Fink. I’m very much looking forward to her debut album, which is being produced by the mighty Bonobo and I hear will also feature label-mate Fink. No doubt more information about the album (like an album name!) will become known in due course, and I’m confident that you’ll be reading about it on Jus Like Music first – so stay tuned.

  • PODCAST: Jus Like Music Volume 35

    Ago 24 2009, 8:40 di jeej

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    - Jus Like Music Volume 35 -

    Volume 35 tracklisting:

    01. Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro - Undelivered Letter
    02. Souleance - One Step
    03. Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5
    04. Gangsta Red - I Should Tell Ya Momma on You (Alex Nut's Dees Nuts RMX)
    05. Little Dragon - My Step
    06. St Liquor-ish - Hater
    07. 14KT - Hello.
    08. Mayer Hawthorne - The Ills
    09. dipak chand - Love
    10. Robert Glasper - 4eva (Jeej Edit)
    11. anti-pop consortium - Volcano (Four Tet Remix)
    12. Juice Aleem - First Lesson (Rude Kid Remix)
    13. 2562 - Love In Outer Space
    14. iTAL tEK - Massive Error
    15. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish (Take Remix)
    16. Zomby - Digital Fauna
    17. Mount Kimbie - At Least
  • PODCAST: Jus Like Music Volume 34

    Lug 22 2009, 13:51 di jeej

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    - Jus Like Music Volume 34 -

    Volume 34 tracklisting:

    01. The Heavy - How You Like Me Now? (Joker Radio Edit)
    02. Miles Bonny - I Don't Want You
    03. DJ Buzz - Stardust feat. Frank Nitty and Dorian Concept
    04. Tranqill - The Supplier
    05. Budamunky & Joe Styles - Black Prophet
    06. Juice Aleem - The Killer's Tears (Jeej edit)
    07. Blue Daisy - Space Ex feat. LaNote
    08. Floating Points - K&G Beat
    09. Débruit - Soles Sweat (Reso Remix)
    10. Blasta - Blast Air
    11. Little Dragon - Blinking Pigs
    12. Keaver & Brause - Awake
    13. Shafiq Husayn - Lil Girl (feat. Fatima)
    14. OP Swamp 81 - Another Day
    15. José James - Lay You Down
    16. Ragen Fykes - Love Life
    17. Bilal - All For Love
  • REVIEW: Emanative - Space

    Lug 14 2009, 20:59 di jeej

    Nick Woodmansey is a British drummer/percusionist and producer. Emanative is his space-jazz project, and Space is the debut LP that recently dropped on Futuristica Music. There needs to be a fuss made about Emanative and this LP, and I’m gonna tell you why.

    There are a group of contemporary producers who are switching things on their head - whether it be a conscious thing or not, it’s happening, and I like it. I’m talking about modern sounds and techniques influencing old - so where as usually it’s things like jazz and funk influencing hip-hop, these guys are doing it the other way round. Eric Lau is producing soul music with hip-hop foundations, 2tall is exploring multiple genres from his roots as a scratch DJ, Dusty is making jazz music with a breakbeat/nu-jazz edge, and then we have Emanative. Firstly, this 14 track LP is simply beautiful - there’s just no escaping that notion, it really is incredible. It’s jazz with a hip-hop inspiration, but in the most subtle of ways - think of Madlib producing a Sun Ra album and you might be getting closer. But loose comparisons aside, Emanative stands alone with its unique execution and aural delivery. Any regular reader will know I’m extremely fond of ‘complete’ sounding albums that take the listener on a journey, and Space does this more so than any other new album I’ve heard this year.


    01. Petite Planète
    02. Illusions
    03. We Travel The Spacebeats
    04. Wind, Sand & Stars
    05. Invaderlude
    06. Space In Veda
    07. Flip-Flop
    08. Snare Of The Venus Fly-Traps
    09. Low Motion
    10. When On Earth
    11. In Orbit
    12. Stars Collide
    13. Lights On
    14. Intersteller Outerlude

    Petite Planète initiates the one hour, five minute spectacular that is Space. From ethereal strings in the background, to the precise, yet loose, percussive arrangement, this track sways like a soothing jazz orchestra. Introducing warm bass and clarinet, the beauty is within the exquisitely arranged stanzas - peaks and troughs in just the right measure to ensure a fluent journey through bass and tone. The soft melodies cant hide the substance and attitude of this track - it’s fantastically crafted and rates up there with the likes of the Cinematic Orchestra as far as a complete and enriching organic sound is concerned.

    Brass and vocals make themselves present in Illusions. There’s a fantastic energy to this track - the rhythms suggest an uptempo affair, but there is still a very pleasing anchor in place in the form of these steady beats and brass stabs, keeping things in check. Science determines that this genuinely is around 160bpm in places, but the mood to the track takes it beyond simply being an uptempo jazz track. As will no doubt prove to be a theme through this album, it appears to be the orchestral elements that help to create actual stories out of the tracks, rather than simply being mere ditties or introductions to what they perhaps could be. This is the real deal.

    We Travel The Spacebeats exhibits the first obvious hip-hop essences on the record. Understated, yet heavy beats combine with an array of instrumentation to create a steady instrumental piece with delicate strings, some wood and subtle keys. Everything is crafted so beautifully - the layers fit seamlessly and entwine with one and other to output an extremely pleasing musical delight. It’s laid back, but meaty - never dull and constantly throws your ears more morsels to get your teeth into - there’s so much going on, but at no stage do you ever feel as if it’s too much, in fact it is in embarrassingly good measure.

    It takes something quite spectacular to make the hairs on my arms stand on end, but Wind, Sand & Stars does it every time. The piano, the gentle rhythms, the flute, the sax, oh and those vocals by the delightful Heidi Vogel are perfect! This piano driven track is infectious - it’s contemporary jazz at its finest. If you like Nostalgia 77 Octet or Cinematic Orchestra, well Emanative just raised the bar, and I don’t say that lightly. This is no carbon-copy though, the ethereal stylings and space-jazz atmospherics ensure this greets your ears with unadulterated freshness.

    Invaderlude continues the space-jazz journey, but with an electronic edge. Nearly two and a half minutes containing deep bass tones, static-tinged melodies and an array of other spacey effects - think Daedelus, Radiohead, Four Tet. Think Emanative!

    With its chilled out beats and soothing double bass, Space In Veda provides a delicate culmination of warm jazz sounds. The modern production techniques, including subtle cuts and scratches, are blended exceptionally well into what is otherwise an extremely organic composition. A well produced (nearly) instrumental track, featuring delicate, hushed vocals from Deborah Jordan, positioned neatly between the first and second thirds of the album - truly exceptional.

    Flip-Flop proceeds with laid back lounge stylings, perhaps in the vein of some of The Herbaliser’s more jazzy pieces. It’s both rich and soothing, exhibiting a plethora of sweet sounds. The introduction of hammond over flute and double bass, whilst matched with keys and steady percussion, encapsulates the mood perfectly. It’s a blissful track that invites the listener to invest their ears as much as they are willing - offering real depth, but with no pressure to take it, it’s up to you, but it’s all there if you want it.

    Whipping us straight back into space, Snare Of The Venus Fly-Traps is a brief uptempo affair with an eerie sense and atmosphere - no doubt designed to maintain the mood of the album. I’m a huge fan of ‘complete’ albums, where the listener is taken along a journey, and it’s the little, yet appropriate, touches like this that help to build such an experience.

    Low Motion balances bassline and melody with infectious breakdowns and jazz rhythms. It’s a great example, on the album, of the combination between the electronic and organic sounds - not that such a thing is a new revelation in music itself, but the pairing within this album is indeed a successful one - everything in its right place, as they say. I really appreciate how delicate and intricate the assembly of this track is. It seems obvious that great effort must have gone into such a creation - dare I suggest that Mr Woodmansey may be a perfectionist?!

    The longest track on the album, When On Earth, goes from eerie space-bass tones and builds slowly, introducing more percussion and adding depth to the timbre before the fantastic piano, drums and beautiful vocals from Liz Elensky and Deborah Jordan enter the fray. I don’t wish to fill my review with comparisons, but I feel like this is the direction that Zero 7 never managed to turn to, or even people like The Quantic Soul Orchestra - not that the aforementioned haven’t had their own successes regardless, just a certain angle of potential was perhaps never realised (maybe just in my mind, of course!). Anyway, the point is; this sounds incredible. Layered spectacularly, I can visualise each element of the track dancing around the next - it builds, it breaks and drops, then it builds again - frankly, blissful.

    In Orbit is a short track showcasing wild brass and steady bass. An interlude of sorts, it goes further to keep the mood of Space - unmistakeably jazz, in both sound and structure, like most of this album it is extremely visual. I appreciate that such a thing would be very much down to the individual, but if you like jazz and are willing to fully immerse yourself in what you are hearing, then I think you too will understand where I am coming from.

    Call it a reprise of the opening track, Petite Planète, Stars Collide is brilliantly placed near the end of the record, like a reminder of what we’ve heard so far. As I just suggested, there’s a relation to the opening track, and at around the same length as the aforementioned track, it brings back the ethereal sounds via strings, bass and percussion. But now there’s vocals from Deborah Jordan and the fit is phenomenal - providing depth, whilst remaining sweet and sincere, it’s a true pleasure for the ears.

    Lights On is an incredible instrumental track encompassing a hypnotic steady rhythm with flutes and strong brass. It’s very much a downtempo affair and actually sounds like it would go well with female vocals also. Alas it is instrumental and quite short, and as such works wonderfully as the beginning of the descent from Space, as it were, as the penultimate track on the album.

    The final track is Intersteller Outerlude, and it acts as just that, an outerlude. It actually reminds a bit of Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and The Wolf with regards to the style of composition, although the arrangement is indeed of the jazz ilk. It’s an apt finale to a wonderful album and steadily coaxes the listener to the end of their aural journey - no doubt a more enriched being for it - it’s definitely the feeling I was left with.

    Clearly it’s no secret that I think a great deal of this album. I actually envy all those people who are yet to hear Space for the first time, because although I do believe that this album has great potential to grow and grow on the listener with each listen, it also strikes one mighty chord pretty much immediately. Forgetting genres or classifications, stylings or influences, it’s just amazing music and I’d pay good money to see an orchestra perform it in a concert hall - it’s that good. This is easily one of the best albums of 2009 and nothing could possibly make me think any differently. Each person has their own taste and takes pleasure from music in different ways - I personally love music with fantastic depth and arrangement that allows you to immerse yourself fully and be taken on a journey, and Space doesn’t just do this, it does it with style and grace. At the start of this review I claimed that there needs to be a fuss made about this release, and I hope you now understand why I would say this - everyone needs to hear this album… now.

    - Review originally posted, with taster mp3s, here...

  • PODCAST: Jus Like Music Volume 33

    Giu 29 2009, 8:07 di jeej

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    - Jus Like Music Volume 33 -

    Volume 33 tracklisting:

    01. Rox - My Baby Left Me
    02. The Jivers - Do What feat. Anqui
    03. Lunice - Just Loosen Up
    04. KenLo Craqnuques - LLL’s Feelosophie
    05. Ghost - From The Beginning
    06. Guilty Simpson - Stress
    07. Juice Aleem - You Shut The Fuck Up
    08. M64 - In The Pocket
    09. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - I Swear (feat. Noni Limar)
    10. Constrobuz - Before My Eyes
    11. Circle Research - Stop, Look … Listen to Your Heart
    12. Ocuban - Phylum
    13. Miles Bonny - Fela
    14. Elan - Royal Blue
    15. Hi-Res - Brothaships
    16. Low Limit - Inspirational Jumpsuit
    17. Jamie Vexd - Radiant Industry
    18. Joker - Untitled_rsn
    19. Fat Freddy’s Drop - Big BW
    20. Nujabes - Child’s Attraction
    21. Gary Bartz - Gentle Smiles (Saxy) (Dj Day sax-less edit 1)
    22. Fink - Sort Of Revolution (The Cinematic Orchestra Radio Edit)