• Harus

    Tarja has released a new statement regarding her solo project, which has now been renamed 'Harus'.

    There is an old Finnish tradition when it comes to newborns – the baby is not to be named until the baptism ceremony, when he or she is presented to the family with the chosen name.

    A few years ago, in 2006, a new project from Tarja was born and, following the same tradition, the time has come to baptize it, to make the presentations to the family and to give it a name – HARUS.

    HARUS is a rather peculiar, uncommon Finnish word that describes the four tensors that keep a tent together or the tensor that keeps the mast from falling in a sailing boat.

    Both of the meanings apply to this musicians line up: four members, four equals, four different backgrounds to tie together exquisite classical music developed strongly and in a very stable way, with a taste of experimental, modern feel.

    The ever-changing waters HARUS sails on promise a unique feeling and combination for each program.

    HARUS are:

    Tarja Turunen : Vocals
    Kalevi Kiviniemi : Organ
    Marzi Nyman: Guitar
    Markku Krohn: Percussion

    Let’s give HARUS a warm welcome and expect further news very soon!

    What are your thoughts on this news?

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