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All things (musically at least) Swedish - There's more than just ABBA you know

A jumping off point to find a wide range of Swedish Music. Don't forget to check out the 'unique to this group' chart to see what's currently hot.

Please note: Groups can only have a limited number of connections, and this group already has many (hundred) more than are allowed, because it predates that limit being put in place. There is no possibility to add more.

So if you have a favourite swedish artist that isn't connected, here's a few ideas: Tag it Swedish and/or Svensk! so people listening to that tag radio will find it. Listen to it, often. Encourage your friends to listen. Write album reviews or other posts as journal entries, all members can post journals, without approval (at least as long as that's not abused) Write about them in the group forum, get other people's opinion; the forum is open for posting. Start them their own group! Feel free to post a journal entry or forum post telling about them and inviting interested people to join the group (but please don't spam). If they have their own label, or their label is Swedish and isn't listed, there's plenty of room here for label connections, and if you're looking for new music, check out the labels the group is connected to.

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