Stoner Hip-Hop

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Leader: Beatnik24
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Data creazione: 9 Gen 2011
A group for fans of the sub-genre of Stoner Hip-Hop. Stoner Hip-Hop is synonymous to Psychedelic Hip-Hop

A group for fans of the sub-genre of Stoner Hip-Hop. Stoner Hip-Hop, similar to Stoner-Rock or Stoner Metal, incorporates spaced out atmospheric ambiance and elements of psychedelia. Stoner Hip-Hop is usually more aesthetically artistic, with eclectic innovative characteristics more present in production. Branches of psychedelic hip-hop is extended to and/or can include Screw or Chop and Screwed Hip-Hop, originated by DJ Screw. Original screwed hip-hop, however, sometimes lacked the innovation and complexity of more contemporary psychedelic hip-hop. Elements of Chop and Screw music can occasionally be heard in Stoner Hip-Hop. Stoner Hip-Hop is often genre-bending or at the very least incorporates other music genres into hip-hop, including jazz, blues rock, psychedelic rock, electronica, classical, and more.

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