online tool: check your popularity at + artist recommender

  • online tool: check your popularity at + artist recommender

    a working example can be seen:
    LIVE: radio stations + people from music industry (producers, DJs, promoters, labels, venues, blogs, magazines, ...)
    this contains less functionality (history not available)

    artist recommender (see point1)
    popularity check (see point 2 +3)

    1. artist recommender

    There are 2 tools to get artist recommendations:

    a. the original artist recommender (works automatically)
    b. group artist matcher (you can control this by inputting groups)

    a. artist recommender

    There are two main functions:
    1. see artists
    - artists you may like (white background)
    - artists from your top library (grey background)

    2. get a better overview of your special neighbours
    View easily who of your special neighbours listens to these artists (probably they have more bands you'll like) - though the list of neighbours is fine, it is better to see your neighbours associated with the artists, it helps you assess the neighbours better.

    In my view it makes sense to review all of those artists:

    the bottom of the list:
    find here artists you do not know yet
    the music pearls are waiting for you :-)

    top of the list:
    you see easily how compatible your special neighbours are really,
    if you're a veteran here + know already your neighbours list I generate for you: with this you can spot new neighbours

    b. group artist matcher
    There's also another way to find artists, see group artist matcher (you input groups and get artists which are frequent, but unique for a group)

    2. Which neighbour pages of users display your picture/avatar ?

    - Did you ever see yourself at someone elses user pages?
    - You've changed your listening habbits lately and now miss people in your neighbours list?
    - filter possibility
    - current neighbours marked green

    You can display this info summarized in a logo on your profile,
    an example

    3. history for above neighbours:

    There is no limit like 50 only
    you never know how these users (from 1.) develop their music taste over time,
    turn back time: visit them again + enjoy their music library

    There are also experiments underway to find out how good this can be used to find users with a compatible music taste for you.

    4. anonymized statistics

    Relation of other participants and their status on others neighbour pages

    Please visit group: 6 degrees
    you don't need to run/install any program, it's all online - just sit back and enjoy your results :-)

    - thank yous of users
    - FAQ

    P.S. also big thanks to A. Wilkinson for his efforts

    Member of the Musicology group. I appreciate feedback to my 6 albums.

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