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    RottingHill.at feiert das fünfjährige Bestehen. Im Rahmen dessen, wartet eine unglaublich tolle Verlosung auf euch. Vielen Dank an alle Bands, Labels und Veranstalter. Ausführliche Statements sowie Infos zum großartigen Gewinnspiel findet ihr unter folgendem Link:

    VERLOSUNG / GEWINNSPIEL: http://www.rottinghill.at/articles.php?article_id=286

    Danke an die bands die uns so zahlreich mit Material für die Verlosung versorgt haben:

    Leaders of Margor
    Fhoi Myore
    No Empathy
    Streams of Blood
    Bode Preto
    Rotting Empire
    Breed of Scorn
    Proll Guns
    Among Rats
    Our Survival Depends on Us
    Dark Reflexions
    Under Destruction
    Fallen Utopia
  • 2007, Going out in STYLE(s): Death Metal

    Gen 8 2008, 17:58 di magnumforce2006

    Ah Death Metal. I've always had a love/hate relationship with the genre. It was the first kind of metal I truly fell in love with, and for awhile I was obsessed with finding the best bands and unearthing every single area of death metal. It was through these inquiries and discoveries that I grew to realize that though death metal can offer a kind of power and cathartic malevolence like no other music... A lot of artists are stagnant and boring, relying too heavily on formula and lax songwriting.

    However, I still pay a lot of attention to artists that create music within the realm of the death metal sound, and there are certainly some that continue to make good use of it. These albums being excellent examples of that from this year. (Please note that I am being relatively loose with my use of "death metal" here... I fully realize some of these albums are hybrids and composites of various sounds, death metal perhaps only being one of them).

    6. Monotheist - Unforsaken

    Why? When I ordered this album on a relative whim after hearing a few samples from their site, I wasn't expecting much from Monotheist. After all, an unsigned band producing an hour long album with not one, but FOUR ten-minute plus tracks? Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this underground band has the chops to back up their ambitions. They utilize a bunch of styles ranging from some clear Opeth influence in the more folksy and melodic guitar passages, to even some black metal riffing on some songs that would make Emperor proud. The mix here could definitely use some work, but it's not horrible enough to take away my enjoyment of the album. Keep a lookout for this band.

    5. Hacksaw To The Throat - Wastelands

    Why? Don't underestimate this band by their name or the fact that they're commonly referred to as "deathgrind." This now deceased group of gentlemen knew how to create an eclectic brand of extreme music that showed great musical depth and maturity on their last release here. Once again there are many influences to be found throughout this release, including many very beautiful clean passages, sometimes aided pianos, violins, and even some jazzier guitar segments.

    4. In Vain - The Latter Rain

    Why? This is another entry that's hard to nail down in terms of style, but I put it on the death metal list anyway. In Vain combines parts of death metal with a heavy dosage of black metal and a lot of progressive, symphonic tendencies. And the symphonic arrangements, I might add, are particularly impressive as they are all arranged by band member Johnar Haaland and aid the music perfectly. There is even one shorter song, "Morning Sun," which features a delicate flute melody and backing from piano and acoustic guitar. The track is so pleasant and pretty you'd be hard pressed to imagine it's also placed alongside an extreme metal record. Fans of Opeth and Undeceived era Extol would really dig these compositions.

    3. Miseration - You Demons, Their Angels

    Why? Miseration is a death metal band with heavy melodic inclinations. The group is a supergroup, of sorts, featuring guitarwork by Jani Stefanovic of the band Divinefire(among others) and vocals by Christian Älvestam of the band Scar Symmetry (among others). This album is just a really enjoyable slab of well-written death metal that's aided greatly by Älvestam's resonant death growl, as well as his excellent and strongly toned singing voice. The production gives album's guitars and drums a very meaty death metal consistency, despite the fact that Stefanovic often likes to interject melodic leads and solos into his compositions (which are also very well done).

    2. Cephalic Carnage - Xenosapien

    Why? Again, Cephalic Carnage hardly fits the "death metal" tag to a tee, but they just seemed to fit this list more than others, especially this album which features some of their most death-influenced pacings and guitar lines, I feel. I must say I am a bit puzzled that this album has been given a somewhat negative reaction by many of CC's fans, because this is probably my favorite album that they've done. The album meshes their insane death metal and grinding insanity as well as their more doomy and experimental traits. And no part of the album sticks to one particular sound or trend for too long. If you like unique extreme metal, check this out. If you like Cephalic Carnge, this is a no brainer.

    1. Odious Mortem - Cryptic Implosion

    Why? Odious Mortem gets not only top death album of the year, but also biggest improvement of the year. Their last album, Devouring the Prophecy, was a relative colorless and boring slab of brutal death metal that left virtually no impression on me. In the transition between that album and this one something must have snapped in Odious Mortem, because this album is an exciting 35 minutes of technical death metal that's neither contrived nor uninteresting. It still suffers some of the negatives of a lot of tech death: If you're not paying attention, you're going to get lost. That's just the reality of the music. But damn... DAMN the solos and leads on this are good. When they hit, they demand your attention to their beauty. What's most interesting is that when acclaimed guitarist Rom Jarzombek (Spastic Ink, Watchtower) makes his guest appearance on "Collapse of Recreation," you might not even realize it, because the rest of the solos on the album are that good.

    This isn't a perfect album, and it doesn't resolve a lot of extreme metal's common and innate problems as a musical form. But it excels and pushes that form in every way possible, and is an album that will entertain and reward you listen after listen.

    Honorable Mentions/Albums That Need More Time:
    -Animosity - Animal
    -Common Yet Forbidden - The Stuggle
    -Farmakon - Robin
    -Orgone - The Goliath
    -Trauma - Neurotic Mass

    As always, inform me on what I missed out on, how you disagree with the list, or if you just hate me in general. :-)
  • 2008 - an anticipation

    Dic 24 2007, 13:04 di 4esT

    I'm impatiently looking forward for releases of the following bands:
    Deeds of Flesh
    Gnostic (with the members of Atheist!!)
    Lykathé/Lykathea Aflame (??)
    Necrophagist (??)
    Severed Savior
    What else should I lustfully await? What albums do YOU anticipate?
  • My Top 10 Artists 27-5 - 3/6 2007

    Giu 5 2007, 12:49 di mozes_kriebel

    1. Finntroll (69 plays). I have loved this band for quite some time now. I used to be crazy about their album 'Nattfödd'. I still love that one, but I've recently discovered an even better album: 'Jaktens Tid'. I gave this albums quite some listens this week, thats why its so high on this list.

    2. Agathodaimon (56 plays) is together with Finntroll probably my favourite artist at the moment. There albums are in very good balance, quite some melodic black and then sometimes a soft song with female vocal in between. Perfect albums, especially 'Sepent's Embrace' and 'Chapter III'.

    3. Carpathian Forest (46 plays). Is also a very impressive melodic black metal band. A little more brutal then Agathodaimon, but also very very nice. There album 'Fuck you all' was a dissapointment to me when I recently downloaded it, but 'Strange Old Brew' is fantastic.

    4. Equilibrium (35 plays). Very nice folk metal from Germany, after Finntroll the best folk stuff I know atm. Just as with Agathodaimon, their albums are very well balanced with some soft parts in it, what makes the happy, fast tracks even better somehow.

    5. Deathspell Omega (35 plays). For me the best black metal-band I know. I only have one of their albums ( Kénôse), which only contains 3 tracks, and still this many listens;). If anyone can recommend me another great album of theirs, please let me know:).

    6. Naglfar (31 plays). Weird for this quite well-known band, but I've only recently discovered this one. Also nice melodic black metal, not as good as Agathodaimon or Carpathian Forest, but also nice to listen to.

    7. Kvist (26 plays). Recently recommended black metal. Gave it some listens to see how I feel about them, and its nice, but probably won't become one of my favourites. But who knows:)

    8. Mors Principium Est (25 plays). I know this band for quite some time. But I never really loved them. I thought they were okay, but that was it. But a few weeks ago I kind of re-discovered them, and I see now its very very good melodic death metal. I especially love their album 'The Unborn'.

    9. Carcass (24 listens). I know this one for quite some time now, but I can't stop loving their music. The lyrics are a little.. euhmmm 'extreme' sometimes, but the music is fantastic. Especially their album 'Heartwork' is amazing, can't stop listening it.

    10. Behemoth (22 plays). I'm actually surprised that this one made it so high in my charts this week. Someone recently uploaded one of their albums, and I checked it out to see if I liked it. As I gave this album 2 listens, they are in my top10;). I love their drumming, but the combination of black metal-music and death metal-vocal does not really do it for me. Its okay, but not brilliant.

    It looks like I'm starting to develop a taste towards black metal at the moment. Some months ago 8 out of 10 bands would have been death metal. Now only Mors Principium Est and Carcass are death, the others are folk/black, black or melodic black. I'm curious how this will be some tome from know. Will my taste develop further towards black, or will I go back to some more balance between death and black. Time will show I guess:)
  • New group: Celestial Death Metal

    Mar 17 2007, 15:45 di 4esT

    Group description:
    For the fans of bands which create celestial atmosphere in spite of using blast beats, tremolos, harsh vocals etc.

    So, if you like bands such us Lykathea Aflame (Lykathé), Appalling Spawn, Mithras & Kronos, please join the group.
    I hope we will collect some people and expand our knowledge about death metal bands with heavenly mood:)

    Here is the link

    Gen 9 2007, 23:19 di magnumforce2006

    I sit here just... trembling in fear at what I must do. I have to, once again, compile a relatively large list of albums, rank them, briefly critique them, and then add in enough quirky little pieces of information, comedy and entertainment if I EVER hope ANYONE in the universe is actually going to read... a good bit of it. And why? It's already!... It's already friggin... 2007! I missed the boat folks! Game over!


    But seriously. This is a metal list. I listen to metal, and other stuff too. I could write up a huge thesis on why it's hard to compare metal to other forms of contemporary music but... you know what? I'm not gonna. I don't care. This is what I've done the past few years and I'm stickin to it. Yeah, Boo hoo, I didn't do every kind of music on the same list again, yell about it in the comments section. I've rambled on enough, LET'S GIT IT ON!

    20. Katatonia - Great Cold Distance

    Why?: This is more or less a hard rock/metal album. It's mid-paced, and shows about as much flourish as your average Chevelle album. But it is still a metal album, albeit a depressing and dark one. I've never been a huge fan of Katatonia's style, even when they were more focused on the Doom/Death type thing, but this is a collection of some truly haunting and bleak songs... I know I'll be blaring this stuff all Summer long at the pool...

    19. Gorod - Leading Vision

    Why?: If I could give a title to this year in metal (COULD? Why I CAN!), I'd call it "The Year of the Tech Death." Why? Well, tons of technical death metal bands had stellar releases, and bands that were previously a bit more simplistic in their attitude really added a lot to their music in terms of dazzling skill. This can be both a good and bad thing, and I think all of these releases have rather stifled my enthusiasm for crazy-ass technical music altogther. However, this doesn't mean I'm stripping my list of all tech-death and related albums I truly did enjoy, and we start here with the first of those releases by Gorod. Gorod does a great job at combining poppy and melodic death metal riffing with their standard technical flair. The drumming is nothing spectacular and a few songs just sort of fall flat without a defining melody. But this album is truly worth it for tunes like "Thirst for Power." The opening riff of that song... SO CATCHY.

    18. The Devin Townsend Band – Synchestra

    Why?: Well, that Devin Townsend sure is a slick one. He released one of the most disappointing album's of his career with Strapping Young Lad's "The New Black" (which isn't AWFUL, but it didn't make my list), and still manages to squeeze a spot onto the top 20 with his Progressive metal project's newest release. The thing that truly makes this album a treat is its varied and often fun dipping into various style flavors. The best example of this are the two songs "Vampira" and "Vampolka." Essentially the same song, however the former is a zany metal tune, while the later is literally a polka rendition. And friends, polka is always a win.

    17. Kalmah – The Black Waltz

    Why?: Kalmah is basically a power metal band with deathy-harsh vocals. Seriously. Listen to the music. It's just a bunch of melodic solos and leads and riffs that sound like they'd fit comfortably on a Rhapsody album (alright, they're darker than that), and doesn't contain any of the cacophony or dissonance that you'll find in death metal. But, ya know... who cares. The point is this is Kalmah's most captivating release thus far, and I think a lot of that is owed to the keyboards. They really did a great job of utilizing the keys to create a symphonic effect, adding some serious grandeur and depth to the songs, especially ones like "Time Takes Us All." Oh, and the intro to "Man of the King" basically insisted that I keep this song on the 20. Anyone who's heard this song knows what I'm talkin bout.

    16. Arsis – United in Regret

    Why?: The problem with this album is that it's a definitive step BACKWARDS from their 2005 EP, A Diamond for Disease. Never mind the epic first track of that Ep, which is no doubt one of the best metal songs I've ever heard... The material on here doesn't even equal the other third song on that album, which is a standard 3 minute melodic death song. What's up Arsis? This is a good album, filled with some interesting clean guitarwork passages and it infuses lots of unconventional, often atonal harmonies. Still, comon guys. You're capable of a lot more, and should've been in my top 5.

    15. The Faceless - Akeldama

    Why?: Another Tech Death album with great performances, and a little bit of experimentation, and perhaps the most prominent quality of the style... Songs that start to run together after awhile. Still, this album does a lot of things right. And one reason it truly deserves a spot on the list is for the track "Akeldama" alone. It's just a sobering experience that reminds me of Cynic and later era Death at each of those respective artists peaks. It's just a beautiful song that really nails that progressive death metal sound, and stands out from the rest of the album.

    14. Genghis Tron - Dead Mountain Mouth

    Why?: ELECTROGRIND. Seriously, it's just fun and surprisingly varied grindcore with some hyper-technical guitars and lots of electronic bleeps and bloops added in. It's not the most substantive music ever, but it's also not entirely cliche'd or boring.

    13. Lengsel - The Kiss The Hope

    Why?: Brooding, creepy, and sometimes very surprising. From the opening track, which is driven by what seems to me a blackened Neurosis riff, you're set up for a unique ride combining the bands black metal roots, to some of their avant-garde tendencies which rely heavily on post-metal esque textures and atmospheres. In addition to that, you also get some really surprising tracks like "Tales of Lost Love," which features sparse percussion intermixed with oldschool blues singing. And by Oldschool, I mean OLDschool... whoever sings on this track, they convincincly have me picture them as an 85 year old black man with black sunglasses sitting on a porch in some God forsaken Mid-western wasteland.

    12. Jesu - Silver EP

    Why?: A Beautiful, lumbering slab of post-metal (is it ok to use that term without making fun of it yet?). The songs here are actually quite catchy, and are in essence pop melodies slowed down a hundred miles an hour and sung to heavily distorted electric guitars. This one is worth it for the title track alone... simply majestic.

    11. Psycroptic - Symbols of Failure

    Why?: A delicious serving of riff salad. That's how I'd describe Symbols of Failure. It's just chock full of more insane riffage than you can even fathom. Sure, it's not that memorable... Sure, it's hard to listen to this music beyond a few songs. But damnit... You listen to the songs "Alpha Breed" or "Minions: The Fallen" or- pretty much any song on here. There are moments that just turn your insides out.

    10. Martyr – Feeding the Abscess

    Why?: Alright it's... it's another technical death metal album... I KNOW, I'm getting a little carried away. But this one is different! Seriously. Daniel Mongrain has a music degree of some sort, and I'm pretty sure it's involving jazz, because the man infuses so many great jazzy parts into this album that it almost starts to.... not really be death metal. But the second that happens, Martyr gets back into gear. Some little bits of experimentation including some strings prevent this album from being entirely derivative, and rather special.

    09. Into Eternity - The Scattering of Ashes

    Why?: This is Into Eternity at their best. They have perfected their blend of progressive/power/death metal on this one, and it shows from the beginning to the end. However, is it too much to ask for them to throw in an acoustic track or two like on Buried in Oblivion? That's all that I'd say is keeping this release from true excellence. Still, it's Into Eternity embracing all that they do right, and I approve.

    08. Anata – The Conductor's Departure

    Why?: TECH DEATH: What Anata does right here is creating some very unique harmonies that go beyond tradition rules that metal harmonization tends to follow. You'll rarely find them using standard harmonizing thirds, but instead they'll have two guitar parts interweaving out of dissonance and beauty. If I had a better understanding of theory I could tell you EXACTLY what they're doing, but it's different, and I like it, it makes for a very interesting listen. Also, there are some stellar drum performances on here, and I'm not even a big drum guy (See the instrumental track "Children's Laughter" or the titletrack for what I'm talking about specifically). Also, Anata keep the music largely mid-paced throughout most of this album, a welcome change from the blistering speed most of the tech acts on this list are going for.

    07. Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side

    Why?: Man. So Fun. This is definitely Amon Amarth's best album to date. It's only hurt by the fact that it really isn't that much different from thier previous albums... other than the fact it's awesome. What makes Amon Amarth such a fun experience, for me, is not only great and consistently written melodic death songs, but the vocals. Johan Hegg has to be one of the best growling vocalists out there, because if you listen in a little bit, you can understand just about everything he says. And because every Amon Amarth song is about Vikings/Battling/Norse Mythology... I really do enjoy listening to him tell his stories :-)

    06. Protest the Hero - Kezia

    Why?: Protest the Hero are a neat blend of post-hardcore/punk, power metal, and metalcore. It's a musical experience that gives you the best of catchy, often very technical guitar leads, melodic vocals, yet strung along with aggressiveness. The only band I've heard that resembles them is The Fall of Troy, and even that band is a little less metallized than PtH. These guys aren't afraid of ruffling anyone's feathers with what they do in their music, and I like that. Piano-parts, acoustic passages, female vocals, and a wonderful concept telling the story of the woman "Kezia," through herself and two other characters, all make this such a compelling album.

    05. Unexpect - In A Flesh Aqaurium

    Why?: "HOLY-... 0_0." That's what you might do the first time you listen to unexpect. "In A Flesh Aquarium" is a really great record that is initially just... overwhelming in its chaotic strangeness. You have black metal, death metal, jazz,, symphonic classical, funk, Arab music, circus music, and MORE all wrapped up into one wirlwind of an avant garde metal album. The musicianship as well as the writing is both impressive and baffling. One of the things that truly amazes about this band is that a group of individuals even FOUND each other that were this talented and willing to create such lush and bizarre music. Yes, this is very strange and confusing at first, but once you get past that initial, overwhelming weird-factor and start really listening to the music, you begin to appreciate how much depth this album contains. The song-structures actually aren't as random and spastic as I first perceived,and I plead with anyone that listens to this to give it quite a few chances.

    04. Spawn of Possession - Noctambulant

    Why?: Another technical death metal album, but by far my favorite one of the year. Some complain about SoP just being another form of soulless musical masturbation with no defining characteristics... Well, here's what I say to that (From Rateyourmusic): "I very much disagree with the sentiment that this album is simply an exercise in technicality. In fact, though Spawn of Possession certainly exhibit an amazing degree of technical ability, it is very apparent to me that their first and foremost focus, is to craft an album of unbridled malevolence and chaos. I will admit the album is hard to grasp on the first, fourth, or even tenth listening. Perhaps if I had written this review then, it would not get as high a rating. However, when one truly delves into this album, and begins to hear the transitions of riffs, the actual repetition of parts, actual choruses and melodies... they become aware of just how well this album is actually written.

    The amazing writing abilities are immediately showcased on this album in non-metal form with "Inception," as well as in the clean introductions to "In My Own Greed," and "Scorched." Spawn of Possession claim a lot of classical influence in their composition, and I think that shines not only through these intros, but throughout the entire album, where the harder to decipher death metal segments take precedence. Utilizing atonal harmonies, transitions from sudden bursts of staccato energy to smooth and elegant soloing, I am frequently reminded of techniques used by famous turn of the century composers such as Igor Stravinsky or Dmitri Shostakovich. This music is jarring, and it certainly isn't catchy, at least not in a sugary Summer-time pop sense. But for those willing to probe and discover the unconventional, intricate melodies buried in the madness, this becomes a truly wonderful death metal album.

    Musical skill on its own is useless. However, Spawn of Possession, like the extremely technical and unconventional classical composers they ascribe as their influence, blend USE their technicality to create a distinctly jarring, ominous atmosphere impossible to recreate without the insanity and advances found in their playing."

    03. Mastodon - Blood Mountain

    Why?: A towering achievement of inspiration, passion, and creativity in metal. Not much needs to be said for this album (and yes, I'm getting lazy). It's just a wholly solid effort, filled with plenty of aggression, and a good bit of progression.


    02. Agalloch - Ashes Against the Grain

    Why?: What is it about bands that make me think of the woods. Seriously. Opeth, Emperor, Ulver, Agalloch, Into the Woods... Ok, that last one might be an analogous example but... You get my point. This album transports me to a serene yet sometimes depressing forest, perhaps sitting at a mountainside covered with snow. It begins with the light coming over that mountain and me relishing in it's warmth and beauty reflected off of the frigid, pale snow. As the day moves on, I taste the cold, and at times it's downright depressing. And then, as night settles in, this snowy forest becomes a place of darkness and sadness.

    Silly Poetical Imagery aside, Agalloch is just a band that seems to do everything right. From the opening of the post-rock influenced "Limbs" we see that Agalloch can be just as beautiful and hope-inspired as they can be desolate and melancholy. This is not really black metal, nor is it really just "folk metal" or post-rock. It is Agalloch. It is the beautiful sadness (and sometimes strength) of the woods.

    01. Converge - No Heroes

    Why?: The Perfect album? Yep, I'd say so. When I first heard this it didn't seem like converge had done anything differently than they had before. But clearly, I wasn't really listening at that point. While Agalloch is beauty in slow, evolving textures and themes, Converge is beauty in terror, sheer force, triumph, and at all times on No Heroes... Heart breaking honesty. Jacob Bannon's vocals are the most ferocious I've ever heard them, yet his inhuman cries are not the only vocals to be featured on the album, for we're also treated to some absolutely effective clean singing. The songs are-... You know what, I don't want to ramble on about this album or waste my time with half-assed descriptions. if you have any interest in metal, hardcore, punk, or any sort of aggressive music. Seriously, just do it. If you don't like it at first, alright... because as I said I wasn't super-sold either, even already being a converge fan to begin with. But you listen to this album a good few times. I won't even recommend specific parts, though there are certainly some that come to mind. If you have an interest in heavy music this is an album you will disservice yourself by never hearing. It has everything to offer and embodies the very core of what aggressive/hard music is about. It is crushing, it is violence, it is power, it is hope. With each listen I am just... blown away by this album's absolute purity, and that's the best way I can describe it, I guess. It's pure. And It is no doubt THE heavy album of 2006, reigning above all things metal, -core, and otherwise. For this I am sure.

    Augury - Demo 06
    Why?: I couldn't include a demo, but good golly... These two songs are just gorgeous.

    Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis
    Why?: Decapitated do the techie/meshuggah-ie thing well, but it's just too repetitive.

    Dysrhythmia - Barriers and Passages
    Why?: Instrumental Math rock/metal. It's cool stuff, but doesn't captivate me.

    Gadget - The Funeral March
    Why?: Awesome grindcore that brings to mind one of my favorite bands in the genre Nasum. Not as good/unique as Genghis Tron though.

    Gory Blister - Skymorphosis
    Why?: Tech Death with all the right parts. I love some of the songs, but the album as a whole never did much for me.

    Nachtmystium - Instinct Decay
    Why?: JUST got this album. It's really cool psychadelic black metal, with production that strikes a great balance of coherence and rawness. Had it been given more time, it might've made the list.

    Summoning - Oath Bound
    Why?: It's cool, epic, blackened symphonic metal. It's Summoning. The band has never done a whole lot for me, but every release I've heard is definitely solid, including this one.

    Zao - The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here
    Why?: Definitely a step up from the recent zao albums. I enjoy the techiness, I enjoy the sound. It just doesn't compare to their older stuff.

    EDIT: You know, I'm just now listening to "Om" by Negurã Bunget, and that's unfortunate, because it's sounding hauntingly magnificent and probably woudld've been on the list.

    Aaaaaaaaaalright. That wraps it up for metal. Did I forget something? Do you hate how I ordered things? Do you hate me?

    GOOD... TELL ME ABOUT IT THEN. And keep tuned-in for my non-metal list, target date 2009.
  • RateYourMusic

    Ott 25 2006, 23:14 di magnumforce2006

    the_red_ceiling introduced me the other night to RateYourMusic. It's basically another music community, only devoted to personal preference, ratings, and reviews, and observing your overall collection of music.

    Spense and I got one, and now we're hooked.

    Check it out http://rateyourmusic.com/~Magnumforce2006
  • Best ALbum ArtZ EVAR

    Ott 21 2006, 3:01 di magnumforce2006

    If you have facebook, and also no time to spend doing something useful, check out my favorite album art:

    Artists A-K
    Artists L-Z

    You will need to have a facebook to view them, though... sowry :-(

    But hey, if you DON'T have facebook, you should get one! I'll invite you if you actually do want one ;-)
  • Top 10 of 2002 (the year from 4 years ago)

    Set 27 2006, 16:24 di magnumforce2006

    I didn't have much today in terms of class, so I decided, hey... Let's make a new last.fm post. I always have fun doing lists, so here's my personal favorites from the year 2k2.

    10. Sigur Ros – ()

    Why?: Beautiful (of course). I'm not sure if I prefer this album, or Takk, but one thing's for sure... I've never been in such reverence of the phrase "youuu saddd aallooone" being repeated over and over again.

    09. Blindside – Silence

    Why?: I've totally stopped keeping track of Blindside, but this is by far my favorite release from the band (whom I used to love). I just remember feeling so much passion and ferver towards tracks like "Pitiful," which is just an excellent song all-around. And the album's closer track always used to give me chills. Good lyrics, good rock muzik.

    08. Project 86 – Truthless Heroes

    Why?: Another band that I used to be kind of obsessed with. This is probably Project 86's most conceptual release, and I still enjoy Andrew's lyrics and stern delivery here, even if some of the songs don't quite live up to greatness.

    07. The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

    Why?: My friend Adam once effectively described the flaming lips as a band that "makes songs you feel like you heard a long time ago. s' crazy." And I agree. Although I've only been listening to the FL for the past year or so, their music seemed oddly familiar at first listen, and I love that quality about them.

    06. Agalloch – The Mantle

    Why?: Agalloch is just a very smooth, beautiful, and especially melancholic band. It is music perfectly suited for dark and peacefully dreary, rainy days. This album doesn't have the cool post-rocky elements used in their newest release, but is a little more focused on folk influence and the use of the acoustic guitar... Used VERY effectively I might add.

    05. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Irony Is A Dead Scene EP

    Why?: The crazy-ass spastic technical mastery of tDEP meets the quirky vocal stylings of Mike Patton. It's a match made in some insane and warped version of heaven... or hell. Either one really. Point is, I still think this may be the best thing Dillinger has ever done, and that's saying a lot.

    04. Living Sacrifice – Conceieved in Fire

    Why?: This is a monster of an album that I remember buying when it first came out. I was so excited by the crushing and epic style of it, especially in the percussion section, and I still am today. When Living Sacrifice transitioned into metalcore, they did it in a way that didn't sacrifice (<LOL) their integrity as a band of skilled, intense and ardent musicians.

    03. Spawn of Possession – Cabinet

    Why?: I could go on about this album, but I already did it in a review I wrote on sputnikmusic. If you need to know why I love this band and this album so much, check it out.

    02. Johnny Cash – American IV: The Man Comes Around

    Why?: Apocalyptic, Heartfelt, Gracious, Tragic, Haunting, Pure. Not much more needs to be said of this album, or the man behind it. I really love this American Recording.

    01. Pedro the Lion - Control

    Why?: David Bazan's crowning achievement in my book. This album is written well on so many levels that it's not even funny. Seriously. Each and every track on this record has provoked my thoughts and touched my emotions in different ways. It is a testament of depressing half-hearted triumphs, and cynical hope.

    honorable mentions that didn't make the list, because I didnt feel like writing more :-P

    Anathallo - Sparrows
    Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O.
    Dark Tranquillity - Damage Done
    Mastodon - Remission
    Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines
    Theory In Practice - Colonizing the Sun
    Zao - Parade of Chaos

    So once again I ask you, fellow last.fmers... what'd I forget?