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Hair-raisin' beer-swillin' boot-stompin' good ol' boy SOUTHERN COUNTRY ROCK and METAL, mostly just MUSIC FROM THE HEARTLAND OF AMERICA, sometimes with a definite southern flare and country twang,...

Examples: Tora Tora, Raging Slab, Dangerous Toys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, XYZ, Cats In Boots, Spread Eagle, Tesla, Pantera, Aerosmith, Junkyard, ZZ Top, The Black Crowes ... you get the idea.

NOT ALL BANDS or "groups" or artists or labels or songs or music in general, in this group, are in any way shape or form noted for their originators being "from the south". This group MOSTLY denotes music that HAS THE FEEL AND FLAVOR (and mostly, the overall "influences") of Southern/Country rock/metal music. IN NO WAY do I maintain any opinion that any or all of this music was ever made by people who were either born or raised in the south. The only criteria this group satisfies is that the music SOUNDS "southern rock" or "country metal" or the like.

Hey, what can I say? I GREW UP since 1972, listening to 98.7 FM WLLZ "Wheels", and 101.1 FM WRIF in Detroit, Michigan, the HOME of Rock and Roll! I had always heard most, if not ALL of this great music FIRST on THOSE radio stations! :-)
And as "The Grand Poobah", Arthur Penhallow can only say, "BABY!!"

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