• Announcing: Portformat – The Repeat Factor LP

    Nov 5 2009, 22:38 di pilot77

    Shooting to Sirius and beyond, the intense and intergalactic slowmotion grooves of Portformat finally hit space!

    NASA-compatible Hip Hop Funkadelica is what to expect on Portformat's debut album released into orbit, musically combining space themes of the 70s with the golden moments of 90s R'n'B.

    R'n'B shooting stars such as Georgia Anne Muldrow, Shuanise and Suzi Analogue shine on Portformat's beats from his Repeat Factory. Rappers such as Madlib-vocalist Dudley Perkins, Blaktroniks, Obey the Altar Native, Bless1, Gajah and Thesaurus Rex also join the ride. The album was even mixed by Comfort Fit for an extra galactic boom!

    Listen here: The Repeat Factor (full previews enabled)

    Release date is December the 3rd 2009, available as collector's CD and worldwide digitally!

    Tokyo Dawn Records
  • Comfort Fit - Bit by Bit | Music video

    Nov 27 2009, 15:21 di pilot77

    The Polyshufflez LP is available in your favourite MP3 store or make sure to grab one of the beautiful and strictly limited collector's edition CDs directly from Tokyo Dawn Records here.

    Enjoy! :)

    Nov 29 2009, 22:49 di DEFJAMRECORDING

    Redman is back with the new leak off his upcoming album "9 1/2", the banging "Coc Bak." Featuring stomping, percussion heavy production from ThreeSixty, an ill guest verse from Ready Roc and Red's usual assortment of dope, dirtier-than-thou lyrics, "Coc Bak" has be adequately pumped for the album drop (scheduled for December, just in time for Grandma's Christmas present).

    By the way, if they had spelled it "Cock Back" the track would have had a completely different meaning. Maybe we can save that one for Reggie Nobel's R&B album.

    As anyone who’s ever seen How High or his classic Cribs episode can attest, Redman is one of the grimiest and most entertaining human beings alive; so it’s not even remotely surprising that he’s also one of the grimiest and most entertaining rappers alive. Case in point: Red’s new track Coc Back, an absolute banger that’s the first single off his new album. Coc Back is everything we could possibly want from a Red cut: intensely kinetic and heavily percussive production from ThreeSixty, a damn good guest verse from Ready Roc and, of course, hilariously high lines from Red like: “Blunts got my mind right, 16 bars bout the size of a Klondike.” Ok, so the man’s not working to end world hunger, but I defy you to name a more consistently entertaining emcee. His confusingly titled new album Reggie Noble “0” 9 ½ is due out in December. Until then, keep it locked to for all the latest.

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    Dic 2 2009, 22:15 di DEFJAMRECORDING

    Initially set for release on October 15, 2009, Lil Scrappy’s second studio album, The Grustle, has been pushed back yet again. This album is the first in which he will not be working with Lil Jon or G-Unit.

    For three years, Lil Scrappy was working with Young Buck as they were the first members of G-Unit South, later Ca$hville Records. Things appeared to be going well until a feud between 50 Cent and Young Buck placed Buck’s career on hold.

    Because of that, Lil Scrappy ended his association with G-Unit and he later cut ties with Lil Jon and BME. The joint-venture that BME had worked out with Warner Bros. in Scrappy’s favor was not going the way that he had planned.

    With Ludacris moving into other things besides music, he needs a bankable star to be the new leader of his DTP Records. Lil Scrappy was a bankable star and he needed an interested label. A marriage was made and Lil Scrappy began disturbing the peace with Ludacris.

    The first single from The Grustle is “Addicted to Money.” The song features a collaboration from Ludacris. For the rest of the album, guest appearances are set to come from Bobby V, Shawnna, and Willy Northpole.

    Lil Scrappy’s album, The Grustle, has been pushed back for a release on December 15, 2009 on DTP Records and Def Jam.

    Disturbing Tha Peace's most recent acquisition, Lil' Scrappy, is preparing to demonstrate an artistic side which has seldom been witnessed. Lil' Scrappy held a listening session on October 27th, offering media and DJ's a sneak preview of his up and coming The Grustle album, which is expected in stores on December 15th.

    "It's always good when an artist knows the direction they wanna go with a project," DTP's CEO Chaka Zulu told "Scrappy came in with a focus and a work ethic, which helped materialize this project called The Grustle: his grind and his hustle. The album is the s**t! Go get it!"

    Scrappy declared how he is presenting a more mature album this time around.

    "I never did me," Scrappy explained. "Everytime y'all heard me, that was somebody telling me to do that. 'You gotta be crunk, 'cause you're the Prince of Crunk.' And once you put that out there, that's who you gotta be. But n***as grow up."

    "That's the most lyrical spiritual, real, heart touching [song] and people can feel that," Scrappy told "What people can't feel, they don't remember. Dance songs, crunk songs, all that s**t good. But when it come to songs that'll be around forever, that'll get you that publishing check forever, those are the ones that go. I don't give a f**k about that club s**t for real. Thug It to the Bone is one of those you can make a movie off just what I'm saying in all the verses…"

    The Grustle also welcomes Gucci Mane, Maino and most notably his own daughter, Emani, who sings the hook on "Big Boy Talking".
  • Comfort Fit - Polyshufflez Remixes ...Out now!

    Dic 17 2009, 16:12 di pilot77

    Comfort Fit’s masterpiece long player “Polyshufflez” goes into the second round with fourteen impressive and unique re-interpretations by Laurent Garnier, Domu, Opolopo, Atjazz, Boom Clap Bachelors, Robot Koch, Jay Scarlett and more brilliant artists.

    Grab it here: i-Tunes | Amazon | Juno | Digital Tunes

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