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This group is all about Shaggy, the dancehall reggae king! His new album "Intoxication" released Nov. 13th, so come on in, join up, and hang out.

Welcome to the dancehall reggae master Shaggy's group. With his eighth album "Intoxication", Shaggy proves he is still the greatest dancehall reggae performer out there!

Orville Richard Burrell (born October 22, 1968, Kingston, Jamaica), better known by his stage name Shaggy, is a Jamaican-American reggae singer who is said to have taken his nickname from his "shaggy" hair and general appearance and later from the slang term shagging. He has been noted as having a baritone style singing voice. Speaking on This Morning on August 27, 2008, Burrell states the name Shaggy is specifically a reference to a previous hairstyle.

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