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Data creazione: 8 Mar 2008

For those who accept reality, acknowledge the need for gender equality, and are sick of hypocritical, profiteering sexists.
As a wise woman once said, "In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist."

For those of you who think with your dicks, sexism is irrational and based on prejudice. As long as women (womyn) continue to be oppressed, feminism will be necessary. Perhaps it can be abolished when true gender equality exists, but in the meanwhile, we reserve the right to kill our abusive husbands in self-defense. ;)

This group was created as a response to Feminist Killer, which has now been deleted (more sexist groups here, here, and here). I don't actually condone murder---even the murder of sexists, unless it's in self-defense---hence the end of the group description. However, I refuse to tolerate sexist shit, thus I formed a counter-group to his group. For those who didn't see the group before it got deleted, the above two paragraphs are a satire of Feminist Killer's old description.

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